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    Enable Folder Actions

    I have NEVER done anything with folder actions. Does this do what I think it could do? I have a folder with just misc. files. I want it to upload itself to a folder on my website everytime I add or delete a file inside the folder. Is there a way to train the folder to upload all changes whenever there is a change. Right now I am just running an AM fetch mirror and a PM fetch mirror. i would like to be able to tell my wife to drag a file to the folder and presto chango I can access the file from work. ps I do not have .mac kevin
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    Watch the Rapidweaver video here: http://donmc.libsyn.com/
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    Enhaced Podcast iPod Crash Workaround

    I know this is a pain on the iPod lockup problem. This is how I handled it. (Past tense because I used this 'hack' and the problem went away after a few weeks.) It seemed to only 'deep sleep' when I paused "bookmarkable" files. (ie Podcasts) I made a Playlist with one short song inside. When ever I was going to leave the iPod for a while, I would "Menu" out and find that "single song' playlist. I would play that song and let the iPod go to sleep. It would play on out and go to sleep. But it would never "deep sleep' after I played the single song. AND all my bookmarks on the podcasts would still be there.
  4. I just downloaded Mac the Ripper. I "ripped" a movie and now have a folder on my desktop with the movie inside. (or other wierd files) What do I do? How can I get them onto my own DVD? Thanks Kevin OSX 10.3.9
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    After Mac the Ripper...then what

    Do I image the folder? I have a folder and inside of it I have the video TS.
  6. pezduh

    After Mac the Ripper...then what

    Ok, How do I create a create a new disk image?
  7. pezduh

    After Mac the Ripper...then what

    I see that Toast cost a bit more than I am willing to pay. Any share/freeware options?