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    Sharing iTunes on a School Network

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not really sure this will work - I've never done anything like it. Does this mean I would have to take the several hundred files and add tags etc. to turn them into 'podcasts'? How would chapters of books work? What about books without chapters? Would each book be a separate podcast or would the whole 'library' be one? As I say I'm not sure where to even start to figure out the practicality of this suggestion. Anyone care to comment?
  2. Hi All, I am a teacher at a elementary school (K-5). I have been working at converting our listening library (on tape) to mp3's and putting them on iTunes for the children to access instead of having to deal with tapes and listening centers. I am not putting music on iTunes. Later, I would like to add stories read by the children themselves. What I thought would be do-able has turned into a challenge. Ideally, I would like each user on our network to be able to access the same iTunes library which would reside on our school server. It would also be nice if the users would be locked down and not be able to delete files or change the settings on their iTunes. The library would also have to potentially allow multiple users at the same time. If I could do this I would have to administer only one library. As it stands now, I have separate libraries on the workstations themselves. I have to update each one separately if I put new material on. Sharing a library does not work because you can only share a few at a time and you don't get the same information when viewing a shared library. I am a longtime Mac user and I have Macs at home. We have only two Macs in the school and it is primarily a Windows (XP) environment. The server is Windows. Hope you can help. Thanks. Robert
  3. roboates

    3rd Party Apps

    Thanks Huskermn - Party On!
  4. roboates

    3rd Party Apps

    OK, I will admit my ignorance. I have no clue why a 3rd party app is called 3rd? In other words, what is a 2nd party app? I assume the first party is the one who called it. For instance, Apple invited us to the iPhone party so they're the 1st party when it comes to apps. The native apps on the iPhone are the 1st party apps (I've never heard them called that but nevertheless...) So what are 2nd party apps? Is it like the mysterious second world countries? Somewhere in the misty zone between the first and the third world countries? Or is there something I'm missing here? Love to hear from anyone who has a clue. thanks, Robert
  5. roboates

    sleeping ibook screen

    The screen brightness is turned all the way up.
  6. roboates

    sleeping ibook screen

    I have a lastest gen 15inch ibook. Unfortunately my 90 days support is just up. Anyway, periodically when the ibook is on battery the screen will turn dark and I cannot wake it up. I can barely see what's on the screen. I have had to restart to get it back. Any thoughts - it seems to happen only in Word but I usually work in Word so it might not be that. Any help would be very gratefully appreciated, Robert