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  1. Hi. I've noticed something that I don't know how to turn off... Occationally I send out a message to a group and include myself in the recipient list just to have a quick way of keeping up with what I sent (I know I could just look in the Sent folder... but anyway...) Sometimes... not everytime... a graphic will appear at the top in the Mail header area... It's the same default graphic of my "Account" in System Preferences. It doesn't happen all the time... and I'm just wondering how to turn that on or off. I haven't seen it in the past few tests so it might not be "on" but something seems to kick in occationally and it shows up. Can anyone help me figure this out. I basically just want it to not show the little picture becuase I don't use those account pictures ... so my default picture is something like a bowling ball... which, if possible I would like to avoid showing up in my email messages. Thanks. -Jeff
  2. weborizon

    Xbox 360 Crash Caught On Video

    Goatman. What Apple is doing with their "computers" is about 10 years ahead of Microsoft and Dell and all the rest. You really think that the gaming and video industry is headed towards something based around a TV or something that only exists in a "living room"? Everything will eventually be on a computer - like it or not... games, videos, photos, music.. the computer will be the hub - no matter what room it's in. Call it a console or a media center or whatever you want... but it's a computer isn't it? So my point is that Apple is leading the way by realizing that they don't need to put out another product just to "keep up with the Joneses"... they've already got a great product that can do everything that the consoles can - and whatdoyouknow? It's *also* a "computer". "fanboy" haha - was that supposed to be funny? I think Microsoft makes good software and a good game console... And I also still believe that they're trying to catch up with "Apple's iLife philosophy" (as you put it) in their new game console... it took them how many years to realize this was important to people. Looks like catch up to me - but i'm no expert on Microsoft. And I *am* a fan of Apple and I'm proud of it! 8)
  3. weborizon

    Xbox 360 Crash Caught On Video

    With the way Sony and Microsoft are turning their game consoles into machines more like the Mac Mini and running photo and video software on them... I think Apple is way ahead of the "game" (no pun intended) They're trying to copy the Mac Mini with the game consoles. I think instead of Apple "getting into the game industry" we're going to see Sony and Microsoft and whowever else has a game console get more into the "iLife" industry that Apple has started. Macs can already play games... who needs a separate console... especially the way Apple is ramping up the Mini to go into the living room etc with Front Row. I expect one of the new features on Front Row to play games or access your directory of games. Who knows... but I think Apple is leading the pack, not trying to catch up. (just my thoughts)
  4. weborizon

    imac G5 Memory?

    I usually get Kinsington too. I've had Ram problems but I don't think it was due to the brand... more like power surges, etc. Bad ram can really mess up your machine though... so be sure you get some good stuff.
  5. Jimmie, What we found is that it is *not* a bug... it's just not supported anymore. In our situation the incompatibilities were due to the new AFP protocols and connecting to an older WinNT server. Apple just dropped support for NT and so did Microsoft. So in Tiger the AFP connection works a lot differently than in Panther and earlier. Our solution was to get a new server running Win2003 (i think that's what it's called) and the AFP connection is fine there. So there's no real problem with Tiger that I'm aware of... But you need to try to get back to using AFP because there *are* issues using those other network protocols from what I've experienced and read. hope that helps.
  6. weborizon

    iPhoto Library Manager

    Hi. I came across this resource and thought I'd share it. You guys might already know about this, but I hadn't heard of it before. I also haven't used it either, but I plan to if the need arises. Seems like I've seen a few questions on here about iphoto libraries, moving them around, etc. Maybe this will help some of you. iPhoto Library Manager http://homepage.mac.com/bwebster/iphotolib...arymanager.html
  7. weborizon

    How do I share itunes libraries between users?

    I'm guessing if you click on the Share pane in the preferences it doesn't help? Not sure, haven't ever tried to share with other user accounts on the *same* mac - only across a network.
  8. weborizon

    Can't Print From Office

    I've had a similar problem on my mac using InDesign and a laser printer. I have to create a PDF of the file first and then print the PDF. I think InDesign uses some technology not supported by my printer and the PDF kind of simplifies the page. I don't have problems printing from that app to high end printers though. You can always choose "Preview" in the print dialog box and print that as a workaround. But I can print from Office without any problems so I'm not sure what your issue is. Make sure you've got the latest drivers for your printer and get any updates for Office as well. hope that helps.
  9. weborizon

    podcast hijacking article

    Hi. I came across this article about a podcast feed getting hijacked. Interesting and important thing to take note of for any of you out there doing a show. http://www.publish.com/article2/0,1895,1894851,00.asp
  10. weborizon

    I'm switching back to windows

    I agree, I just thought it might be better than Windows crashes. Any flavor of Unix is stable and better than Windows in my opinion.
  11. Hi. Any Skype or Gizmo users out there? Could someone tell me if Gizmo is worth taking a look at or is Skype the way to go? Thanks.
  12. weborizon

    Lets make Macs faster!

    ahhhh... finally it all makes sense. Thanks.
  13. weborizon

    Wep Hosting | Domain Registration Suggestion?

    I've used GoDaddy for quite some time and would recommend them for domains. I don't particularly care for their hosting plans - they have a lot of limitations when it comes to programming and cgi. And I also agree with your comments above that it's good to keep the host separate from the registrar. Something else I'd suggest... I highly recommend the Plesk control panel. I like it a lot better than cPanel. I think it might cost more but I prefer it for it's ease of use and features.
  14. weborizon

    A list of Mac Podcasts

    not gonna happen!
  15. weborizon

    extracting audio from DVD

    I also suggest using QuickTime Pro... just open the DV file you get from the extraction in QTP and export it as an aif, or whatever audio file you want. Another idea if you have some time to kill and don't own QTP... You could use WireTap (the free version) and just let it record the audio while the DVD plays on your mac. This would take a while but it would be free and you could just let your mac run while you're off galivanting around. hope that helps.