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    New music video..

    Hi, I've just uploaded a new music video for anyone interested. Here's the link; http://www.podmovies.com/publicsymphony/pu...icsymphony.html You'll need the latest Flash plugin to view it with and a broadband connection is a must! Softwares used to make it were Artmatic Pro, VTrack and Poser 6. Hope you like it! Cheers Paul
  2. paulmgillard

    Will an NTSC DVD play on a G5?

    Hi again I've just this minute done a test and burnt two types of disc; the first was to that Fujifilm (printable) DVD-R disc I mentioned and also to a Panasonic -R 8x speed which says for General on the front. Guess what..? The Fujifilm disc doesn't play but the Panasonic one does! So that's the answer to this problem. Paul
  3. paulmgillard

    Will an NTSC DVD play on a G5?

    Hi I'm in the UK and am busy trying to create a widescreen DVD in NTSC format for someone in the US, but after creating one, it doesn't seem to want to play in my DVD player on my G5. I made the movie in iDVD from iLife06. Is this correct? I would have thought that my Mac would play either PAL or NTSC DVD's. Can anyone tell me if they can play both formats please? I purchased some Fujifilm DVD's (-R) which are printable to write my movies onto. Oddly enough I did also try writing a DVD in Toast Titanium 7 and got an error at the end which is shown here: After buring to these discs, all I get is lots of spinning noises and nothing playing in the Player. I've got OSX 10.4.6 here and DVD Player 4.6.5 PAL created DVD's have always written fine to Panasonic -R disks incidentally. Hope someone can help me out a bit here! Paul
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    DVD disks (Dual Layer)

    Hi If I purchase a dual DVD disk for burning a very big file onto like a 6 gigabyte file, will it work does anyone know please? I've a G5 here. Cheers Paul
  5. paulmgillard

    WMV Conversion

    Hi You could look into the software called Squeeze by Sorenson. It's been great for producing .flv files from .mov files but also converts to .wmv files as well. I know you want to convert .wmv so just have a look at what it offers in that respect but I have found it to be on of the best little Utility softwares I have. http://www.sorenson.com Cheers Paul
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    DVD disks (Dual Layer)

    I've just called my local Apple centre who told me that Toast 7 does the job, so I guess that's probably the answer. Cheers Paul
  7. paulmgillard

    Resolutions 4 DVD's

    Hi Recently having purchased iLife06 mainly to be able to create widescreen DVD's I tried to find out what the correct resolution would be for these movies. 854 x 480 pixels for widescreen in NTSC format @ 30fps 1024 x 576 pixels for widescreen in PAL format @ 25fps Is this correct please? Paul PS: I have also read a bit about the 16:9 format. 1920 x 1080, 16:9 seems to be a resolution mentioned for High Definition.
  8. paulmgillard

    Problems Emptying Trash

    Brainwave... maybe? Try this.. Boot into Classic OS9 and delete the folders when you're there using the OS9 trash. I remember doing that a while ago and it worked! If you haven't got classic, it will be on your Apple DVD. It was a big surprise to discover that since I thought Apple had made a G5 devoid of Classic.
  9. paulmgillard

    Text clippings

    I thought tearing off text clippings from text documents didn't work any more since OS9. Say for example for those who never ever made one, you used to be able to swipe some text from some place and drag and drop it on another folder creating a text clipping file. I used to do that quite a lot when I wanted to grab an instruction for a job from a client's email and put it into a folder called Client Instructions for example. But,... it still works only you have to have greater dexterity in OSX and do it this way.. Swipe some text... Next, ..make a patient click on a letter instead of a quick click of the mouse (that's important) ..next thing just drag the text away and drop it some where else. Don't forget to do a kinda pause-click to make it work. Quick clicks don't work. I always liked this little Mac function.
  10. paulmgillard

    Does your Photoshop crash on startup...sometimes?

    Hi One other thing... If you've installed any offbeat extensions from a 'not so main stream software house', try moving them out and trying again! If it's much more stable then that's your problem. I did have crashes recently after I loaded some extension by an independant. They sometimes don't test their software out as much as they should do! This could be the problem.
  11. paulmgillard

    Problems Emptying Trash

    If you mean using File Buddy, then yes you can.
  12. paulmgillard

    Problems Emptying Trash

    Hi I might try this.. Take them out of the trash, and then do an Apple I or get info on each. Next I would look at their permissions and maybe alter them to be read and write. Next I'd just sling them in the Trash again and see if they go. Just as an aside.. a really cool piece of software called File Buddy can also be used to delete files. I've had File Buddy for a long time and sometimes it can be handy for little jobs like this. Try running Disc Utility from the Apple start up disc too, reboot and then try to empty your Trash again. Last thing, rename the files and then put them in the Trash. They might have very long names with odd symbols in them perhaps. Hope this helps!
  13. paulmgillard

    do i need Norton? opinions please

    Hi If you go to Apple's site and search for 'Virus', there won't be one there.. None on Macs at all. The only virus I ever got was from a Microsoft Word document (hah! ..typical.) in about 1996, and I was on my first Mac an 8600 with System 7.5. Norton caught it but that was about the only time I ever really needed it. Just get Disk Warrior, that's all you need to look after your Mac in my view. I had a friend who had a PC and got the virus called DOOM. It wiped his whole drive and that as they say was that! He hadn't backed up either.
  14. paulmgillard

    Does your Photoshop crash on startup...sometimes?

    Hi Recently I had great difficulties with Poser software crashing at first launch and then opening OK with the 2nd launch. Yes it was a font problem. Why, because I had deleted some Asian fonts at some point thinking I wouldn't ever need them. Wrong!! You need them. So I managed to get a complete new install of the OSX system fonts which made it all work again OK. Next tip, is this.. If you've got a bit of money spare I recommend the latest Font Utility called Suitcase Fusion which seems so much better than the last version. Here's a list of the fonts you should have in your System Fonts folder; Apple LiGothic Medium.dfont AppleGothic.dfont AquaKanaBold.otf AquaKanaRegular.otf Courier.dfont Geneva.dfont Hei.dfont Helvetica.dfont Keyboard.dfont LastResort.dfont LucidaGrande.dfont Monaco.dfont Symbol.dfont Times.dfont ??????? Pro W6.otf ???????? Pro W6.otf
  15. paulmgillard

    Beware the Temp file!

    Yeah, ..well I hope we have some nice person from Apple reading this because I personally want it all looked into at R&D. Something clearly is not working as it should, or the messages are misleading and shouldn't be. If you know someone who works at Apple, please give them a nudge to read what's going on here.
  16. paulmgillard

    Beware the Temp file!

    Hi folks ..this is a bit long and a bit geeky..! (sorry) OK, so recently I had a moan about difficulties erasing Free Disk Space in Disk Utility software running on my G5. (In a previous topic). Well the problem got a lot worse..! Basically what happened was this; After I tried to Erase Free Disk Space, I found that the free space had gone right down after I had skipped the process. A Temp file had been made and now took up around 30 gigabytes of my hard disk! So I'm down to 50 gigs free instead of 80. Next I think, right, I'll run Erase Free Disk Space from the System disk (DVD). It ran the program and then said: Error! Cannot delete Temp file. So I restart my G5 and find I only have 8 gigs free!!! :?: Time for action I thought.. So I opened a tech call to Apple and the guy in India recommended I try disk Utility Disk First Aid. - It didn't fix it. Next, he got the product specialist on his internal Chat and had this advice for me from her: Try Disk Warrior or if that doesn't work do a Backup and Erase of my hard disk. :shock: Disk Warrior didn't delete the Temp file. (Just said I had 8 gigs free again) So what I did next was this.. :idea: I thought I would run Erase Free Disk Space again and Skip it very soon into the process. Result: The Mac started to make a New Temp file and in the process deleted the old one! I quit and behold, I got my 80 gigs of free space back! A backup and erase of my whole 233 gig hard drive was not required. Phew! That's the solution if you ever get a monster Temp file on your hard disk. Paul
  17. paulmgillard

    Beware the Temp file!

    Hi In that very last case, no, since by that time I was pretty fed up with the whole thing and just wanted to get on with my work etc. The scariest thing about it all is the way the Temp file just grows to the same size as your free disk space, then gives you a warning that you haven't got enough free space on your computer for it to complete the task. Next it says it'll take thousands of hours to finish. So you think.."I'll leave that then" , quit process and then you're left with hardly any free space left on your computer. It did my head in! :shock:
  18. paulmgillard

    Beware the Temp file!

    Hi Matt Maybe someone could tell me more about a Temp file. Could it simply be a couple of lines of code or is there more to it than that? I have (perhaps not un surprisingly been backing up furiously to DVD anyway and have managed to fill up 10 DVD's today!) At least I don't have to re-load Windows drivers etc etc. I do trust my Mac a lot and sometimes you get out of a scrape like this and life just goes on. More on Temp files please.. someone?
  19. paulmgillard

    quicktime error

    Hiya Get this software; VLC and .avi's play fine. From - http://www.videolan.org (I've never managed to play .avi's in Quicktime myself) Paul
  20. paulmgillard

    Scanner software

    http://www.silverfast.com is completely brilliant if it will run with that scanner. You'll need to check out their site.. It runs on loads of scanners and although isn't cheap, is one of the best. However if you're not very serious about expert level colour, just get a basic software. Cheers Paul
  21. paulmgillard

    Confirmed: MacIntels boot Windows

    Virus and the chances of getting one are surely going to get worse. I think that the Mac user base should be demanding security from Apple in this respect. We need to be reassured big time that one virus which could possibly get through to the windows area isn't going to compromise the whole computer. I would suggest Zones and if I ever purchased one then effectively two computers in one box. Since there are multi proccessor and multi disk computers, why the hell should we (Mac users) have to be bolted onto any virus getting windows environment? :idea:
  22. paulmgillard

    Airport XPress has died on me..!

    Hi Geeks I got Airport XPress when I purchased my G5 last August. It worked OK at my address. Then I moved to another house and since then it's needed to be reset a lot. I'm in the UK and have a BT Voyager ADSL Router which I get my broadband service through. The performance of this wireless configuration has been poor I would say. Last week I spent most about 4 hours re-setting and restarting before giving up and then installing a long telephone cable around to where my Mac sits. So then the config was Ethernet with no Airport XPress at all. Guess what, it worked first time and my internet connection hasn't had a problem since! Much better performance as well with speed. What I want to know is this; Which part of the Airport XPress is most likely to have broken or worked less well than it should have? Personally I bet it's the card inside the Mac, but we'll see what Apple says about it when I call them at Apple Care. Anyone else had Airport XPress issues of this kind? My Mac has only been about 10 feet from the Airport XPress device in the wall with nothing inbetween them. Cheers Paul http://www.podmovies.com http://www.paulgillard.com
  23. Hi Just recently I've been unable to complete an erase of free disk space on my G5 (with 10.4.3 loaded) using the Disk Utility software. Each time I try, I get messages telling me the computer needs more space and to delete files off the hard disk. This message actually bugs me quite a lot since it's almost illogical. I'm clearing the disk of files and then try to erase free space and get a message asking me to do what I have already been doing... Aaaargh!!! :evil: The disk is 233 gigs in size and there is now 86 gigs of free space as I have been backing up loads today. So it gets to nearly the end each time and then stops because the temp file has got so big and the hard disk sys it's got zero space left. In Disk activity it shows the CPU going still but it all just sits there and I eventually hit the Skip button and it comes back into use again. Any tips please? Thanks, Paul http://www.paulgillard.com
  24. paulmgillard

    Problems trying to erase free disk space..

    Hi I'm glad you didn't lose any files! Paul
  25. paulmgillard

    Problems trying to erase free disk space..

    You tried rebooting I assume? I haven't had that message on my Mac so unless someone else tries to give you advice pertaining to this specific message you got then probably the best thing is to just reboot from power up and see what it says then. This whole erase free diskspace thing has, as we discussed previously, some strange anomolies which I think Apple need to address. Let us know how you get on..