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  1. blogjunkie

    Export Keynote to MPEG

    Actually no, I'm just going to save it as a plain MPEG file. I can't use iDVD anyway because I don't have a SuperDrive on my iBook... Thanks for investigating. This newbie really appreciates it!
  2. blogjunkie

    Export Keynote to MPEG

    Actually I've tried mixing it together with iMovie, but I can't figure how to export it in MPEG format. Plus the output is always jerky and pixellated... What are the settings I should use? I'd really rather learn how to use iMovie as I could use it more in the future.
  3. blogjunkie

    Export Keynote to MPEG

    That's great! I'll be sure to try it out.
  4. blogjunkie

    Export Keynote to MPEG

    Need some help from all you video gurus. For my grandma's 80th birthday, I created a slideshow in Keynote. Everybody loved it (hooray Mac!) and wants a copy, so I tried exporting the slideshow as a movie. But Keynote exports the slideshow into 2 files - the movie and the audio track, both in .mov format. I'd like to be able to combine the 2 into a single file. Also, the final output should be in MPEG format so that my relatives can view it in Windows Media Player without having to download and install Quicktime. Yes, I know.. I tried to enlighten them, but it would be easier teaching an old dog new tricks than to teach my very unsavvy relatives. So, what's the best way to combine the 2 Keynote .mov files into a single MPEG (or other WMP-friendly) format? I tried using iMovie, but even using the MPEG codec will export the file with an .mov extension. Your help is much appreciated as I'm a noob with video. Thanks!
  5. I'm a freelance web designer and as such I have many HTML files littered all over my hard drive. Unfortunately all these HTML files clutter up my Spotlight search results. How can I exclude HTML files system-wide from Spotlight? Thanks!
  6. blogjunkie

    Missing Sync

    Hi! Anyone wants to sell me their copy of MarkSpace Missing Sync? Reply or send me a private message. Thanks!
  7. blogjunkie


    If anyone else wants a Gmail account just send an email to itchyhands [at] gmail.com to request one. While you're at it, visit my website at www.itchyhands.com too!