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    august customisation

    A brand new David Lanham theme called amora
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    august customisation

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/basdenclark/204303245/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/basdenclark/204311044/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/basdenclark/204311043/
  3. The following is pretty sappy: I just wanted to let all of you guys know how awesome you are. Especially the people I talk to on a regular basis on iChat and Skype with. I get instant help with my Mac at all hours basically. Not to mention the help with every day life stuff. I've only been here for about 7 or 8 months but I feel like I've known half of you guys for most of my life. I am extremely greatful that I have had the oppurtunity to meet such a great group of Mac users, and most importantly great people. You have no idea how awesome it is to have some one that I don't know personally so I can talk to about stuff and not worry about it getting around. I was just talking to Sporn and some other guys in the chatroom and realized how fortunate I am to have you guys. I consider all of you very close friends. Major props to Matt Hoult for being there for me all the time and being a fantastic friend (even if he is thousands of miles away). ;-) Sorry for all this sappy stuff. I'm done for now. Hope I got my point accross and didn't sound too stupid.
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    www.xicons.com www.iconfactory.com www.guikit.com
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    What made you fall in love with a mac?

    As lame as it sounds... iMovie. About four years ago I decided I was going to save up for a new computer to edit videos on, my uncle told me that Apple computers came with iMovie which was a great basic video editing program. I trusted my uncle so I did loads of research and eventually decided on the eMac because it was the cheapest Mac with a superdrive at the time. The biggest thing though, Macs are just plain sexy. I grew up on lame PC's with tan exteriors. Macs look so much cooler. Four years after I bought it, I still think my eMac has an awesome design and looks very cool, even though it is 60 pounds and pretty large...
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    ever heard of a dictionary?
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    Best Show on TV

    I don't care if your favorite show wasn't listed, get over it. 24 no doubt, but followed closely by the office.
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    I love it!

    http://www.cafepress.com/antivista.62421384 Good job applgeek
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    I just bought Synergy. It was only like 6 bucks, which is a definite plus. A piece of software that is over priced makes me want to pirate it and shove it in their face. For 6 dollars you get a great value. I have the keyboard shortcuts set to apple down arrow for play, apple left arrow for previous track, and apple right arrow for next track. I love this little app. I use it all the time now and recommend it to anyone.
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    U2 iPod back

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    what site?
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    Post you Flickr links http://flickr.com/photos/basdenclark/
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    June Customization

    Picture I took at the river today.
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    What's with everyone's new massive avatars. I thought we had agreed on a size limit?
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    A podcast of 2 women arguing Macs vs. PC's

    Ugh the PC lady is such a moron. "PC's are better at word processing" OMG! it's a freaking program! Mac have pages, text edit, and word, all of which have spell check. "I like research and writing." Yep, and you can't do that on a Mac :roll: I am so furious because I can't scream at that stupid PC lady for her retarded points. GAH
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    Plug In

    I started watching a movie I downloaded last night and I realized there wasn't sound. Shortly after quicktime gave me a message saying I needed some key software and linked me to a page with some plug ins. The question is, which one do I get? I already havd DivX.
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    I would like to share the experience I had with the eBay store ipod_depot. I bought a headphone module for my 4g ipod and a very reasonable price. The shipping was fairly quick. It gets here and it's the wrong part. I'm upset but I think no big deal, I can return it and get the right one pretty quickly. Wrong. They send me a particularly nasty email saying that it is my responsibility to know what product I am buying (I did, a 4th gen iPod headphone module, which they should have sent me). And that I have to pay to ship it back to them and pay a 15% re-stocking fee. So I basically tell them to shove it up their rears, I don't want to do any more business with a company like theirs. And it was only 20 dollars so I wasn't too particularly pissed. But I went ahead and left feedback letting other customers know that I was cheated and to be careful with the business. Then I get a feedback from the company representative, one who I did not talk to, saying that I left bad feedback without even contacting the company. Total BS. Shortly afterwards I get an email from the sales rep saying that he will take down his bad feedback if I do. Totally ridiculous. Make sure you never to business with ipod_depot!
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    Switching: The Firebird Story

    Awesome! With a Mac you can start making a website as soon as you take it out of the box! lol I know you're excited. Welcome to the Apple family! *group hug!*
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    And get this, now they are saying that I never even contacted them about the problem... :evil: *UPDATE* I just got an email from them saying that my email was in an "obscure" folder and that they are sorry. The feedback they gave me was only bad because I they thought I didn't contact them. But they are saying that they will not remove the feedback until I remove mine. GRRRR I HATE THIS COMPANY!
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    CCPMUG Finds A New Home

    Congratulations man. I know you're really excited about this. You're doing a phenomenal job!
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    how u chose your name

    try me
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    apple ads

    Out of the box, for definitely. It's the least exaggerated and the funniest in my opinion.
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    David Spade

    try youtube
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    June Customization