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    iTunes 10.5 DJ

  2. Ceoltoir

    iCloud and photos

    Tested it today and worked like a charm.
  3. Ceoltoir

    iOS5 - Do you have it, does it work?

    Digging iOS5 so far. 1. Love the wireless sync. This might be my favorite feature. 2. Reminders is awesome. Syncing to dos have been a real pain to me. Previously i've been using a different app that required a whole different set of calendars just for to do items. Clunky. i'm also liking the GPS reminders feature. had fun playing with them yesterday. 3. Haven't played with the new camera yet, but i have been looking forward to the quick jump from the home screen to the camera, and the new shutter button. Husker, i believe that the message app will automatically send as imessage unless the receiver is not on an iOS device. That's the impression i got from poking around in the setting tab for it on the iPhone. My question is notifications. i remember from the keynote way back when that you were supposed to be able to clear out notifications without going into the individual apps. Haven't figured out how yet.
  4. Ceoltoir

    iTunes 10.5 DJ

    Seems to work fine for me. Sorry.
  5. Ceoltoir

    Migrate MS Office 2011 templates

    Been awhile since i've used the MS Office suite, but i believe those templates live in the library. Try looking here: ~/library/application support/Microsoft Office/Word/templates
  6. Ceoltoir

    Adding CD Track Markers in Garageband

    Is the silence part of the track itself? That is if the song is actually 2:00 of sound does the track continue to 2:04 before changing over? If so the problem could be that one of the tracks is four seconds longer than the rest. Even though it is muted when you export a different track GarageBand might be using the time of the longest track complete with silence.
  7. Ceoltoir


    That makes sense. I looked again at the cost of the Pro versions for the Mac and the iPhone versions ($14.99 for Mac, and $4.99 for iPhone). The iPad pricing is right there int he middle.
  8. Ceoltoir


    I've been using the Mac version of NetNewsWire for years. Recently I downloaded it for my iPhone so i could get RSS on the go. Yesterday I figured why not put in on my iPad as well. The iPhone version I downloaded, however, looked bad, and didn't scale so I went looking for a native iPad version. It was at this point that I discovered the iPad version was $10. Both the Mac and iPhone versions are ad supported which is great. I find it odd that the iPad version would be the only paid version. Does any one else find that odd, or is there an obvious reason I'm not thinking of?
  9. Ceoltoir

    Google Plus?

    OK. Good deal.
  10. Ceoltoir

    Google Plus?

    i believe it's open now so you won't need an invite. If i'm wrong shoot me a PM, and i'll send you and invite.
  11. Thanks! Now, how do i explain that to my older brother. lol
  12. The default behavior for Safari used to be that the preference pane opened to the general tab. Since the update to 5.1 it now default opens to the Privacy tab. Is there a way to make it open to general again? Thanks!
  13. Ceoltoir

    who is getting a new kitty?

    What bugs do you speak of?
  14. Ceoltoir

    ipod touch heat damage

    i wouldn't take the risk. The inside air of the car is going to get really close to the upper limits of the environmental requirements. That's just me.
  15. Ceoltoir

    WWDC 2011; What did you think?

    i'd hope so. The more i think about the iCloud service the more i wonder about customization for each device.
  16. Ceoltoir

    WWDC 2011; What did you think?

    Here's another thought i had today. How will we manage our music collections with this new cloud system. Let's say i buy in, and have my library either matched or uploaded (because i do have some obscure stuff). Later i decide i don't want a particular song or album in my collection anymore because i never listen to it. i wonder how hard it will be to delete those tracks from my iTunes match without them continuously re downloading.
  17. Ceoltoir

    WWDC 2011; What did you think?

    i agree the App Store only download has me concerned if only for the clean install option. i wonder what new macs will ship with now. The iCloud syncing for things on my iDevices also has me wondering. i have a lot more music than i have space on my iPhone. At the same time i don't like to have everything on every device. My iPd serves a completely different purpose than my iPhone, and doesn't need all the same apps. i wonder how easy it will be to select what gets synced to each device. Lastly my concern with cloud computing is bandwidth. When i am at home with a wi-fi connection i don't much care how fast things go back and forth. On the go i'd hate to see all my bandwidth for the month get sucked away the first time i sync a document through iCloud. Worse if there is no local copy of a document, and there is a continuous data connection.
  18. Ceoltoir

    New Server

    It even has that new server smell! mmmmmmmm.
  19. Ceoltoir

    Welcome to Automator

    Any time
  20. Ceoltoir

    Welcome to Automator

    Probably. i was using an automator script to condense several key folders into zip files and upload them to iDisk automatically. The key was an add on script for automator that would get smart folder contents. You can find it here... http://automatorworld.com/archives/get-smart-folder-contents/ Because i was working with some larger files, and the upload time to iDisk was long i was having them zipped. You could probably get away with not zipping the files.
  21. Ceoltoir

    DisplayName.plist file opening on boot

    Is it listed in the login items list under accounts in System Preferences? Path: System Preferences-Accounts-Login Items
  22. Ceoltoir

    Podcasting Technical Audio routing issue...

    Thanks for the correction. i have Audio Hijack Pro, and that's not what i was thinking of. Checking the website i was thinking of [WireTap Anywhere. If i read the description correctly it should be able to handle routing whatever to where ever.
  23. Ceoltoir

    Podcasting Technical Audio routing issue...

    Nice setup, John. Shouldn't SoundBoard be able to take the place of the analog mixer? If not i believe there is an Ambrosia solution that would.
  24. Ceoltoir

    Address Book: Print to a specific label

    Avery has a free program that will print to a specific spot on the page, but i don't believe it integrates with Address Book.
  25. Ceoltoir

    Best program and format for a DVD rip

    Thanks for the update. What i did when i tested it was to do a full rip without compression, and ended up with about a 6gig file that was a DVD player file (or some such file type). It played fine with the DVD app, but when i tried to copy it to an external drive i got errors to the effect of something was wrong with the file. i'll try the disk again with the setting you used and see if that makes a difference.