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  1. Its over a week now since the keynote speech and still no Maccast to cover all the new stuff that was announced. When can we expect to hear the latest episode ?
  2. My daughter is spending the summer in San Francisco, coming from the UK, and she will be bringing her unlocked iPhone with her. Whats the best way for her to get a SIM card that she can use for 3 months ? Voice minutes will not be too important, but SMS and data will be used mostly. Thanks for any advice Peter
  3. The new MacBook Air is a thing of great beauty and I'm tempted to buy one. However I wonder just how much if that expensive SSD storage is actually available. If I was to buy the 64GB drive, how much of that is actually available, and how much would be taken up by the operating system ? Would I be lucky to have 50GB left ?
  5. iPhone3g The phone has been acting a bit oddly the last few days, so I thought I'd restart it. Holding down the Sleep and Home key would not restart it. So I went for power off, and then switched back on. I am now at the Apple screen, and stuck there. Its been like that for hours. I've tried to connect to iTunes but it isn't recognised. In short, I can't switch it off, or do anything with it. Any ideas ? - thanks
  6. I've recently had to restore my iPhone and back-up from iTunes, which, of course, works pretty well - as far as it goes. However there is an awful lot of stuff that isn't backed up in iTunes - icon placement, some phone settings, some application settings, and application data - game high scores, databases, etc and its a pain in the a**e to have to re-enter all this stuff, if it can be at all. Why have Apple not engineered the back-up regime to back up everything thats on the iPhone - a true clone of what was there before, or am I missing something here ? Peter
  7. Some of the songs in my iTunes window now have a (!) against them - original file could not be found, would you like to locate it ? If I then do a Spotlight search for the track, it is located and the path is PREVIEW_ITUNES_LIBRARY, and clicking on the track plays it. So the track resides somewhere on my HD, but where ? Any help appreciated Peter
  8. Hello I have fitted an airport extreme card into my 1.25 eMac, but I'm having a very frustrating time trying to get it to work. My home has a wireless network from an Airport Express, and using a laptop at the same location as the eMac ( which is only about 20ft from the base station ) there is no problem either with signal or with the password on the wireless network. However the eMac is acting strangely. Sometimes the airport icon shows a full signal, sometimes it is greyed out. If I try to enter the password for the wireless system, it reports timeout after only a few seconds - inputting the password seems to make the airport icon go from full to greyed out ! As this all works smoothly with a MB I think it must be something to do with the eMac. Any ideas appreciated
  9. Thanks Harry. I couldn't work out from the postings if anybody had managed to get a work-around for the uploading stalling towards the end. I still haven't managed to get my video files into my public folder.
  10. I have been trying to upload a .mov file to my public folder on Mobile me The upload seems to go OK until the end, I get the message finalising upload, and then it just sits there forever - nothing happens - and no file appears in the public folder. Any ideas guys ? Co-incidentally I tried compressing the file using the finder menu compress option Before 111mB After 109 mB Is this correct ? Thanks for any replies Peter
  11. One problem for me in using Mail on the iPhone, and something that I could do on my old Nokia, is to have a different "reply to" e-mail address from that of the account. In my case I have my own domain mail come in via a Googlemail account, but I can only get the Googlemail address as a "reply to". Are there any obvious work-arounds for this ? Thanks Peter
  12. Thanks macfan. I thought there must be a simple answer ! Regards
  13. On 10.5.3 I've recently started using Pages. Strange things are going on with the icons. Often a Pages icon on the desktop is just blank. In a folders list view the icons for a Pages doc and a Word doc, are difficult to tell apart and strangest of all when i sometimes open a folder the icons all change in sequence. What is going on here?
  14. Thanks for your helpful replies guys, seems its not too easy ! I'll have a go with Thunderbird and see how it goes. Thanks again Peter
  15. How do I send an email, containing pictures text etc that will open in the recipients e-mail client ? I get lots of them every day from - some from Apple - but how are they made ? What appliction should I be using ? Thanks for any help Peter