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  1. treadlightly

    The main reason I changed to the Mac

    Do you have a link to the article?
  2. treadlightly

    Buying Snapz Pro X

    Have you contacted the company to ask?
  3. treadlightly


    I checked the same thing on my iBook and found the same thing. I've never had an external drive attached to it. I used to use Backup when I had a .mac account, though. Perhaps some type of backup software does that?
  4. treadlightly

    Alternatives to MS Word/Office

    I'm another one who likes MS Office. I just haven't seen a good enough reason to look for alternatives. I know some folks look for the alternatives so they can avoid MS, but I'm not one of them.
  5. treadlightly

    is it worth getting a .mac account?

    At this point, I'm planning to let my .mac expire. I just don't use enough of it to justify the expense anymore. I love the email address, but not enough to spend the money on. I don't have any regrets for having had it, it just doesn't meet my needs anymore.
  6. treadlightly

    My dad is in need of a mac!

    Our nearest Apple store is also 2 hours away (Woodfield). Christmas shopping season is coming, think you need to take him there for a day so you can check out "accessories?"
  7. treadlightly

    My dad is in need of a mac!

    Assuming your folks are together, try convincing your mom. When my mother-in-law sat down at our Mac, it was all over for my father-in-law. We were out shopping for Christmas and she told him, "I'll pay for your new computer as a Christmas present, but only if you get a Mac! If you want something else, you're on your own." He took home a G5 iMac from the Apple Store at Woodfield Mall that day. Three weeks later he called it the best Christmas present he'd ever received.
  8. treadlightly

    What is a good introduction to Mac OS

    O'Reilly books are awesome. I hadn't thought about those. I agree that the Mac is intuitive, but its one thing to be intuitive for someone who hasn't used computers before (which the Mac is) and another to be intuitive to someone who spends a lot of time on another OS. There are a number of things that Windows users have to adjust to when switching to a Mac. I think that's why Mac users generally find it easier to learn Windows than the other way around. What I told my in-laws was this: if you run into a problem, try doing what makes sense to you, not Bill Gates. They were amazed by all of the drag and drop capabilities. Just yesterday (nearly 2 years since getting a Mac), I had to tell my father in law that dragging a disk to the trash can would eject it. He had never known! One more thing, I'd recommend that you use the mouse that you currently have (assuming its USB). If you have a 2 button mouse, keep using a 2 button mouse, if 4, then use a 4. Macs have been able to handle that for years, they just didn't ship with them.
  9. treadlightly

    College Football Scores via RSS

    It seems like it was called Conference Call, one version for college, one for NFL. The college version tracked info by conferences. It seems like it was just set up for last year's season, so I deleted them after football season ended. I did find this version on Apple's website. It says that it gets info from Fox Sports, so you might also want to check there for RSS feeds too. This version looks like it has quite a bit more info than what I used last year.
  10. treadlightly

    College Football Scores via RSS

    I had a widget that did it last year, but I never thought to look for an RSS feed.
  11. treadlightly

    What is a good introduction to Mac OS

    I picked up the Macintosh Bible at a local bookstore for some heavier-duty questions I had. My father-in-law was a new switcher and found it very helpful (and he's not a techie person). To be honest, I think if you play around with it on your own you will find it pretty easy to figure out. Any questions can get posted on a forum such as this one and people are generally plenty happy to help out.
  12. treadlightly

    I made the BIG Switch!!!

    I also tended to do "low-level" active directory admin with Remote Desktop. I also found that Thursby's ADmit Mac was essential. It's been over a year now, but I was never very happy with Apple's built in methods of logging in to AD as a client. ADmit Mac was a life saver, IMHO. If you follow the link in my sig, look for NoahJ in the forums, he's a big VMware user. I'm sure he'd be able to help.
  13. treadlightly

    iTMS links

    If you're asking how to copy the link within iTunes, right-click (aka control-click) on the song or album and you'll get the option to "Copy iTunes Music Store URL."
  14. treadlightly

    Macs Are User Unfriendly?

    You have to learn to stop thinking like Bill Gates and to start thinking like yourself again. For some people, that can be a major accomplishment. Old habits are hard to break. I always tell new switchers that if they run into a problem then they should try doing what they think makes sense to them, not what they would do if they were using Windows. Its amazing how often it works.
  15. treadlightly

    An excel alternative

    I've found Excel to be excellent. If you already have it, why would you want to replace it? If you're only doing it for the philosophy of "sticking it to the man," you'll probably find yourself wasting a lot of your own time trying to use something new. In that case, you're only "sticking it to yourself." Sorry, but I don't buy into the "anti-MS everything" mentality. Use what works well, and Excel works well. I've used it in typical work situations and in a graduate level stats class. It handled everything I threw at it. If you can find something better, go for it, otherwise stick with Excel.