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  1. Mountain Lion

    OK... has anyone bit the bullet this morning and pulled down Mountain Lion from the App Store?
  2. Mountain Lion

    The dictation does not happen on your Mac. It takes place on Apple's own servers, just like Siri.
  3. Mountain Lion

    I like having Notes on the Mac now, especially with the iCloud integration. I typed in several items my wife needed from the grocery into Notes and pulled it up on my phone when I got to the store to pick up the items. That was nice. Did you notice that RSS support has been removed from Safari 6?
  4. MacBook Pro upgrades

    This past Thursday evening, I upgraded the 13" MacBook Pro that I bought back in late February. I took the ram from 4 gig to 8 gig. I also replaced the original Toshiba 500 gig 5400 rpm drive with a 750 gig Seagate Momentus XT hybrid 7200 rpm drive. I have noticed a ton of difference in the speed with both upgrades. Before the upgrade, when I used Parallels to boot into Windows for office work, the system would start paging in and out a lot with swap space growing to 2 gig sometimes. Now with the extra ram, I have increased the allotted ram for Parallels from 1 gig to 2.5 gig with a video ram increase to 512 meg. Even with that, I have no pages out and swap space remains at zero. The drive upgrade has greatly increased the speed of the machine. Boot time went from around a minute to less than 30 seconds from a cold start. App launch times are noticeably faster. Launching things like the Mail app or Safari would cause the icon in the dock to bounce 4 or 5 times and eventually come up to the screen. With the new drive upgrade, in the instance of Mail.app, the icon bounces once and, in fact, the main Mail screen is displayed on the monitor before the icon finished that single bounce. This seems to be the best hardware money I have spent in quite a while.
  5. MacBook Pro upgrades

    I kind of wish I had waited a few months. The new ones are a little faster, but I overall, I am very happy with this one. I love the portability of the 13" machine.
  6. Mountain Lion

    I have only seen one problem so far. That was an issue in Mail.app when I opened a threaded conversation and the display in the reading area went wacky. There were a lot of digital artifacts. It eventually cleared itself up and I have not seen it happen since that one time.
  7. Mountain Lion

    I started the download right before going to bed last night also. I got a new 750 gig hybrid drive and 8 gig of ram in today, so late this evening, I put the new drive into the FireWire 800 enclosure that I bought and installed Mountain Lion to it. After moving over all my data files from the old drive, I installed the new drive and ram upgrade into my MacBook Pro. I am liking it so far. It is fast. Of course, the new hybrid drive doesn't hurt either.
  8. De-interlace PNG files

    Apparently when saving PNG images from Preview, it produces interlaced files. Does anyone have a suggestion on a utility, preferably free, that I can use to de-interlace just a few images?
  9. I have a 13" MacBook Pro that I purchased from Apple in February. I have it connected to a 24" Dell display. The connection is mini-displayport to DVI using the Apple dongle that I purchased. Not all the time, but usually two or three times a week, I'll walk in and wake up the laptop. After entering my password, the Dell display is flickering with snow badly. I can unplug the mini-displayport dongle, wait for the display to revert to the laptop, and then plug it back in to basically "reset" the external display. Has anyone had an experience with anything like this? I can clear it up as mentioned above, but it is kind of annoying that it does this.
  10. Rumored MacBook Pro memory change?

    I heard something on Tech News Today that said the SSD is proprietary, but apparently it is a daughter board so it might be upgradable in the future.
  11. De-interlace PNG files

    I tried the ImageOptim program and it worked for what I needed.
  12. De-interlace PNG files

    I just came across another utility that looks promising. It is called ImageOptim.
  13. De-interlace PNG files

    Thanks for your reply. I will check it out.
  14. Rumored MacBook Pro memory change?

    That's right Graham. The internals of the new MacBook Pro are just about identical to the MacBook Air in terms of RAM and storage. Both are soldered to the board and not end-user upgradable. I am glad that I bought earlier this year instead of waiting. I can upgrade my 13" MBP with more RAM for a cheaper cost than getting an equivalent amount of RAM from Apple and change out drives when I prefer.
  15. Lion for Dummies: Setup

    I guess I have been lucky. I have not had any issues with Safari not wanting to close. Most of the time I don't shutdown my laptop though. I just leave it and it goes into sleep mode.
  16. Any suggestions for a Stylus for drawing on the iPad

    I know this thread is a few months old, but this is relevant. A friend of mine recently got a new iPad and the stylus he got was the Jot Pro by Adonit. It is a little more expensive, but it appears to be worth the money. I believe it will be the next stylus that i purchase.
  17. New Baby

    Several years ago, I found the MacCast forums after purchasing my new Power Mac with dual 2.0 GHz PowerPC processors. This May, that baby will be 7 years old. As of this week, I now have a new baby. I was finally able to purchase my first Intel based Mac. I got a 13" MacBook Pro and I am loving every minute with it so far.
  18. New Baby

    It is fun to use. I enjoy the mobility of the 13" MBP. Just unplug the MagSafe adapter and pick it up and move it anywhere.
  19. New Baby

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I really enjoy using the MacBook Pro. I have not had any issues with mine waking from sleep. Do you have any USB devices plugged into it? When mines wakes up it is pretty instant. The only real issue I have had with mine is that the external monitor that I am using sometimes sits and flashes between the background and snow after the computer wakes up. I have the Apple mini-displayport to DVI adapter plugged into the computer. That is attached to a 3 ft DVI cable that goes to the monitor. I haven't been able to figure this one out yet. I can unplug the mini-displayport connection, let the display cycle over to the laptop, plug it back in, and all is fine after that.
  20. New Baby

    They are very reliable. If you don't need to update to the latest software, the older PowerPC based Macs are great for kids in school who need a way to do research for papers. My 13 year old son uses my old Power Mac for just that purpose at this point.
  21. Firefox 4.0 Beta 2

    Has anyone used Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 on OS X yet? I am running Leopard 10.5.8 on my G5 based Power Mac. I am having issues with Flash apps on the web. I generally see nothing but a white screen. I was wondering if anyone else using Firefox 4.0 had noticed this.
  22. Firefox 4.0 Beta 2

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll try reinstalling the Flash player when I get home today.
  23. What's up?

    How is everyone at the MacCast forums? I have not been on the forums for quite some time for various reasons.
  24. Using Skype

    Anyone out there have a Skype account who would like to help me out? I have never used Skype, but after hearing about the $38 per year cost for SkypeIn, I thought I would try it out.
  25. Installing iLife '08

    I have not been around for a while, so my apologies if this has been hashed out. I vaguely remember that one of the iLife applications changed so much in iLife '08 that people wanted to go back to the previous version of that single application, but I cannot remember which one it was now.... either iDVD or iMovie. Can anyone shed light on that for me? I recently purchase iLife '08, but I have not installed it yet. I wanted to get some input from the people here first. Thanks.