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  1. themacman4

    Having problems with my headset on my MacBook Pro

    Yeah that was basically it. So what I did was get the iMic from Griffin, solved the problem, just wish I didn't have to get that too.
  2. I just spent some money on a new headset and when I plugged it in to my MacBook Pro, only the headphones work and not the mic. So I went to go and try to figure out why that was happening and it looks like I need to provide power to the Mic? I'm not 100% sure on that and wanted to see if anyone knew that for sure. If that's the case I'm not sure how to go about providing power. I'd like to keep the cost as low as possible, I got the headset so I could talk to fellow gamers better than with the internal mic so sound quality is not really what I'm looking for, I just want it to work. If it's at all possible I'd like to use my empty express 34 slot, but after looking I'm not sure if that's possible. Thanks ahead of time for the advice!
  3. themacman4

    Mouse tap on windows

    I don't know for sure, but it's very possible that the drivers for Windows on a mac don't support the tap function. Again I don't know this for sure and I have nothing to back myself up so if anyone could confirm or deny that, I'm sure that would help hjruiz more.
  4. themacman4

    Burning in iDVD

    Thank you! Alright so this is what I see when I open the DVD that was burned or the disk image. Open Disk And this is what you see when you open the Video_TS folder Video_TS folder There's nothing in the Audio_TS folder so I didn't take a shot of that. Hope that helps!
  5. themacman4

    Logitech V450 with Macbook

    It's possible the port you're trying to plug it into on the new MacBook is faulty have you tried using another port (I'm guessing USB)?
  6. themacman4

    Burning in iDVD

    Does anyone know of a program that's free for the mac and will convert TIFF's to JPG's? I knew this was a problem when taking screenshots on the mac, but it never affected me so I never paid any attention. I don't mind using the Terminal, I would just need to be told how to do the conversion.
  7. themacman4

    Burning in iDVD

    I have an odd problem when I try to burn DVD's from iDVD. My goal is for the movie that I made and sent to iDVD to be play on the average joe's DVD player. I know that formats and burning can be fidgity, but after reading a couple articles on Apple's web site I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong. Granted I don't know a whole lot about different formats for movies, it's kind of my week point in computers. When I do try and burn the disk it clearly won't work once it's burned. It forced me into a spinning beach ball of death one time that I couldn't get out of and had to restart the computer. I read on one of the articles that you can make a disk image instead of wreaking tons of write once DVD's. By making the disk images I have learned one thing though, the problem can't possibly be with the DVD drive because I get the same results when I make the image (and therefore don't use the drive). I realize this is kind of wordy, but I think the situation is hard to explain. I have screen shots of what the computer burns to the disk, but I don't know how to put the picture on the post, so yeah I can't show them unless someone tells me how to go about doing that. If anyone could tell me the right way to burn this it would be greatly appricaited!!!
  8. themacman4

    apple axes the brushed metal in leopard

    yes I agree those icons do look a lot different the size, shape and that kind of shadow in the button that makes it look more 3D For my two cents I liked the brushed steel waaaay better than this, I feel like it's a downgrade in style. Although looking at the other pictures, it's nice to finally have a unified interface.
  9. themacman4

    Need Help with my new wireless setup

    No, that's not it Remote Printer Access is enabled and it appears that it sees the printer. Now, for whatever reason I can't get it listed in the Printer Setup Utility, which leaves me to believe that this is the problem. I have of course tried to add it which brings me to a list of printers (the only one being the one I'm trying to add) and it automatically supplies all the correct information, but whenever I try to add it gives me an error. Again when I tried to google the error it only came up with something that clearly did not apply to me. Would I have to give it an IP address? I thought that it wouldn't matter, but now I question it. However, I have no idea how I would give it an IP address even if I needed to. More help would be appreciated. Edit: O MY GOODNESS!!! I solved the problem! Thanks to captm19 on the Apple forms on this thread http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...75 (sorry for not making a link, but I'm using quick edit and as far as I can you can't link it.) so in the end the problem was with the Printer Setup Utility and this is an effective trick for anyone else with this printer, the laptop, and a wireless connection (which I'm sure quite at lest a few people have with the past promotion). Hope this helps to anyone who needs it.
  10. Alright so here's the deal, yesterday my family bought a Macbook (with the printer rebate deal), an airport express, and a HP Photosmart C3180 All-in-One. I turned on the computer for the first time, set it up, I then set the printer up and at the time it was connected to the computer via USB. It worked fine. Lastly I set up the Airport Express. It's working beautifully for internet, but for some reason the printer just won't work. I felt like I've tried everything too. Here's a list of what I've done: I've restarted all units, the Macbook, printer and Airport Express (all at the same time and all of them one at a time) I read the directions, and plugged in the printer into the AirPort Express before plugging the AirPort Express in I've used multiple programs and windows, (i.e. printer setup) to no avail I've probably done things I can't think of right now too. I have my A+ Certification and I'm in the Cisco Networking Acadamy (as you can see in my sig) so I know what's all going on. I can only thing that I can think of is that by seting up the printer when it was plugged into the Macbook it messed with the settings and that's why it's not working wirelessly. Idk, so if anyone has any ideas for me on what to do it would be very appreciated. If this can't produce results I'll be calling Apple and asking them, but I really don't want to have to explain this whole thing verbally. Thanks in advance. Edit: I should also mention that when I try to add it to Printer Setup Utility it gives me a "Error:-9672." I think that it is unrelated to the printers you find when you google the error (since I do have a different printer and the problem is with wireless not wired connection). Originally it was listed there, but I deleted it because that was from when I connected via USB. Additionally I should mention that the computer can see that the printer connected to the wireless network but gives me the error when I try to click add (after clicking add in the previous window).
  11. themacman4

    Commercials that the Macs have been featured in.

    Ah yes that commersial I think most clearly displays the iMac. I've noticed over the years that Apple is heavy into product placement. Plus, what TV producer wants his cool tv actor to be working on an ugly piece of crap?
  12. themacman4


    There's no Danish?! Hmm I would see that as a somewhat popular language that would be included... Would the language be spelled Dansk in Danish? If so I think I have your solution. First go to System Preferences>International>Language and in that menu press the edit button. There you can select addional languages (or deselect for that matter) to display on the menu to the left of the Language tab of International. Then I believe you have to select it in the left menu I just discribed. If it's not Dansk, well then look there anyway, it could be helpful for you in the future (like me).
  13. themacman4

    iTunes 7

    I downloaded Pearl Jams latest cd when it came out and it came with a booklet (it's not an audiobook but it still has that icon) and a video clip, both of which stay in my music section but I want the booklet (even thought it's not an audiobook) to move to the audiobook section and the video clip to move to the movie's or TV section, idk. I don't think either of these things can be done, but at least on iTunes 6 I could filter them out in 7 I don't think there is a way...is there?
  14. themacman4

    iTunes New Look

    Personally I loved brushed steel in all forms so when it lost it way back when it turned to iTunes 5 I was not to happy. I actually kind of like it, but kind of don't. I'd like it better if it had the aqua and brushed steel, but at the same time I like the new looks. I defiantly love the looks inside the window (althought I wish the checkboxes where still aqua) I think it looks very good. I absoulutely love (!!!!!) the fact that they seperated the Podcasts again! Love it!!! They returned the round rectangle to the window which was taken out in 5 and 6. You must have round rectangles on a Mac they've been there since the first day the Mac came out (and Windows seems not to pick up on). Overall, I think the new iTunes could grow on me.
  15. themacman4


    Originally I didn't like the new software because it went really, really slow for me. Now, it goes at a decent speed, but still way slower than the last. Also, just now it crashed on me, which I thought was odd since Safari normally only crashs on massive pages from myspace. I also don't like how it looks, but I understand that that is a low priority and I'm willing to wait for a long time so that doesn't really matter to me. Just thought I should mention the loss of speed.