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    One Library to rule them all

    I think the idea here is to create multiple editable libraries... at least that was my goal. Unfortunately, sharing won't do that.
  2. Jack LaCorte

    One Library to rule them all

    I've used Martian Slingshot and it simply doesn't work. I ended up dealing with Slingshot seeing files that weren't there and giving me inaccurate information, and not syncing all the files over because it thought the client library was larger than the server library... very frustrating? I even contacted Martian about this and they never got back to me. Way too glitchy. I resorted to copy and paste of the entire library, sharing the iTunes folder of the machine I initially add files to with all the other computers on my network, and then when I add a file, I open the newly added file in iTunes at all the other computers I wish to have this file. Clunky but it's consistent and it works and I can be confident that I really do have the files in both places since iTunes will play it automatically once it's successfully copied.
  3. Jack LaCorte

    Western Digital RAID drives

    I"m not sure if all dual-drive WD drives are like this across the board, but just as an FYI for the community, if you have one of those drives that use two 500GB drives to give you either a 1TB drive or a mirrored 500GB drive, go with the mirrored. I ran into an issue where the drive becomes unusable if a file is written across both drives. (I couldn't even reformat it and neither could my manager as I work in IT). Of course there is no way to keep the drive from writing the file across both physical drives since the drive recognizes it as one volume. I had to have it replaced by WD and am now using it as a 500GB RAID. I also just had a single-drive WD MyBook die on me as well with extremely slow write speed and am waiting for that replacement drive. Starting to question to Western Digital brand.
  4. Hello, When I plug in any USB thumb drive, my Mac Pro immediately reacts by kernel panicking. Because of the kernel panic, I am having a difficult time isolating the console message that relates to this error. In order to jailbreak my iPhone v 2.2.1, I copied the contents of kernel_debug_kit_10.5.5_9f33.dmg to my hard drive which also caused a kernel panic. I removed those files and then installed iousbfamily315.4.1log.dmg which did successfully jailbreak my phone, but I can't help but think something with those two downloads messed something up. If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm completely stumped! Regards, Jack
  5. Jack LaCorte

    Backup Data Stored on Time Capsule Drive

    Okay so my way didn't work because the connection to the server was interrupted. Now I have a new problem. How to I keep Time Capsule from disrupting the connection long enough to sync 300 gigs!?
  6. Jack LaCorte

    Backup Data Stored on Time Capsule Drive

    Thank you very much for the reply. I will look into that program. In the mean time, I have generated a folder action script in Automator that includes a folder sync action I downloaded from unofficialtech.com that runs whenever someone adds or deletes content to the "music" folder. I, however, am not sure just how reliable this is going to be so I am looking for a plan B. Thanks again!
  7. Hello, I use my Time Capsule hard drive to store the "music" folder that is accessed by multiple iTunes libraries on multiple computers on my home network. My media collection has grown to well over 300 GB and I really need to back this stuff up. I have attached a 1TB USB drive to Time Capsule and am now looking for a good backup solution that will automatically copy the "music" folder from the Time Capsule hard drive to the USB drive so whenever I buy a new song from iTunes and it downloads to the Time Capsule hard drive, that song will also be copied over to the USB drive, automatically mirroring the data on my Time Capsule drive. Any thoughts on a polished way to do this? Thank you all very much! -Jack LaCorte