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  1. I've searched the Google for a solution to this, but everything I have found is either not answered, doesn't work, or is for the iOS contacts app.  Here's the issue.


    I've recently added a work contact from our work email (office 365.com) to my exchange account.  This person is listed as a contact on the office365 website.  The contact immediately showed up on my iPhone and iPad under contacts.  This person is not, however, showing up on my Mac.  I've tried turning mail, calendar, and contacts off under system settings AND in the Contacts app to no avail.  Any suggestions? 

  2. YES!


    I ran into the exact same problem when Notebook stopped working on High Sierra.  There isn't anything that works just like Notebook, but the alternative I found worked the best for me was Outline https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/outline-your-digital-notebook/id604802021?mt=12 


    Not as full featured in terms of fonts, etc, but it's the closest I found that uses tabs and sections the way I prefer.  Best of all you can import your Circus Ponies Notebook files as well.





  3. I'll be spending several weeks in China this Summer.  Any advice on traveling with a laptop?  Is it worth taking or just stick to iPads and iPhones?  What can I expect at customs going and coming?  Thanks in advance.

  4. I've noticed this increasing the past month or so.  Syncing my iPhone 6 with iTunes used to have a handful (maybe three) songs that wouldn't be updated in iTubes after listening to them all the way through on the phone.  Within the past month that has increased to whole albums many of which used to sync play dates and play counts fine.  Has anyone else noticed this or know of a fix?  Annoying as hell.

  5. Recently I had an experience using both the current iOS and OS X versions of iMovie for a project at work. The experience in usability between the two was night and day. As a bit of background I do not typically use video editing software beyond converting from format to another. The few times I do need to work with video I prefer GarageBand 6(? the one before 10) as I am likely adding audio to the file.


    The project we wanted to do involved shooting video of our students modeling various correct behaviors, and later adding a voice over describing the events. There were four videos we wanted to produce.


    iOS Version

    The first three videos needed to be shot and voiced over. I used my iPad Air running iOS 8 and the current iMovie for iOS. The process was simple. We first shot our videos, and then removed the audio form each and recorded the voice over using the built in microphone. This was the first time I'd ever used iMovie for iOS, and the controls, workflow, and figuring out how to combine everything was extremely simple and easy. Combined all three videos took less than 20 minutes even with re-recording voice overs to fit better.


    OS X Version

    The last video already existed from a previous year, but we wanted to add a voice over to improve the quality of sound. This version of iMovie was TERRIBLE to work with. Importing the video wasn't intuitive, once I added it to the project parts of the video were missing (either the beginning or end of the clip were cut off), and just getting the playhead to move to various parts of an ugly mess. After 25 minutes we decided to give up and just reshoot the whole damn thing.



    While the iOS version of iMovie was excellent for editing video the desktop counterpart was a complete nightmare. It was so bad I wonder if they out sourced coding of iMovie for OS X to Microsoft because it surely doesn't match the easy of use of ANY other Mac production software I've ever used.

  6. Thanks again. Do you know if the caddy you linked to will enable the MBP to use an external superdrive? I was looking at this.




    Also, the price seems right for this SSD. Do you have an opinion on the quality of it?




    I was also looking at this one.



  7. I noticed that in most playlists the "View Options" is greyed out in the View Menu. I discovered a trick to allow you to customize the view options anyway.


    If you right-click on the Metadata bar (the one that includes song name, artist, etc) you will be given a menu that allows you to select and deselect which metadata fields you would like to see displayed.

  8. I posted this on the Google+ page, but I'd like to get a variety of opinions on the subject, and there wasn't much traffic there.


    I am Looking for some advice on a MacBookPro. My main work machine is a mid2009 MBP maxed out to 8GB of ram and a 512GB Hard Drive. I am running the most current version of OSX Yosemite. The heavy lifting is audio recording/editing with some video work thrown in. It is starting to show it's age with slow loading of some applications, the occasional video issue when playing a particular game (the Lego series is a weakness), and I'm beginning to get down to roughly 50GB of storage space left.

    I did a clean install of the OS and applications when Yosemite came out, and I regularly perform the maintenance tasks such as repairing permissions, clearing the log and cache files, etc. I am thinking about replacing the current hard drive with a larger SSD, and moving the current hard drive over to the optical drive bay.

    What I'd like opinions on is what kind of performance boast can i expect. I know things will load faster and what not, but are the memory (8GB) and video cards going to be able to keep up with software and OS upgrades coming out the next few years? Is this a worth while idea or should I consider replacing the machine entirely with a newer model?

    Thanks in advance!