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    in memoriam

    The Main Line Macintosh Users Group in southeastern PA suffered an untimely loss at the end of June 2006. I'm sorry to report the tragic death of Mark Corchin. The MLMUG memorial page, including links to all of Mark's product reviews, his member-of-the-month page, and his obituary from the Philadelphia Inquirer is here: http://www.mlmug.org/MarkTrib.html This is a real loss to the Mac community, the Jewish community, and the human community. -h.
  2. Saft enables the debug menu too - but I already tried that. Like I said in the original post, I'm talking about a website that does not work properly when Safari is in fact masquerading as IE6.
  3. So, Adam talked about choice of web browser and the various options. I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else is having the same problem. My mom is a realtor and absolutely positively can not do her job in this geographic market without using "Trend MLS" http://www.trendmls.com which ONLY supports IE 6.0 - the message displayed immediately after login reads "TREND Does Not Recommend IE 7.0 .... May 12, 2006...TREND's systems are designed for and currently, TREND only supports Internet Explorer 6.0. At this time, TREND does not recommend that members install IE 7. This product is still in testing. TREND will have more information on IE 7 as it moves closer to a public release." While one can generally log in via Safari, none of the actual website functions work correctly, even when you set Safari to pretend to be IE 6.0. You wouldn't BELIEVE the ignorance and arrogance simultaneously displayed by the Trend MLS customer support people, either. All of which is to say my goal recently was to find a browser which (a) runs on the mac and ( allows access to all of the functions of this website. While it is slightly buggy, in that sometimes you have to log out and log back in to get something to work, it seems Opera fits the bill. So if there are any other local realtors trying to do this, now you know. -hillary
  4. webhill

    new MacBook power adapter

    I opened up a trouble ticket with apple. They say that "some noise" from the power adapter is ok, but not if it is "loud". I said that is a relative term, and he agreed. Anyway, he suggested that if I tell him in the future that it got "worse" or "hot" (not "warm") then apple would replace it. Or he said I could take it to ardmore and they would probably replace it on the spot. I gotta say, I'm not thrilled with that interaction. Either it needs to be replaced, in which case he should have offered to replace it, or it does not, in which case it is not necessary to schlep to the apple store to get it replaced. I imagine we'll probably just use it as is until the next time we're going to be in Ardmore or King of Prussia, and then we'll swap it out. Still - lame.
  5. webhill

    new MacBook power adapter

    Matt, As much as I would like to, that is just not going to happen. I have 3 kids under six years old, and I think trying to go to your meeting would just interfere with the whole feeding them dinner and putting them to bed thing. I think your next meeting is the first week of camp and so their routine is already going to be screwed up. To keep this on-topic - each kid has his or her own iMac G3, and even the baby has decent mousing skills. The oldest one is fond of telling my husband "No Dad, you're wrong... Adam said so. You know. Adam. Adam from the Maccast." Hee hee. -h.
  6. webhill

    new MacBook power adapter

    I have a new Macbook and it's great. There is no mooing or anything from the laptop itself. HOWEVER, there is an unusual hissing/white noise kind of sound coming from the power adapter, of all places. My iBook's power adapter never made any noise like this. In fact, I definitely have never heard anything like this from a power adapter of any kind. I recorded it in Garageband - you can listen to it here: http://homepage.mac.com/macwebhill/power-a...apter-noise.m4a Does anyone have any thoughts on this? It is kind of freaking me out. Thanks, Hillary
  7. webhill

    So... where do you listen to MacCast?

    I listen to the maccast in my Honda Odyssey while I'm taking my 5 yr old to/from school. I used to listen to it while I was warming up at the gym, but my son got mad that he didn't get to hear it then, so, now I save it for when he's in the car. -h.
  8. I am having an annoying problem. I used to manage my podcasts manually, but found that I could never remember which of the episodes of a given podcast that were on my iPod I had actually listened to, when it came time to update. I have a space problem, so deletion of already-played items is important. So, I switched to automatic update - but, if I'm only half-way through a podcast, and I update, I lose the half-listened-to podcast. This is a problem because if for example I drive my son to school, and he listens to half of the maccast on the way there, and then I want to go home and update my iPod to put something new on to listen to during the day - I can't, or my son won't be able to listen to the rest of the maccast on the way home! I had thought maybe I could just choose to manually update on a case-by-case basis but - you can't get into the ipod prefs without actually plugging in the ipod, which causes it to automatically update before i can change the prefs. Is my explanation clear? Can anyone make any suggestions? Thanks! -h.
  9. webhill

    iTunes stops updating my Podcasts!

    Well - who wants to do that constantly? It's totally annoying. I have a similar problem. My iPod mini is too small to hold all of my podcasts, so I have them on a rotation. I will listen to some this month, some next month, etc. I wish iTunes would just accept that I do plan to listen, and keep updating the suckers! Oh well. Maybe someone will give me a bigger iPod for Chanukah
  10. Well, I don't know what you need, but for garden-variety uploads of text, images, and the occasional sound file, Transmit works fine for me! I have version 2.6.2 but they are up to 3 something I think.