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    Podcast apps

    I use Downcast and love it. Recently I bought the desktop version, and have completely stopped using iTunes for podcasts entirely. Adam, there is a setting to allow automatic downloads under "Automatic Downloading". Your three options will be "Always", "Never", and "WIFI Only".
  2. Hi, i've searched google, and found several people with the exact same symptoms, but there doesn't seem to be any solutions. I sent an email last night to several people. Many of them are now reporting that they keep receiving the email over and over. One person has now received it six times in the past twelve hours. Checking my sent folder on both the mac and iCloud online the message only appears to have been sent once. Oddly, the same email popped up as a Draft twice last night even after i deleted it. Does any one have an idea how to make this stop or what is causing the problem? According to my searches this has been an issue since 2011 (earliest post i found about this) so i don't believe it to be OS related, but i could be wrong. Thanks in advance.
  3. Ceoltoir

    Mail resends email without prompting.

    UPDATE. In case some one else stumbles on this forum looking for the answer here's what i've found. Going to back to 2005 the solution seems to be to go to your ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Outbox. Go through and delete any messages you see in there in any of the sub folders. As far as i know this cleared the problem for me.
  4. Ceoltoir

    Audio in Video question

    i thought i had asked this a while ago, but i can't find the thread, and i forgot exactly what the cause was. There have been several occasions in which i will have my students compose new soundtracks to existing movies. I use either Soundtrack pro or GarageBand (depending on the age of the students) to strip out the original audio and have them record their own live. In the case of the GarageBand created files an issue crops up when i try to upload to a website in that the original audio returns instead of the new stuff. My workflow is to export the movie to disk as a .mov or .mp4, and on my MPB there are no issues with the audio or video playback. When trying to place the videos on the District's website i need to convert those files to .flv (because i have no idea why. Our host doesn't even recognize .mpeg). i use my Youtube channel to upload the .mov and then download the .flv version. Everytime i upload a video to Youtube the original audio returns. After experimenting i discovered that by opening the .mov or .mp4 made with GarageBand in Soundtrack Pro then saving the file without making changes the new audio stays when uploading. My question is why is this so? Is there something about how GarageBand saves the audio portion of the file that is getting read wrong, and Soundtrack Pro fixes it? Thanks in Advance
  5. i had this exact same problem on my first generation AppleTV. Drove me NUTS. The work around seemed at the time to involve resetting the AppleTV to factory settings. Barring that i wonder if that information is stored in a .plist or other file cache causing them to show up when they don't really exist.
  6. Let me see if I understand. Are you saying there are podcast "ghosts" on the AppleTV of podcasts that aren't anywhere else in the chain?
  7. Ceoltoir

    All browsers continuously crashing 10.3.9

    Bingo! Now i owe you two beers. Many thanks!
  8. i have my hat in hand on this one. i'm out of my league, and need some advice. We have several emacs at work that the tech department absolutely refuses to have anything to do with (long story). Up until now i have been using them for Music creation with my students, and they're great. Fast forward to now, and we need three additional computers in our lab to facilitate mandatory online testing the State is making us do. Since we don't have the PCs available, and it is part of my job to administer the test i suggested we use the extra emacs for the test. The tech guys agreed. i updated the OS to 10.3.9 no trouble. i installed the required browser supplied by NWEA (it's called the lock down browser, and you need it to take the test). i opened the lock down browser. It crashed. i opened safari to look up what the problem might be. It also crashed. Multiple times. i've restarted. Browser crashes. i suspect the cause it the lock down browser screwing something up, but i'm not sure. Below is the crash log. Can anyone please look it over and tell me what the cause might be and if it is possible to fix it? If i can't get the lock down browser to work at least get safari up and running again. Thanks in advance.
  9. Ceoltoir

    All browsers continuously crashing 10.3.9

    Unfortunately the dual upgrade did not actually solve the problem. Tomorrow i'll try installing Firefox and see what happens. Strangest to me is that Safari works great until you try to do a web search. Go direct to any web page, open any link, and it works like a harm. Use the search bar and it crashes. Navigate to goolge.com works. Actually using the search function of google kills it 100% of the time. Am i missing something obvious?
  10. Ceoltoir

    All browsers continuously crashing 10.3.9

    You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Many thanks.
  11. Ceoltoir

    Cannot stop iTunes song

    i've never had a song get stuck on repeat using bluetooth, but once in a while shuffle will get turned on, and needs to manually be turned off. Have you tried disconnecting from the bluetooth and reconnecting?
  12. Ceoltoir

    Looking for a vector drawing program

    i recently saw this on the app store. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/magicplan/id427424432?mt=8 Free and it seems to work really well (haven't played with it too much yet).
  13. Ceoltoir

    Partitioning a back up Drive

    i can't think of why not. i've got a 1T WD drive partitioned for three different computers.
  14. Hi, On the most recent episode there was a question about the podcast app starting to play on its own after receiving an alert to the phone. Adam suggested that it might have something to do with unplugging the cord form the headphone jack to make the iphone stop playing. His fix was to always double tap the home button and pause the recording that way. I can confirm that this fix works. I had the exact same situation as the questioner. Unplugged the 1/8 patch cord int he car to stop playing, received an alert and had the podcast talk form my pocket while teaching. This happened on two occasions. Since i have started pausing the play from the lock screen this has not recurred.
  15. Ceoltoir

    Podcast apps

    What drives me nuts about the Podcast app is that even after listening to every episode of every show and marking them played badges show up the next day that say i have 213 episodes to listen to because it grabs the data going back six months.
  16. This isn't so much a problem as a question to the cause. i have noticed since upgrading to Mountain Lion that scanning time for documents has increased dramatically. Under 10.7 i could scan pages at an average of 22 to 36 seconds per page on an HP laserjet. After upgrading to 10.8 that time has risen to over a minute per page. At first i thought it was because the drivers were outdated, but HP has since issued a 10.8 native installer. i uninstalled the software/drivers, and reinstalled with the upgrade with no change in scanning time. i have already posted on the relevant forums of people in a position to fix this, but have gotten no replies. My question for this community is what causes this? It seems counter-intuitive to me. Any ideas?
  17. Actually i am using another mac to scan. i connect via screen sharing to the Home Theater Mini (living room) and scan in my office for large jobs. i also have a bootable 10.7 drive for other occasions
  18. Thanks. That actually makes a lot of sense to me. i can understand these things take time to work out, and i'm not complaining about the lag or anything. It just seems strange to me that such a seemingly small thing like scanning has dramatically different results with an OS upgrade.
  19. Ceoltoir

    Mountain Lion

    Used my recording rig to try out dictation. Results were moderately better. i noticed that if you try to use vocal pauses such as "ummm" or "ah" it doesn't catch it and they screw up the entire translation around it.
  20. Ceoltoir

    iBook G3 upgrading to Mac OS X

    Fair enough. My defense of John's comment was based solely on the the portion you quoted.
  21. Ceoltoir

    iBook G3 upgrading to Mac OS X

    The technology has change, but how we are using it hasn't changed very much, honestly. Unless there are wireless requirements for hooking up to the internet what you will use a laptop for aren't very different form what you would have used them for 10 years ago.
  22. Ceoltoir

    Mountain Lion

    Built in. i'll try something more robust later today and report back.
  23. Ceoltoir

    iBook G3 upgrading to Mac OS X

    i think what John was getting at with that comment was that the process of teaching and learning hasn't changed much in ten years. You will still have lectures, labs, tests, notes to take, and the rest. The difference now is that the technology used to present (from the teacher) and record (by the student) has changed.
  24. Ceoltoir

    Mountain Lion

    Just tried it for you. So far it doesn't work very well at all. Neither session (i did two) was even close to what i said. The results, however, were pretty funny.