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  1. how long is the mac book pro's battery life is? i was going to ask when i went a week ago but i forgot...
  2. falconer33

    iPod case

    i bought a new ipod case. the guy i talked to at the apple store said the case was good but is it really as good as he said? http://speckproducts.com/vid-toughskin.html i got the black one.
  3. falconer33

    Digital Camera?

    i would say the canon powershot s2is because it is like a digital slr; it takes fast pictures and it is 5 megapixel
  4. falconer33

    PowerMac G4 with Radeon 7500

    here it is http://reviews.cnet.com/Install_a_blazing_..._7-6229354.html
  5. falconer33

    PowerMac G4 with Radeon 7500

    there was a video at cnet.com how to replace a graphics card. lemme find the link
  6. falconer33

    Wish list for MacTel (Intel based) Laptop

    i would change the 3g network to verizon (Cingular's coverage sucks), the pc card should stay, and 8 hour battery life ( 6 hours is .5 more hours than the current 15 inch powerbooks
  7. falconer33

    This Powerbook configuration.

    PowerBook 15" 1.67GHz SuperDrive SuperDrive DL (DVD+RW/CD-RW) Backlit Keyboard/Mac OS - U.S. English 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 - 1 SO-DIMM AirPort Extreme Card & Bluetooth 100GB Ultra ATA drive @ 7200 rpm get 1 memory module
  8. ive found one, but i dont know if i want it http://speckproducts.com/vid-skintight.htm
  9. falconer33

    Great new iPod nano case

    this one is better http://www.iwoodnano.com/
  10. falconer33

    i got an ipod yesterday

    actually its a hanukkah present, not a christmas. hanukkah starts on the night of the 25
  11. falconer33

    ideal intel Mac

    apples laptops will use a low power 2.16GHz intel processor that will be fully dual core by the end of 2006
  12. falconer33

    i got an ipod yesterday

    yeah, i have mario kart. its awesome i like nintendo and apple.yeah i wish it was a game with online chat
  13. falconer33

    i got an ipod yesterday

    its a thirty gig black but i dont get to open it yet i got it at an apple store. it is my first apple product. i also got my first cell phone
  14. falconer33

    best apple product

    but Mac OS X still scratches easily
  15. falconer33

    should i get an ipod or a digital camera

    well, ill go for the ipod because my family has 3 digital cameras which there are 2 that i can use. the two that i can use are both the canon powershot sd300(4 mega pixel)