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    What to do with a TiBook?

    ebay is an obvious choice for selling, but I don't think you would get enough money to compensate for the emotional loss. Hang onto it and use it for whatever you can.
  2. iBasden

    how u chose your name

    BTW, link
  3. iBasden


    Post funny shirts you find on cafepress.com It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye. Then it's a critical hit.
  4. iBasden

    MacBook or iMac?

    Unless you already have a desktop computer, you will highly regret getting an iMac. Portability is insanely important. You have no idea how much regret I've had these past 3 or 4 years for not getting a portable. I love my eMac, but having a computer you can take with you is so much better. If you need the power, get a macbookpro.
  5. iBasden

    how u chose your name

    ohhhhh... "chose," you mean. My middle name is Basden (that is the name I go by) and the "i" just signifies that I am an avid mac user!
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    MacCast T'shirts !!!!

  7. iBasden

    quitting daskboard

  8. iBasden

    Issue with names and stupid people

    Not to mention the fact that you can't search macbook on any engine without getting a million macbook pro results.
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    New Microsoft iSight Cam... um... I mean LifeCam

    I don't see how MS making a webcam means they are copying apple. Did apple invent the webcam? No. The iSight isn't the only webcam in the world guys, nor was it the first. @Joshr Your replies would sound much better if you did some research instead of just making random guesses and using your guessed information to support your point.
  10. iBasden

    Harriet is 175 years old! And looks every bit of it ...

    Haha, that's crazy. I had no idea that anything could live that long anymore.
  11. iBasden

    Combination iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Roll

    I'll take two. But seriously, how do I buy one? I can't find out anything from the site. It looks really cool though. It's a brilliant idea.
  12. iBasden

    Cluttering Desktop?

    do any of these work with deskshade?
  13. iBasden

    Friends of matt

    Hey guys, I bought some credit on skype and I'm going to try and call Matt (hoult) on his cell phone and see how he is doing. Anybody with skype want to join in?
  14. iBasden

    Friends of matt

    PMed you mitch. Cleric: it is like 253 cents a minute to skype out to cell phones in the UK.
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    Post pictures of yourself. Lets see all the macgeeks. I'm bringing this back! 6 or 7 year old iBasden! lol Earlier this year, before my hair crept over my ears and eyes ;-)
  16. iBasden


    I had always thought that you looked like the avatar! That picture was taken about a hundred years ago. The avatar is more recent. :mrgreen: I can kind of see a resemblance between the avatar and the picture ;-)
  17. iBasden

    June Customization

  18. iBasden

    I don't agree with it, but it's funny

    already been posted
  19. iBasden

    How my Mac saved a wedding . . . sort of

    Awesome, that's what we love to hear
  20. iBasden

    Looking for a program

    I want app that gives me a control panel so I can adjust (individually) all applications that are open. Not everything has volume controls like iTunes and QuickTime.
  21. iBasden

    Looking for a program

    Is there any program that allows you to adjust the sound levels in all open applications?
  22. iBasden

    Looking for a program

    I mean individually
  23. iBasden


    Was any body else furious about the new doritos commerical (the one with Godzilla)? Everyone remembers in Godzilla (the most recent U.S. one) that the one egg survived. And I have been waiting for a sequel ever since. I see the commerical and I'm freaking out cuz Godzilla 2 is finally coming out. Then I see the freaking Dorito truck. Man, was I pissed.
  24. iBasden

    Cut and Paste

    I have been hearing this phrase more and more lately. The phrase they are looking for is clearly copy and paste. Why do so many people say cut and paste?