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  1. Mac Zen

    Mobile Phone of Choice...

    Now that we're knee deep into the Christmas shopping season and the mobile carriers are dropping the newest and most feature-rich phones on the market, I got to thinking about switching my service and upgrading my current handset. But which service provider to go with? Which handset will work best with my PowerBook? Hmmm... For somebody who is a Mac die hard and spends way too much time on his Mac, I find it most prudent to factor in my computing preferences when picking out a mobile phone and service provider. Verizon seems to be a good choice because they are the only mobile provider to openly (if some what inaccurately) proclaim their support for Mac users who are looking for EVDO support. But while Verizon is spending millions (billions?) on building new towers, Sprint is hurriedly upgrading their data infrastructure to the newest Revision A standard. This should provide Sprint subscribers (in active areas) with "the fastest" wireless data service in the United States. But left in the wake of progress are the poor and stoic Macintoshes; Sprint does not openly support Mac OS X on their Rev. A network. Cingular seems to be good friends with Apple, afterall, they did bring the poorly planned and sadly implemented ROKR to the market. And they probably lost some money doing it. So Cingular might also be a good choice for a Mac-O-Phile. And Cingular is a GSM provider! It's a good bet that when Apple does drop the iPhone on the market, unlocked as rumors have it, that it will be GSM phone that will work with either Cingular or T-Mobile. And what about T-Mobile? Well, they're the last in the group to even think about anything other than voice. As the rest of the world is busy placing bids on eBay on their handsets or watching streaming video direct from wireless signals, T-Mobile is still hawking their "we're the cheapest carrier" banner. The T-Mob just recently bought up a bunch of data capable towers at a recent auction and, thusly, waited until it was absolutely rock-bottom prices before they started even offering some of the data features that Sprint, Verizon and Cingular have been offering to customers for at least two years now. Having given you what I've been thinking about lately, I have two questions for the forums: 1) As a Mac users (why else would you be here?) which mobile phone do you use, mobile service provider and did your Mac have anything to do with it? 2) Current service aside, what is the best mobile phone company when it comes to Apple?
  2. What is the best way to facilitate a group text chat in iChat AV with two other PC users? I've tried using my .Mac account through iChat and it only allows me to chat with them individually. I've tried using my gmail account and connecting to the Jabber server, but once again I can only chat one-on-one. I think I've learned, by reading the Apple discussion forums, that Jabber doesn't support group chat. I've even tried logging into Adium with my gmail account and chatting with two other gmail users and still unable to group chat. Could somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  3. Mac Zen

    Macs and Smartphones

    A few months back Adam received a question about syncing a mobile phone with Mac OS X. He mentioned that he had a friend who ran a site that was dedicated to Macs and mobile phones - can anybody give me the sites name/address? Thanks!
  4. Mac Zen

    Refurbished Macs

    Thanks for the input, roogie. I figured Apple would check everything and make the hardware as good as new before they put it back on the shelves. Any other input would be appreciated.
  5. Mac Zen

    Refurbished Macs

    Has anybody purchased a refurbished Mac before? If so, would this be something you would recommend?
  6. Mac Zen

    Handrbake Lite

    Everybody makes excellent points about using the original Handbrake instead of this abridged version. However, it is designed to do one thing and one thing only and that is rip DVDs specifically for playing on the 5G iPods.
  7. Mac Zen

    Handrbake Lite

    iSquint recently adopted a more Monastic approach to their software with Handbrake Lite. This small application is designed to do only thing: rip DVD video into an iPod compatible format. I learned about this app from Digg. It sounded familiar and I realized I had heard Adam speak of Handrake on the Mac Cast at least once (maybe twice). I immediatly downloaded the program and popped in the closest DVD I had (if your curious, Aqua Teen Hunger Force). Load up the DVD, close down the DVD player and than open up Handbrake Lite. Select the location of the DVD you want to rip and select the location of where the ripped file is to end up. Click start (or comparable button) and wait for a while. When Handbrake Lite is done, you have a Quicktime file that can be easily dragged into your iTunes window. The DVD will be synced to your iPod next time it's plugged in. To be very clear, this software does not load up any type of menu screen or special features. You will end up with the "mean feature" only. The quality is excellence the and process couldn't be simpler. I've since ripped several DVDs and enjoy watching some of my movies while I'm traveling or hiding under the blankets. Handbrake Lite get's five out of five Buenos
  8. Mac Zen

    Safari Tabbed Browsing

    Thanks for everybody's responses. I think I've made up my mind to start using Firefox. It's extremely customizable and significantly faster than Safari.
  9. Mac Zen

    If you're using tabs in Safari read this

    is there a keybaord shortcut to toggle between tabs?
  10. Mac Zen

    Safari Tabbed Browsing

    Does anybody know a keyboard shortcut to toggle between tabs in Safari?
  11. Has anybody downloaded this patch? Version Tracker describes this download as allowing "you to take full advantage of very high speecd FiOS based internet connections that have a high latency." Apparently this piece of code changes the values dictating the size of the TCP send and receive buffers. Reading the comments made it sound as thought this would only work with people connecting to the internet via a fiber optic cable (Verizon) or using a satellite connection. I'd be interested to know if anybody else has tried this download and what your experiences were.[/url]
  12. Mac Zen

    working at the Apple store

    I found this story posted on March 7th, 2005 on Engadget: Apparently, a semi-disgruntled Mac Genius decided to spill some of the dirt behind Apple's not so benevolent ways. For example, "Apple charges $135 to install a new replacement logic board, even though it only takes six minutes, and $600 for a new SuperDrive that'll set you back $69 from Newegg." The link to the blog leads to a message that all previous contents have been deleted and purged, or something like that. http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000440034809/