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    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    Have you not been reading the other posts at all? It IS a problem. Even if it isn't a problem for you, you should be considerate of the people that it is a problem for.
  2. iBasden

    Ridiculous Request? You tell me.

    I'm saving for a macbook pro. I'ver got several ebay auctions to help pay for it. http://www.maccast.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=7082 I would LOVE to have some paypal donations: houston.clark@clarkpromedia.com (that is the account, please don't send emails to this address, as it is my dad's) Even a few dollars would be totally appreciated! Mods, if this post is not appropriate, please remove it.
  3. In the near future I will be selling my eMac. It has a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 PRocessor, and 256 MB of SDRAM (can be easily upgraded for very cheap). It also has a superdrive, which as you know can burn CDs and DVDs as well as read them. I would prefer not to put it on ebay. So if anyone here wants it for around 600 dollars PLEASE let me know. I'm saving up for a MacBook so I NEED to sell this.
  4. iBasden

    Calling Forum Regulars

    justin 4's sig drives me crazy. I don't think we should have images in sigs.
  5. iBasden

    Menu Bars

    the point of the monthly thread was to get rid of these massive threads. Please use the may customization thread.
  6. iBasden


    What is travel school?
  7. I think dawn and drew have a good system. People leave comments and feedback and then at the end of it they can plug their podcast.
  8. If you don't like them, fast forward. on the other hand, I have never listened to a podcast I heard about from a promo. So they don't really have a use.
  9. definitely keep it. Love hearing the music every week
  10. iBasden

    [WARNING: Image Heavy] May Customization

    Incase you're dumb: Finder, Safari, iPhoto, Mail, iTunes, iChat, Dashboard, Limewire, Imagewell, Sys Pref, Camino, App Folder, Trash both of these are picture I have taken. You can download them from my flickr account: www.flickr.com/photos/basdenclark
  11. iBasden

    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    lmao Considering that isn't enough means to make a post... I think sigs should be non image, and avatars should be 60 x 60 or whatever is default
  12. iBasden

    [WARNING: Image Heavy] May Customization

    matt and myself for one (or would that be for two). It shouldn't be a big deal to resize an image.
  13. iBasden


    Legal. Bah. Who needs legal apps? BitTorrent forever! I didn't bring this thread back to give you another oppurtunity to post pad, this thread is for posting flickr links. If you have anything to say to me, do so in a PM. Do not reply in this thread again unless you are posting a link to your flickr.
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    let's get some more links!
  15. iBasden


    the third one rocks, matt! lol
  16. iBasden

    Calling All Forum Regulars 2: Avatars

    you mean like yours? :?
  17. iBasden

    Stadium Arcadium

    Any Chili Pepper fans here? What's your favorite from the new album? I've selected a few of my favorites and those are the ones I'm putting on the poll. If you want to add something do so in a post.
  18. iBasden

    [WARNING: Image Heavy] May Customization

    I can not resize them. If one of the Mods can do it that would be fine. imageshack.us has a resize option. I know, but it screws up the aspect ratio. posting an oversized picture screws up the aspect ratio of the page!
  19. iBasden

    Calling Forum Regulars

    Firefox sucks, but other than that, it's okay.
  20. iBasden

    my rebirth

    Awesome, that's the kind of stories we love to hear.
  21. iBasden

    [WARNING: Image Heavy] May Customization

    I can not resize them. If one of the Mods can do it that would be fine. imageshack.us has a resize option.
  22. iBasden


    Get in a room by yourself. Close your eyes. Meditate.
  23. iBasden

    [WARNING: Image Heavy] May Customization

    I feel like I've been there. I went on a road trip through Alabama a couple of years ago. What city is that?
  24. iBasden

    [WARNING: Image Heavy] May Customization

    I don't care what he uses, just resize them so we don't have a massive scroll bar just to look at the other part of the image! :x
  25. iBasden

    [WARNING: Image Heavy] May Customization

    porn, can you use imagewell or a similar program to resize those dock images. The whole point of smaller pictures is so we don't have to scroll to the side of the page to see the picture. Thanks