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    connect360/movies folder

    I've gotten a copy of connect360 so that I can stream music and movies from my mac to my 360. My iTunes library streams from my external hdd because I don't have enough room on my computer for all of my songs. The problem I have run into is that the movies that stream from my computer come from the Movies folder on my internal hdd. For the same reason that my music is on my external my movies are as well. Is there any way to have my movies folder on the internal stream from the external? This seems a bit far-fetched, but figured I'd ask. Any other solutions would be welcome as well. Also, my xbox picks up my itunes movies but they seem to be the wrong format... any ideas on that would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. iBasden

    Back to say hello

    It's been a really long time since I last posted here. Wanted to see if there are any familiar faces. Hullo!
  3. iBasden

    Name Origins

    Where did everyone come up with their username on the forum? Mine is pretty simple. My name is Basden and macs are cool. So I'm iBasden.
  4. iBasden

    Happy Mother's Day

    Probably not any mothers here, but if there are: Happy Mother's Day! Do something extra special for your mom today ;-)
  5. iBasden


    What do you like? me: 311, Aerosmith, Arcade Fire, Audio Slave, Beastie Boys sometimes, The Beatles, Black Sabbath (I'll just save some time and say I like classic rock), Bob Marley, Chris Tomlin, Coldplay, Counting Crows, Damien Rice, Dave Matthews, David Crowder Band, Death Cab For Cutie, Dido, Doves, Drowning Pool, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra, Franz Ferdinand, Godsmack, Goo Goo Dolls, Incubus, Jack Johnson, John Lennon, Keane, The Killers, Louis Armstrong, Mark Broussard, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Modest Mouse, Muse, Passion, Postal Service, Ray Charles, SEAL!!!!!!!!!, U2, The Verve Pipe, Wintergreen, alot more that I can't think of.
  6. iBasden


    What's your favorite book? And don't post saying you hate reading. Cuz I don't care. My favorite is probably The Hobbit. But Harry Potter is like right behind it. It's a tough choice but I'd say the hobbit is better.
  7. iBasden

    Why I won't get a mighty mouse

    I've tried out my friends mighty mouse on several occasions. It's pretty cool but not what I expected. I think the little ball is crap, it should be alot bigger. Anyways, on to why I won't get it. I currently have a microsoft intelli mouse that I love. It has the usual two buttons, a nice scroll wheel, and two buttons on the side that I programmed to go backward and forward on web pages. I cannot remember the last time a I pressed the back button in my browser. This is my biggest gripe about the mighty mouse. I think the side buttons should be independant and more programmable. I can't stand a mouse that doesn't go back and forth on webpages like mine is programmed to do. That is why I will stick with my mouse and not purchase the mighty mouse.
  8. iBasden


    Let's go ahead and post our docks too, while we're at it!
  9. iBasden

    Looking For iBook SE

    I'm looking for an iBook SE (preferably graphite but lime will do). Minimum of 320 mb of ram, OS 10.0.0 atleast, new battery or one that lasts at least 2 hours. I will pay up to 400 dollars. Thanks
  10. iBasden


    Yeah, I'm obessed. Let's discuss the latest show. If you haven't seen it yet don't read any further. Little side note: The actor that plays Jack Bauer did the voice for that verizon commercial during the show. Anyways. What do y'all think about what happenned in this episode?
  11. iBasden


    Hey guys, as you might have noticed I no longer come to the Maccast forum. So I might come back later, I might not. But the relationships I have developed here will last forever, or at least for a couple years... ;-) Matt Hoult, Jonathon, Matt Torbin, James, and everyone else, I enjoy talking to you guys everyday (or close to it). You guys are great. Everyone else, y'all can find me at iBasden on aim. I'm an insomniac so talk to me at any time lol. Peace!
  12. iBasden


    Hey guys, I've got a bit of a strange request. My iPod headphones just broke and I was wondering if anybody had some extras that they don't use... I have some E3c headphones but sometimes I actually have to hear if someone is yelling at me lol. So if anybody would like to donate some... :-)
  13. iBasden

    should search be working?

    that is so lame. I was just checking to see if anyone else had this problem... bad move apple.
  14. iBasden

    stock market help

    Hey guys, my school has set up an online virtual stock market (everything is real except we are obviously not using realy money). I have a basic knowledge of the stock market but was wondering if someone could explain the finer details to me and give me some pointers and advice. You can reach me at iBasden on AIM. THANKS!
  15. If you're using a mac, you're safe :-)
  16. iBasden

    CCPMUG's September To Remember!

    you pay for the plane ticket and I'll be there ;-)
  17. iBasden

    dual monitor trouble

    I got it fixed, just used a different cable. Thanks
  18. iBasden

    dual monitor trouble

    I downloaded a patch from this website: http://www.rutemoeller.com/mp/ibook/ibook_e.html that lets you use dual monitors on machines that normally don't suppor it. Well, I tried it out and I am not even able to mirror my display. In system profiler it says I am not connected to a display, but I am. And when I click detect display in systempref, the screen pops up on the other display and flickers for a few moments then goes black. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks EDIT: okay, so basically I have this monitor plugged in, but it is not being recognized. When I click detect display in syspref my computer stops working for a second (detecting display), and the monitor flickers with the image of my screen, before turning off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. iBasden

    dual monitor trouble

    yep, tried both.
  20. iBasden

    The ultimate Mac collection

    what a prick. no wonder I can't find any old macs to buy ;-) He should give me some.
  21. iBasden

    Your Christmas Wishlist

    hmmm, are all of you guys asking for much more then you well know you will receive, or do you people actually get that much stuff for christmas (mostly directed at the younger users)? For me: A cool citizen watch I found for about 100 and a nice electric razor for 150. And maybe my non immediate family could hook me up with some accessories for my coolpix s6 I'll have by then ;-)
  22. iBasden

    right ram

    I'm about to buy a 512MB PC133 133Mhz SDRAM DIMM ram upgrade. I just wanted to make sure that's what I need for my 1ghz emac. Thanks
  23. iBasden

    august customisation

    Dude, just google it or something.
  24. iBasden

    who has this screename?

    nope, but I think you just set them up for a load of spam!
  25. iBasden

    My Mac Setup

    eMac, un-named pc for gaming, creature II speakers, philips magnavox, iPAQ Pocket PC 2002. 100% more ghetto than Max's :-P That desk is way too clean dude.