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  1. Ceoltoir

    Suggestions for full-time Adam

    Great ideas! More software reviews would be a great way for the community to discover gems they might not otherwise be aware of.
  2. Ceoltoir

    iDVD help

    Awesome, thanks!
  3. Ceoltoir

    iDVD help

    OK folks, i need some advice. i'm trying to make DVDs of some old home movies that i recorded new audio commentary for of my parents. i'd like to give them out at Christmas. i mixed the new audio onto ripped version of the movies, and i'm in the process of burning the new version using iDVD. What i am wondering is if i make this one new copy if it is possible to then copy that as a disc image and burn more copies quicker complete with the menus and such. i don't think i'll have enough time to make as many as i need with as long as the iDVD process takes.
  4. Ceoltoir

    Maccast Forum Upgrade

    LOVE the new look. Very chic.
  5. Ceoltoir

    New Mac User.... Need Suggestions

    i second the Notebook suggestion. i've been using it for years and it is by far the best organizational/writing/note taking software out there. You might also look into Evernote. i have no experience, but i've heard it is very solid.
  6. Once you set the desired performance/battery life chipset it will always boot to that set until changed. That is to say if you set the graphics to "better performance" your computer will need to reboot, and then will remain with that chipset every time you reboot after that until the preference is changed.
  7. Ceoltoir

    iPhone 3.1 software update - major problems

    i wondered about that too, Graham. Here in the States AT&T was blaming their network problems on iPhones.
  8. Ceoltoir

    iPhone 3.1 software update - major problems

    i've got a 16GB 3G (no s). 3.1 didn't bring comas, but i lose the ability to connect to the data network several times a day. Also seems to be a well know problem according to the Apple website. A restart usually fixes the problem. Battery life is unchanged.
  9. Ceoltoir

    Columns in word. Deadline tomorrow. Help?

    Apple Geek is correct. You can make part of a document a different number of columns by selecting that portion and changing the number of columns. You can try adding a page, selecting the new page and lowering the number of columns or make a new document and cut/paste from scratch into the form you want it.
  10. Ceoltoir

    Included Firewire 800->400 cable..

    i imagine it would work with any device, but i'm no expert.
  11. Ceoltoir

    Problems with playlist

    Does sound like a weird bug, Kim. i noticed that after upgrading to 3.x playlists that used to be at the top (starting with * or !) are now at the bottom. Only happens on the iPhone. Never iTunes or my iPod.
  12. Ceoltoir

    Problems with playlist

    Very strange. My best guess is that it has something to do with the podcasts moving list position. i can't understand why it would be this way, but have you tried to set up the playlist so that the position in the list doesn't change? Does it do this, for example, if the podcast is in a playlist all by itself (or in in small group?)
  13. i got about 8 gigs back. i've got a fairly new system.
  14. Ceoltoir

    Cocktail and Snow Leopard

    Thanks, that's actually my plan (learn a few more automator script tricks), and just get cocktail when it updates. In fact, i just finished upgrading my system to SL now.
  15. Ceoltoir

    Cocktail and Snow Leopard

    i'm interested in getting a few opinions on this issue. i have used Cocktail for years for system maintenance, and love how well it works. While making sure my favorite software was SL compatible i discovered that Cocktail is not yet ready yet, and no date has been given for the update. My question for the group is if you use Cocktail (or Onyx for that matter) will the lack of SL support cause you to delay upgrading to SL, or do you plan to just go head and install then wait for the update. i'm a bit on the fence on this one. On the one hand i don't absolutely need Cocktail, but on the other i perform regular maintenance tasks daily, weekly, and monthly.
  16. Ceoltoir

    Problems with playlist

    i've had the same experience as Graham on this one. When i have listened to a partial podcast on my iPhone or iPod then sync to the computer the play point is always synced over as well. Typically i'll start a podcast in the car on the way home, and finish at my computer after a sync. The only times i've noticed the iPhone losing its place in a playlist is either after a sync, or after a full charge (even that is rare).
  17. Ceoltoir

    Snow Leopard ?

    You almost think there has to be that option. One thing touted at the Keynote was that they trimmed a lot of stuff out of Snow Leopard from Leopard that was taking up space. If you have to have Leopard installed anyway you aren't really saving any gigs of hard drive.
  18. Ceoltoir

    Can't get apple tv to read new dvd

    What settings did you use with Handbreak to rip the DVD? If you used the default settings the ATV doesn't seem to like it. There is an Apple Universal setting that will allow it to work on all Apple devices. i've had the same issue previously.
  19. Ceoltoir


    And if you do a clean install (erase) make sure you have a backup or two of your personal data (iTunes, iPhoto, etc.)
  20. Ceoltoir

    Remove Vocal Tracks

    OK, take two. i used to use a piece of software called Audion that would remove vocals. The sound comes out a bit garbled to my ears, but i didn't hear any voices at the end. Haven't used it in a very long time so i can't say how well it will work for you. You can find it here. https://www.panic.com/audion/index.html
  21. Ceoltoir

    Remove Vocal Tracks

    Depending on how the original track was recorded it may or may not work. There are instructions here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/help/faq?s...i=remove-vocals Basically you are going to end up removing the lower (right) channel using the above method. If the quality isn't what you are looking for you can also try searching for the instrumental version of the same song. Sometimes these exist already. Please let me know how well that works for you.
  22. Ceoltoir

    forum comments

    i haven't experienced any change in battery life since upgrading to 3.0.
  23. Ceoltoir

    Selective Calendar Sync

    i'm trying to figure out how to sync only certain calendars via mobile me. i currently sync between my iPhone, my new MacBook Pro (main computer) and an old Powerbook G4. One of the calendars i have set up is for daily scripts such as archiving and uploading certain files to my mobile me as a back up every day. Obviously i don't need/want those non-existent files to be uploaded from the powerbook. Is there a way to exclude that calendar from syncing via mobile me? i'd like all the other events to sync.
  24. If i had been faster on the draw i'd have recommended what everyone already did. INstead i'll add that i recently upgraded from a Powerbook G4 15" to a Macbook Pro 15" a few weeks ago. i used the above suggestions and was up and rolling without any trouble at all.
  25. Ceoltoir

    Software Update & 10.5.7

    i had the same problem when i updated a few weeks ago. A little digging around and i learned that it is actually quite common. My solution was to wait for it to freeze, do a hard restart, and everything was fine. Still running 10.5.7 weeks later with no crashes or troubles. i get the impression that it actually installs, but gets stuck telling you.