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  1. I like the solutions Adam and others suggested so far. However, I am trying to think outside the box (literally and figuratively) and came up with a couple of solutions. They might or might not be what the original listener want. The first solution proposes using external storage and format it to FAT32. The external storage could be a USB key (AKA thumb drive), an old SD card that you no longer use, or an external hard drive. This solution has a couple of advantages: No permission to deal with, since FAT32 does not support it Simple to implement and use In the case of SD card: since the card is almost flushed into the Mac, you even forget that it is there The disadvantages include: Depend what you already had, you might have to spend some money One port (USB, firewire,...) is tied up In the case of SD card: the SD slot is tied up. If you need that slot often, this solution might not work well for you. Solution #2: use Dropbox. Who said Dropbox sharing has to work across different machines? Other services such as box.com, skydirve, Google Drive, might work also. Solution #3: If you have a Time Capsult (Apple's router and hard drive combo), create a common user account and connect to it.
  2. I am posting this for a friend: his MacBook Pro is running either Leopard or Snow Leopard and is connected to an external monitor in mirroring mode. Before leaving for a meeting, he closed the laptop's lid, yanked out all cables and took the laptop to the meeting room. Upon opening the lid, he found a black screen with the mouse pointer, but nothing else. I tried to press a few keys, but they all result in a beep. I tried the power button to no avail. My friend Tim said this situation is happening very often. Is there any suggestion we should try to troubleshoot the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. This is the only way we can deal with this problem so far: power down, then back up.
  4. Yes, we did try to plug the laptop to the power source and the external monitor, but it did not help. The battery is not removable.
  5. I am thinking about buying another ATV for a different room. Please let me know if this is OK and how do we tell them apart? I am going to sync to just one Mac.
  6. Thank you podgirl for your reply. How do I change the name of the Apple TV? I tried by changing the name as it appear in the iTunes window, but that does not seem to change its hostname, which still is appletv.local
  7. haivu

    Recent emails

    Use the Smart Mailbox feature: Click the Mailbox > New Smart Mailbox menu Give your smart mailbox a name such as "Recent Messages" In the "Any Receipient" drop down list, select "Date Received". In the next drop down, select "is in the last", adjust the number of days to your taste and click OK
  8. haivu

    Recover HDD Space (Previous Systems)

    If you are looking to clean up your disk, a valuable tool is Disk Inventory X. The download is small--2.1MB. It will show you your disk with graphical presentation of your files so you can tell at a glance which files and/or directories take up the most space. http://www.derlien.com/
  9. This used to work in Leopard: defaults write com.apple.Terminal FocusFollowMouse -bool YES which makes the focus to follow the mouse pointer from one Terminal window to another. I tried this in Snow Leopard and sadly, it does not work. If you know a way to enable this feature, I appreciate it.
  10. haivu

    Can iLife 08 run on Snow Leopard?

    I don't know about iLife '08, but my iLife '06 (one that shipped with my 2006 MacBook) works with Snow Leopard. I only tried iMovie, though.
  11. UPDATE: After being locked up for a day, something caused my computer to restart and I was able to log in. Now instead of having one problem, I have two: the lock-up, which might happens in the future; and the myserious restart.
  12. This is the first time it happens to me. Last night, I switched the keyboard to Vietnamese language to chat, then I went to bed. Eventually, the screen saver kicked in, which requires me to type my user name/password to unlock. I was dismay to see that the password does not take a vowel (specifically, the letter 'a', but I think any vowel will have the same problem). That means I cannot unlock my system. I know the key combination to switch the language between English and Vietnamese: I changed it to Ctrl+Option+Command+L, but that key combo does not seem to work at the login screen. More information about the Vietnamese keyboard layout: every time we type a vowel, the vowel is highlighted, waiting for a diacritical mark such á, à, ã... I think the password box does not like this behavior. The only option for me now is to force the laptop to power down and hope everything will reset. However, before I do so, I would like to post this to see if the good citizens at MacCast can help me out. I appreciate it.
  13. haivu

    Mail with Snow Leopard

    See if this helps: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...27&tstart=0 In general, when you are running into a problem, try to google the error message, which was what I did.
  14. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wuhrr/3882678758/
  15. haivu

    Printer sharing

    Let me know if my tutorial helps: http://wuhrr.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/shar...leopard-how-to/
  16. haivu

    Snow Leopard UNABLE to combine PDF files

    I googled "Snow Leopard pdf combine" and found this (among many other links): http://blog.gerrior.com/?p=113
  17. Here is a tip from the Typical Mac User podcast: Plug your iPod/iPhone in Click your iPod/iPhone icon, then click the Podcasts tab Scroll to the bottom of the screen and check to turn on your play lists http://www.flickr.com/photos/wuhrr/3911769111
  18. haivu

    Apple mail program w/Snow Leopard

    OS X stores your mail passwords in the key chain, so that is a good place to start your investigation. Start the Keychain application (the quickest way is to Cmd+Space and type "Keychain"), then type your email name into the search box at the top right. Look at the date modified column. You might want to delete the old entries, then try again. Does the new entry make it into the keychain?
  19. I thought all Mac come with iMovie. Check with the adult who owns the PowerBook for the installation CD. iMovie should be in that disc.
  20. Apple Geek, I am not an automator expert, in fact I only use it a couple of times, but this should be easy. The steps here seems long, but they are straight forward. A. Create an automator workflow to rename file Launch Automator and choose Custom From the library (the first column), click on "Files and Finder" Drag the "Rename Finder Items" to the right pane When prompted to add "Copy Finder Items" action, click the "Don't Add" button Choose "Name Single Item" from the top dropdown of the "Rename Finder Items' action At the "Name Basename to:" line, enter a prefix for your file, for example, "Magazine" Drag another "Rename Finder Items" action to below the first one, again do not add the "Copy Finder Items" action Make sure the top dropdown box said "Add Date or Time", Date/Time=Current, Format=Year Month Day, Where=After name, Separator=Dash, Separator=Space, Use Leading Zeros=Checked B. Save the work flow and attach it to your folder Click File > Save As Plug-in from your Automator Give your work flow a name, such as 'Rename Magazine" Select "Folder Actions" from the "Plug-in for" dropdown From the "Attached to Folder" dropdown, pick your folder. If you don't see your folder in the list, select "other..." and navigate to it You can now test your automation workflow by dropping a file to your folder. If you decided to use this method, please follow up to let everyone know if the solution works and what needs improvements. Thanks. Notes Please name your file using dash as date separator instead of slashes since the Mac OS X is Unix based and it uses the slashes as a path separator, you can still use the slash, but the dash is less troublesome By naming your file as "Magazine 2009-04-30", you can have it sorted correctly by date If you change your mind and want to remove this folder action, right click on the folder, click on More and you will see a list of choices Your workflow/scripts are in ~/Library/Workflows/Applications/Folder Actions directory, just in case you want to edit them
  21. haivu

    web page creation software

    For public-access files, why not use services such as Microsoft's SkyDrive, where you can create a public folder and place your PDFs in there. You can then give others the URL to that folder. I don't know any services that offer password-protected file access, but SkyDrive allow you to share by email. Other services you might want to check out include adrive.com, getdropbox.com, and Google Docs.
  22. haivu

    Windows like offline folders

    Jens, Check out the Microsoft's free service call Windows Live Sync. With this service, I installed the clients on my Macs and Windows machines, then I am able to synchronize files automatically. You will need to have a hotmail account (which Microsoft calls 'live' nowaday).
  23. haivu

    Safari 4

    Here is a feature I just found out a minute ago: You can switch tabs by Ctrl+Tab (forward) and Shift+Ctrl+Tab (reverse). I did not like Safari 3 Shift+Command+] (forward) and Shift+Command+[ (backward) key combination: it takes 3 keys and two hands to accomplish the task. The new key combinations can be done with just one hand. That's one key and one hand saving, hurah. By the way, Firefox has this feature a long time ago. Now I wish Safari can follow Firefox in another area: Command+K for google search instead of the awkward Option+Cmd+F combo.
  24. haivu

    Safari 4

    I think Safari is playing catchup: * The tab on top copied from Google Chrome * The Top Sites feature copied from Opera's Speed Dial * The incremental search copied from Firefox * The new Javascript engine is to response to Chrome and the new Firefox 3.1 However, I think they are welcome features.
  25. I will probably buy the new iLife just for iPhoto's faces feature. What else do you like?