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    iPhone Bluetooth Headset

    i agree that it looks like it would fall out. The earbuds that come with the iPods fallout of my ears too. i like headphones that wrap around the ear to keep them from falling off so much.
  2. UPDATE. After more searching a solution was found here: http://www.macfixitforums.com/showflat.php...=31&fpart=1 The short version is that the problem seems to effect older laptops with the original airport card. The last software update added an extra file in the extensions folder that needed to be deleted.
  3. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere on the forum. i searched, but didn't find a topic in three pages. My wife's iBook G3 was recently updated with the latest security patch for 10.3 and since then her airport card is unable to connect to our wireless network after it wakes from sleep. A quick search on the Apple discussion forums offered the following fix: i tried this (my first terminal experience ever) with no results. A few posts down in that thread it's suggested that the "en1" should be replaced with "eth1". Trying that combination yielded an error that there was no such resource as eth1. Seems this is a pretty common problem. Does anyone here have a solution other than restarting all the time?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. These links don't actually describe the same problem she has. Looks like in both cases there are networks listed on the airport menu. When she wakes her iBook from sleep the airport can't find any networks. Restarting works, but that's not practical. i don't think it's the router because i have no trouble connecting with my powerbook.