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  1. Nevis8

    WWDC MacCast

    Its over a week now since the keynote speech and still no Maccast to cover all the new stuff that was announced. When can we expect to hear the latest episode ?
  2. Nevis8

    Temporary use in the US

    My daughter is spending the summer in San Francisco, coming from the UK, and she will be bringing her unlocked iPhone with her. Whats the best way for her to get a SIM card that she can use for 3 months ? Voice minutes will not be too important, but SMS and data will be used mostly. Thanks for any advice Peter
  3. Nevis8

    MacBook Air

    The new MacBook Air is a thing of great beauty and I'm tempted to buy one. However I wonder just how much if that expensive SSD storage is actually available. If I was to buy the 64GB drive, how much of that is actually available, and how much would be taken up by the operating system ? Would I be lucky to have 50GB left ?
  4. Nevis8

    double calendars with mobile me

  5. Nevis8

    Help - locked up

    iPhone3g The phone has been acting a bit oddly the last few days, so I thought I'd restart it. Holding down the Sleep and Home key would not restart it. So I went for power off, and then switched back on. I am now at the Apple screen, and stuck there. Its been like that for hours. I've tried to connect to iTunes but it isn't recognised. In short, I can't switch it off, or do anything with it. Any ideas ? - thanks
  6. Nevis8


    I've recently had to restore my iPhone and back-up from iTunes, which, of course, works pretty well - as far as it goes. However there is an awful lot of stuff that isn't backed up in iTunes - icon placement, some phone settings, some application settings, and application data - game high scores, databases, etc and its a pain in the a**e to have to re-enter all this stuff, if it can be at all. Why have Apple not engineered the back-up regime to back up everything thats on the iPhone - a true clone of what was there before, or am I missing something here ? Peter
  7. Nevis8

    Can't find tracks

    Some of the songs in my iTunes window now have a (!) against them - original file could not be found, would you like to locate it ? If I then do a Spotlight search for the track, it is located and the path is PREVIEW_ITUNES_LIBRARY, and clicking on the track plays it. So the track resides somewhere on my HD, but where ? Any help appreciated Peter
  8. Hello I have fitted an airport extreme card into my 1.25 eMac, but I'm having a very frustrating time trying to get it to work. My home has a wireless network from an Airport Express, and using a laptop at the same location as the eMac ( which is only about 20ft from the base station ) there is no problem either with signal or with the password on the wireless network. However the eMac is acting strangely. Sometimes the airport icon shows a full signal, sometimes it is greyed out. If I try to enter the password for the wireless system, it reports timeout after only a few seconds - inputting the password seems to make the airport icon go from full to greyed out ! As this all works smoothly with a MB I think it must be something to do with the eMac. Any ideas appreciated
  9. Nevis8

    Uploading to mobileme / idisk

    Thanks Harry. I couldn't work out from the postings if anybody had managed to get a work-around for the uploading stalling towards the end. I still haven't managed to get my video files into my public folder.
  10. I have been trying to upload a .mov file to my public folder on Mobile me The upload seems to go OK until the end, I get the message finalising upload, and then it just sits there forever - nothing happens - and no file appears in the public folder. Any ideas guys ? Co-incidentally I tried compressing the file using the finder menu compress option Before 111mB After 109 mB Is this correct ? Thanks for any replies Peter
  11. Nevis8

    "Reply to" in iPhone Mail

    One problem for me in using Mail on the iPhone, and something that I could do on my old Nokia, is to have a different "reply to" e-mail address from that of the account. In my case I have my own domain mail come in via a Googlemail account, but I can only get the Googlemail address as a "reply to". Are there any obvious work-arounds for this ? Thanks Peter
  12. Nevis8

    Icon strangeness

    Thanks macfan. I thought there must be a simple answer ! Regards
  13. Nevis8

    Icon strangeness

    On 10.5.3 I've recently started using Pages. Strange things are going on with the icons. Often a Pages icon on the desktop is just blank. In a folders list view the icons for a Pages doc and a Word doc, are difficult to tell apart and strangest of all when i sometimes open a folder the icons all change in sequence. What is going on here?
  14. Nevis8

    How do I do this in Mail ?

    Thanks for your helpful replies guys, seems its not too easy ! I'll have a go with Thunderbird and see how it goes. Thanks again Peter
  15. How do I send an email, containing pictures text etc that will open in the recipients e-mail client ? I get lots of them every day from - some from Apple - but how are they made ? What appliction should I be using ? Thanks for any help Peter