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  1. yensid98

    iCal Invites Broken

    There is a big problem with iCal when inviting guests to an event - Responses are automatically sent to the first email of the contact instead of the one from which it was received. I set up an event and invited my friend 'B' to it from my home Mac. When B replies to the invitation the email goes to my work email account (on a Windows machine). Because of this, the response is never noted in iCal. This makes the invite feature completely useless. I've experimented with my friend and we think the problem is that iCal sends invitations from the host using the first email in the hosts Address Book vCard. Also the reply is sent to the first email B has for the host in their Address Book. Of course Address Book doesn't let you re-organize the order in which emails show up on a vCard so the only solution is to not include a business email for any of your Mac using friends. This hardly seems like an ideal situation. I was experiencing the problem since Leopard. Before then I was able to invite friends without issue. Obviously something has changed. I was hoping Snow Leopard would fix it, but sadly it wasn't one of the hundreds of features Apple tweaked in the conversion. Yet, this is a basic function of a modern day Calendar and Address Book. Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or of a work around? Thanks!
  2. yensid98

    what NEW feature of Leopard is the trigger?

    There's not one feature that wows me in Leopard. Time Machine might be indespensible, but I'll have to wait and see how it works. Stacks seem interesting but not worth $130 on their own. CoverFlow in Finder could prove to be either very useful or highly annoying. I could care less about the iChat backgrounds and stationary in Mail. One thing that turns me off is the new Doc and Menu Bar. I'm really not looking forward to staring at those all day. I'm getting Leopard for what I'm hoping is a promise of little refinements that wind up being huge benefits. What those are, I'm just not sure of. I just wish there was something to be really excited about in Leopard.
  3. You learned the hard way. I did the same thing a while ago and it was crazy trying to get all my songs rated and in playlists again. I guess we'll never make this mistake again!
  4. yensid98

    Music library lmessed up, need help!

    Have you tried consildating your library? Maybe that would take away the ! and you wouldn't need to actually delete anything from iTunes. In the Menu Bar just go to Advanced - Consolidate Library. Or are you meaning that you have duplicates of songs now? Entries for songs on your internal drive and another entry for the songs when it used to be on your external drive. If this is the case, I don't know of any way to sort by location of file. I think you just have to go through manually and delete the entries for the external drive.
  5. yensid98

    Chapters not working on my ipod

    Sadly, I don't have a solution for you only more complaints to add. I have a 5.5G iPod and when playing audiobooks that I have ripped into one long file, the iPod will just stop playingand go back to the main menu. When I sync, I see that a play count has been added for that track. Weird. It never happens in iTunes. Regarding your specific issue, does your iPod not display chapter breaks at all or is it just not listing the chapter titles? I've noticed on my iPod that the chapter titles only show up when I'm in scrubbing mode and then they only show up for enchanced podcasts or purchased audiobooks. It would be much more helpful if the chapter title were always visible. hI'd be curious to see if any of this been changed with the new iPods.
  6. yensid98

    USB 2.0 to Firewire 400

    I've been dealing with this same issue for about 2 years or so. My iPod only supports USB 2.0 but my iMac G4 only has FireWire and USB 1.0. My solution? I just sync the iPod over USB 1.0. It's very slow but it works. I have around 50GB of files on my iPod. My first sync took almost exactly 24 hours. Now of course I never have to wait that long. But I notice that it takes iTunes a while to recognize my docked iPod and then there is a bit of a wait when ejecting it as well. It's not a very pretty solution, but it works.
  7. yensid98

    Steve says: "iPhone and iTouch SDK in February '08."

    Finally all the whiners can shut up! Well that is until Apple tells us iPhone/iPod Touch aren't completely open to protect them from viruses. Then I'm sure the bile will spew forth again. I just firmly believe that those complaining are the very vocal minority. No it's not scientific, but I've known many people with PDA's and most only ever downloaded a 1 or 2 apps. None of the people I know with iPhones have downloaded apps yet and only one seems interested. But I guess none of that matters. It is only good news that Apple is working on an SDK. It can only serve to widen the iPhone/iPod Touch market. I just don't see its effects being that dramatic.
  8. yensid98

    Maccast Website

    Well it's more than cosmetic for me. The links completely disappear so the site becomes impossible to navigate. The only thing that remains are the amazon.com links. Figures. I'll try the local fixes first before emailing Adam about the problem.
  9. yensid98

    Maccast Website

    I'm having the same problem on an 800MHz G4 iMac using Safari. The site works perfectly well on this cruddy Dell though. Yuck, I don't like surfing Maccast on a Dell.
  10. yensid98

    New Get A Mac Ads

    Apple has released two more very funny Get A Mac ads. link I especially like the Tech Support one. LOL P.S. Does anyone know where I can download a high quality version of the 2006 holiday ad? It's the only one I'm missing. It's the one where Mac gives PC an iPhoto album and PC gives Mac a C++ GUI guide.
  11. yensid98

    Holiday "Get A Mac" ad

    Does anyone know where I can download a high quality copy of Apples 2006 holiday "Get A Mac" ad? You know, the one where Mac gives PC an iPoto ablum and PC gives Mac a C++ GUI guide? It's the only ad I'm missing and I can't find it on Applels site. Thanks!
  12. yensid98


    Agreed. I hate having a phone tied to a single provider. It drives me nuts! Even somethig like the Razr which you can now find for many carriers has different features depending on who you sign with. I hate that crap! The iPhone is really impressive, but if Apple wanted to truly reinvent the cell phone they would have made the device open to any carrier (or at least most) carriers. I've had T-Mobile for three years and have no complaints after having nothing but aggravation with Cingular. I have NO interest in changing providers.
  13. yensid98

    iTunes 7 album flow annoyance

    If the above solutions don't work (as they have not always worked for me), I have found that toggling on and off the selection for "Compilations" usually corect the error. Kind of like a slap to the face I guess. As much I love iTunes and Apple, it sure seems this version has a lot of quirks/bugs.
  14. yensid98

    iTunes 7

    There is a free script I am using (right at this moment in fact) that converts your AAC tracks to .m4b so that they appear in the Audiobooks Library. Here's the link. It's not the fastest script (it took just about 20 minutes to convert the latest Harry Potter book for instance), but the end result is having all your audiobooks in one library.
  15. yensid98

    Explicit Or Clean iTunes

    QFT I agree with your post totally. If ituens gives an option of clean or dirty, I go with the dirty because that's the way it was meant to be heard. It's that I don't like many songs that are labled dirty.