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  1. exboy99

    Syncing Camera Roll

    I get prompted to import ALL or a selection of photos from the camera roll into my iPhoto. I don't mind it but I guess it would be nice if you could select [Yes] and [never ask me again]
  2. been a fanboy for years.

  3. the problem started since iTunes 10, I sync an iPhone 4, a Nano, and another Nano so I listen to lots of podcasts... I created a smart playlist that is set to select playlists and only ones that have a playcount of Less Than 1 it worked great in the past I could count on that playlist having what I think of as "fresh" podcasts and when I sync up... they get moved along out of the playlist because of the playcount. well since iTunes 10 I will listen to podcasts and somehow after syncing up one ipod and then an iPhone and maybe toss in an "REFRESH" podcasts then suddenly podcasts that have been listened to are BACK in there.... in the list of Fresh stuff.... but they're not Fresh! I'll try to figure more of this out to see WHEN they're coming back... but I've noticed it a few times and I have to select them and mark them "played" again to get them out of the playlist.... ....and sometimes they come BACK AGAIN. has anyone else had "zombie podcasts" that come back from the dead and want to be with the fresh podcasts? thanks for any ideas you guys/girls have. - Mark