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  1. hi- i'd like to convert some audio files i have stuffed .rar but i want to open them on a mac, on my itunes.. is this possible? thanks! marc
  2. they are 24 bit...maybe that's the problem. i'll lower it and relay the results...thanks!
  3. the ipod having problems is a version 1.5. what's strange is that not all files that i've created in pro tools don't work. some read fine on the ipod. and i'm not sure what i'm doing differently in pro tools (how i'm saving the files most likely) to make such a problem occur. unrelated but i also have a problem when i import certain cds i get multipe track listings on the ipod of the same songs. repeated over and over. this has only happened a couple of times. still strange though. thanks, marc
  4. anyone get this problem? i'll bounce it down as an AIFF file bring it over into itunes (plays fine) but when i bring it over to my ipod the track shows up but doesn't actually play. it just skips right over it like it doesn't exist. anyone know how to fix it this one? marc!
  5. hi- i have a 10 gig ipod and osx 10.3.9. my ipod used to show up right away upon plug in but now (seemingly out of nowhere) it does not show up at all. the cord is fine because the ipod charges but still it does not appear in itunes. i downloaded a program called 'cocktail' to try and recover it but still nothing mostly because it requires being able to see the ipod on my desktop but i cannot. not sure what to do. any ideas? thanks! marc