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    Is it legal to sell my Aperture software?

    I want to purchase Aperture. How much do you want for your copy?
  2. cavanaughphoto

    Safari Pop Up blocker question

    As far as I know there is no way to accept pop-ups from certain sites.
  3. cavanaughphoto

    Free wifi

    If you can find a Panera Bread just about all of them have free wifi (as well as good coffee). http://www.panerabread.com/ BTW, I have found that the website isn't always up to date with their wifi locations. If you find a location nearby but it's not listed as a hotspot you may want to call them and ask. I have found that oftentimes a location does have wifi even if it's not listed on the site.
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    I do not have one but my brother does and he absolutely loves it. He's using it with his MacBook Pro running Windows via Parallels. I got to play around with it a little and from what I saw it works great. I was really impressed. If I get to spend a little more time with it soon I'll post any other thoughts that I might have.
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    is it worth getting a .mac account?

    I agree with work and turn that it depends on your needs. My wife and I own a wedding photography business. We have three macs here at the office and two photographers that also have macs. The ability to sync and publish iCal calendars to the web has proven to be invaluable for us. I can add or delete events and be sure that everyone is kept up to speed. I've heard of third party apps that will essentially do the same thing but I find it hard to believe that it would happen as easily or be as tightly integrated with Apple's core apps. Also, one of my photographers designs wedding albums for us. We use my iDisk to transfer files to and from each other. .Mac has made what used to be a very daunting task automatic and painless. For my needs the $99 price tag is a bargain.
  6. cavanaughphoto

    Combination iPod Dock and Toilet Paper Roll

    They should have called it the iPoop! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Get it? iPoop instead of iPod? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am sooo freaking hilarious!
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    Automator action to preview and add font?

    BTW, if you're looking for some great free retro fonts check out http://www.girlswhowearglasses.com/. good luck again.
  8. cavanaughphoto

    Automator action to preview and add font?

    Neil, I don’t know of an automator action that will do what you want but I think I might be able to help. Linotype Fontexplorer X is a great free font management application. You can download it at http://www.linotype.com/fontexplorerX. When you download it for the first time it will ask you if you want to copy your fonts to the FontExplorer X library. I did and have no regrets but you may want to make sure that it's right for you before you do that. When it comes to reviewing fonts before you install them FontExplorer doesn't let you do that exactly but essentially you can accomplish the same thing. I'll explain. When you are in FontExplorer go to File>Import Fonts. A window will appear that will allow you to choose your font folder. At the bottom of the window you will see three options. "Import into Library", "Import into new set", "and import into selected set." Select "Import into new set and click the "Import" button. Next you will see you new set in the FontExplorer sidebar. None of the fonts will be activated. From here you can review each font and activate it or delete it Unfortunately though simply pressing the delete key will not remove the font from the library, only from that set. If you want to remove it entirely right (or control) click on the font and you will have the option to move the font to the trash. It may be simpler to leave the fonts deactivated though. You never know when one might come in handy. I hope this helps. Good luck! CP
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    Network eject button

    I don't know. I've wondered the same thing myself.
  10. cavanaughphoto

    How my Mac saved a wedding . . . sort of

    Wow. I wasn't expecting my story to spark such controversy. My PowerBook does have an s-video output but they did not have an s-video cable hence the need for the adapter. Also, I agree that the video issue on the PC was somewhat related to the user but Windows does not make using multiple displays easy. When I had a PC I didn't understand how to do 10% of the stuff that I know how to do on my Mac (including mirroring or extending a desktop). Does that make me stupid? Possibly, but I have done one thing that was very smart, (besides marrying my wife). I bought a Mac.
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    How my Mac saved a wedding . . . sort of

    I make my living as a wedding photographer and was on a gig a couple of weeks ago. A friend of the bride and groom had put together a DVD "reflections" slideshow to be played at the reception. They had set up the screen and projector but they couldn't get the bride's PC laptop to recognize the video projector. After several minutes, a couple of reboots and a second pc laptop (which was missing DVD player software) I offered my 15-inch PowerBook, (thank goodness I had an s-video to composite adapter in my case). I plugged in my PowerBook, went to the displays drop down menu, clicked on "detect displays" and voilà!! We were in business. As the slideshow played I leaned over to the DJ, who had told me earlier that he had been considering a Mac, and said, " Dude, you need a Mac." He responded, "I was just thinking the same thing." And there's yet another reason why I love my Mac. Ken
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    Sidebar Problem

    This a shot in the dark but you may want to try creating and alias and putting it on your desktop (or somewhere else for that matter) and dragging that to the sidebar. Like I said. It's a shot in the dark. Good luck!
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    Check out my blog

    Great looking site!
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    Sidebar Problem

    Does the external HD show up or do you need to drag that to the sidebar as well?
  15. cavanaughphoto

    .Mac syncing issues

    I figured it out. Never mind.
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    .Mac syncing issues

    Since about the time I ran the 10.4.6 update I have been unable to sync calendars and contacts via .Mac. I have three Macs that share info and none of them are able to succesfully connect to the .Mac server. This is the mesaage that I get Has anyone else experienced or have any suggestions? I'd apprecaite any help. Thanks in advance! CP
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    New Mac Ads

    I caught a new Mac ad while watching 24 this evening. Apparently a different one ran during Prison Break as well. Here are the links to the ads on YouTube: Edit - There are actually six ads in total and they're on Apple's website: http://www.apple.com/getamac/
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    Funny stuff!
  19. cavanaughphoto

    Media preferences

    Movie - That's a tough one. I'll give you some of my favs. LOTR Trilogy (That's three) The Shawshank Redemption The Apostle Mission Impossible (Even though Tom Cruise is a nut) Empire Strike Back Song - Even tougher but I really dig Nickel Creek, Switchfoot, and Jars of Clay. Game - Ace Combat series TV Show - 24
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    cannot upload my pictures in iweb 1.01

    What kinds of errors?
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    Goodbye Front Row Enabler

    Sorry it took so long to post this. Here goes . . 1. I downloaded Front Row updater 1.2.1. I then mounted the disk image and copied the .pkg file to my desktop. 2. I ran Front Row Enabler and clicked the "Enable Front Row installation" button. (I believe this is where I went wrong the first time. I ran the enabler BEFORE downloading FR updater and copying it to the desktop). 3. Next I ran the Front Row updater .pkg file. Once the installation was complete I rebooted my machine. 4. I ran Front Row Enabler again and this time I clicked the "Enable Front Row" button. I rebooted my machine again. (I did not just simply log out). 5. When my machine rebooted Front Row was working flawlessly. I immediately went into System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse > Keyboard shortcuts and checked the shortcut for FR. I believe the default is command (apple) escape. To expound on something I mentioned in step two I think my problems arose because I ran FRE twice. Once before putting the FR updater on my desktop and then running it a second time afterwards because of an error message I got the first time I ran it. If you do run into trouble running the 10.4.5 combo updater should set everything back the way it should be. Let me know how it works. Good luck!
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    Goodbye Front Row Enabler

    Adam talked about Front Row Enabler in his latest (and an earlier) podcast. I went to Andrew Escobar's website and it seems that Apple has shut the project down. I was able to find it on a mirror through majorgeeks.com but with no instructions on how to set it up. If anyone has installed it and can remember how they did it I'd appreciate any help you could give. Here's the link at majorgeeks.com if anyone is interested: http://mac.majorgeeks.com/download5128.html And here's the posting regarding Front Row Enabler on Andrew Escobar's website: http://www.andrewescobar.com/archive/2006/...08/apple-legal/
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    AppZapper for free!!

    Hey all, MacZOT is running an AppZapper promotion. If 259 people blog about it today they will be giving it away for free!! Whadda deal! http://maczot.com/
  24. cavanaughphoto

    Software recommendation: WhatSize

    Thanks Christian. I almost bought OmniDiskSweeper but this does the same thing and it's free! What a deal!!
  25. cavanaughphoto

    Goodbye Front Row Enabler

    I have to eat my words from earlier. I said that I wouldn't try to run Front Row Enabler again and I wasn't going to . . . until I tried Front Row on an iMac in CompUSA. Yes MediaCentral has most of the functionality of Front Row, (as well as a few features that Front Row doesn't), but it doesn't do that groovy, swirly thing that Front Row does. And I NEEEDED the groovy, swirly thing doggone it! So against my better judgment, (and after backing everything up), I ran the Enabler again and whadda ya know? It worked!!! I figured out what I did wrong the first time around. If anyone's interested in what I did differently the second time around let me know and I’ll post some instructions here.