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    Calendar duplicate birthdays

    Right. It fixed itself. Either deleting the calendar data in ~/library or the .plist in ~/library and then restarting did the trick.
  2. Ceoltoir

    Calendar duplicate birthdays

    i've tried googling this, but i'm not sure how to phrase the question to get good results. Perhaps some one here can help. So i had to reinstall my operating system for reasons that i will spare you. i put all my data back via carbon copy, and in the process ended up with duplicate contacts due to the iCloud sync. The result was that all the birthdays in Calendar were doubled as well. i managed to solve the contacts issue by deleting the information on my mac, but in Calendar there are still two "birthday" events that have no name attached. The layout looks like this: Gene Erick's 7th birthday Birthday Birthday The ONLY place this is true in on the Mac. None of my iDevices nor the iCloud website have the extra "Birthday". i've tried deleting the Calendar data and resyncing with iCloud, i've tried deleting the Calendar .plst to no avail. Does anyone have a clue how to get rid of these, please? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ceoltoir

    Mountain Lion

    So far so good. Haven't noticed and glitches with software beyond one annoying thing. My first impressions.... iWork stuff finally works the way i always wanted it. No trouble moving documents between my mac and iCloud. Started a letter on the iPad, finished on the mac and moved it from icloud to the mac without issue. Safari 6 seems quite a bit faster than earlier versions. Going to take some getting used to not seeing a URL and Search box, but that's not a big deal. Logic, Sibelius, and SmartScore don't have any trouble at all. Scanning is the only issue. Just bought an HP laserjet 100 a few weeks ago, and under lion the scanning was really fast. Upgrading to Mountain Lion scanning has slowed to a snail's pace. Hopefully this will work itself out. Actually, in trying to solve the scanner issue i did something stupid, and now i have a clean install of Mac OS, but that's for a different thread.
  4. Ceoltoir

    Mountain Lion

    i bit the bullet last night and downloaded it. i'm willing to guinea pig during my slow season. So far not a bad experience. i'll have all today to try various apps. First impressions... Download took about an hour and a half. Install initially failed with the message "could not be installed because the disk is damaged and could not be repaired". Odd because the drive is new as of last December. i ran tech tool and found nothing wrong. Retried and it installed fine. After install apps ran VERY slow, but this was likely due to Spotlight reindexing. Today there is no performance issue with apps starting slow. Safari seems to load pages slower, but that could be me. Everything else pops up quickly. More as i experiment.
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    Forum Update (2012-05-12)

    Love the new look!
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    Awesome, thanks!
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    Recently i had need to use iMovie for the first time to complete a project at work. We had our First Grade students write digital storybooks as a class, record them reading the book, and compose (improvise) simple melodic fragments to accompany in the back ground. Normally for this type of project i would have used GarageBand or Soundtrack Pro to add the various layers of audio to the video or still pictures. The timeline view for both is perfect for aligning visual changes with audio cues. Unfortunately i wasn't able to use this workflow for two reasons. First, the classroom teachers insisted on having the text as subtitles, and second because i needed to be able to output the finished product as a movie file rather than an enhanced podcast (all the images were still pictures). Therefore i found myself learning how to use new software. Here's my impression... The lack of a proper timeline view in iMovie is the biggest drawback to the software. You have to manually input the amount of time you need each slide to play. Furthermore there is no good way of looking at the audio file and align timing to match waveforms because the imported audio is clipped to match the length of time the still frames take up. After years of audio editing with a variety of software (GarageBand, Logic, Audacity, etc.) this approach to project management seems alien and kludgy to me. Previously i had no experience with the older versions of iMovie so i have no comparison. i remember the keynote where Apple introduced the new iMovie. They claimed it was much more intuitive to use. I did not find that to be the case. Not all the experience was negative, however. Adding titles, and editing the amount of time they were used was very fluid. Once the images and audio were aligned properly adding the text was a breeze. A much better Apple experience. Overall i'd have to say that the experience of learning to use iMovie for the first time was neither intuitive nor easy. If i did not already have a firm background working with software i don't think i could have figured it out. My question is how the interface compares between iMovie and Final Cut. Does the workflow of Final Cut follow the same philosophy as iMovie as GarageBand/Logic does?
  8. Ceoltoir

    Need to design my Garden - simply!

    i use OmniGraffle. It was designed for flow charting, but i've found it works for almost all my design, drawing, layout needs. Well worth the money. http://www.omnigroup.com/omnigraffle
  9. Ceoltoir

    camera -> iPhone -> cloud storage

    The nice thing about Eye-fi is that one of the cards has GPS for geo-tagging (reads local wi-fi networks).
  10. Ceoltoir

    Adobe Creative Suite

    Are the files read only for other users? Meaning. Did the privileges get changed some how to block your partner's access?
  11. Ceoltoir

    Converte multiple files to one

    GarageBand should be able to do it. Dump the individual files into an audio track (real instrument) one at a time. Drag each new file to the tail end of the previous file. Then export the song to either iTunes or disc as you prefer.
  12. Ceoltoir

    Logic Pro issue

    I need some advice from the community. I've been using Logic Pro for a few years now without trouble, but recently It's been behaving weird. I found a solution elsewhere and I am wondering if it will work before I spend the money. My set up: MacBook Pro June '09 2.8Ghz 8Gig Ram Firebox My issue is that when i attempt to playback recorded audio files of my students I am now getting a disk too slow error. Previously this had never happened. I followed Apple's advice and turned off the SMS on the hard drive. This did not resolve the issue. Moving the project files to an external drive allows playback just fine. I would rather not use this solution for reasons I will spare you. I have read that using DiskWarrior to repair the directory or other parts of the drive will solve the problem as well and allow me to continue using the internal drive. Before I drop $100 on software I was wondering if this is true. Does anyone have experience with this? For the record I tried the usual fixes first. Restart, run fewer applications, etc. No good. Here's the odd thing... More complex projects that use several software instruments, effects, and the like play just fine. Only simple 30 second live audio files have trouble. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  13. Ceoltoir

    Logic Pro issue

    OK i THINK i figured it out, and i managed to fix the problem. Here's the story: First, AJA is unable to scan internal drives under Lion so i wasn't able to use that tool. However, during a routine clone CCC gave me errors from the read disk for bad sectors. All the problematic files were audio components of Logic. The OS itself was also beginning to become slow, and cumbersome. Frequent freezes. I picked up a copy of TechToolPro and ran a surface scan of the drive to see how bad the problem was, and found a total of 36 bad sectors on my boot disk. The disk itself passed inspection as did the director and filesystem. There wasn't (to my surprise) all that much fragmentation either. Last weekend i zeroed the drive to map the bad sectors and did a clean install of Lion and the rest of my software. Computer now runs MUCH faster, and Logic is able to record directly to the internal drive again. Thanks again, John, for all your help. I appreciate it.
  14. Ceoltoir

    DVD Rip Help!

    Do you mean... String several clips into one long clip or Rip the entire contents of the DVD including menus and whatnot
  15. Ceoltoir

    Logic Pro issue

    Many many thanks. AppleCare good until July The documentation for AJA System Test says it on;y works if you have the KONA software. Will that matter?
  16. Ceoltoir

    Logic Pro issue

    Well, the math doesn't lie. Breaking down your suggestions... 32 bit mode - i've tried running Logic in 32 and 64 bit mode on three user accounts. Same results. audio interface firmware - hadn't thought of that! Will look for an update now. Benchmark - do you have a suggestion for a tool to do this? SMART - Verified Genius - last resort. i'd like to solve this on my own. new internal - i'm seriously leaning this way. Given the MBP is my work machine that option is going to wait a long while until i have quality time to make sure my workflow isn't screwed up. i'll keep you posted on everything else.
  17. Ceoltoir

    Logic Pro issue

    Thank you once again for your help, John. i owe you a beer or two. i tried your suggestions to no avail. Nothing is running in Rosetta (i'm running Lion). New user showed the same issue. Tried to remove/turn off components with same results. The only thing that works is saving/running project files from an external drive. I have to believe that it is simply a hard drive issue with my start-up disk just not being fast enough to run the OS, the App, AND write live audio. I suspect it has something to do with Lion. This is the first time i've recorded live audio since upgrading. Everything else has been software instruments or pre-recorded audio files. i still might try defragmenting when I get some free time in a couple weeks. Until then I have a work around that is acceptable.
  18. Ceoltoir

    iphone to mac syncing

    Congrats on the new purchase! Even without iTunes Match the items bought on the iPhone should sync over to your Mac when you sync. If you'd rather not take that step you should also be able to download your purchases from within iTunes without syncing the iPhone.
  19. Ceoltoir

    Logic Pro issue

    Thanks, John. Weird thing is i have in the neighborhood of 50% free space. i archive off project files that I know I won't need very often (if at all) at the end of the year. Could the drive simply be slowing down? It is only a 5400, but it is almost three years old.
  20. Ceoltoir

    How was your iCloud?

    After a little bit of time I've made some more observations concerning iCloud. Overall very good with a very glaring hole. Photo Stream - Love it! I could sometimes take me weeks to pull the photos from my iPhone. Having them show up without effort is great. Haven't yet had a problem with it *knock on wood*. Reminders/Calendar/email/Address - Also love it. I was using these services already, and the addition of To Do items (reminders) is a long time coming for me. I like the seamless ability to create and edit To Dos across whatever device happens to be in my hand. iBookmarks - Never thought I'd use it, but came in handy today. Pretty cool. Documents in the Cloud - Sucks. Completely. What I had hoped it would do is what they advertised. I can handle the non-syncing with my Mac, but when I do upload files and try to use them across devices Apple deletes them within a day. I'd love to be able to create a rehearsal plan in pages, send it to the cloud, read it form my iPhone while at rehearsal, make notes in the document about things we need to concentrate on the next week, and have those sync back to the cloud. Similarly I'd like to have all my devices have the updated copy of the Music Library Inventory spreadsheets. If they go to iCloud they're going to be toast. Looks like i'll stick with Dropbox and at least be able to read the files at rehearsal (editing would be nice though).
  21. Ceoltoir

    Extract Audio from a Quicktime File

    GarageBand will also strip out audio form a video file. Open the the file in GB, highlight and copy the audio file. Open a new GB project. Paste the audio. As far as removing talking and leaving music there is no perfect system, but the Karaoke plugin for Audacity works pretty OK. Not perfect.
  22. Ceoltoir

    Podcasts there but not

    hmmm. It was a weirrd glitch. Since it had never happened before I just presumed it was wi-fi related. I wonder how common it is.
  23. Ceoltoir

    Podcasts there but not

    My best guess was that something got goofy during the copy part over wi-fi. Was a minor burp that self corrected.
  24. Ceoltoir

    Podcasts there but not

    Happened to me last week one day. The on;y thing that worked was to sync via usb to actually get them on the device.
  25. Ceoltoir

    How was your iCloud?

    Smooth as silk. The iPhone coughed once, but fixed itself on a restart.