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  1. siuyee

    MacHeist Bundle *AMAZING DEAL!*

    Anyone wana get the bundle together? 1 bundle - $49 2 - $78 20% off 3 - $98 33%off Please pm me ASAP if interested. The Macheist guys mentioned the bundle price will go up.
  2. Is there any mac software that would stream iTunes library without using iTunes? I want to use winamp (or other lightweight apps) on my PC to listen to the songs on my mac. Thanks
  3. Thanks, rhatta. I will try it and report back.
  4. I know I can do that manually. I am asking if there is a handy app that does the job. It will take forever to go through all the folders and files.
  5. I know, but I want to delete all these files that I thought I wanted to keep. Let me rephrase the question: "How do I delete songs within the iTunes folder that are not in the iTunes library?"
  6. When I remove a song from iTunes, it asks me if I want to keep the files. What happens to all these "kept files" that are no longer in the iTunes library? Is there a way to batch remove them from hard disk?
  7. Hi all, Any MacCast listeners interested in buying TextMate, the missing editor for Mac? If we can get > 15 people, we can get 30% off. Regular price is €39, which is $ 50 USD. Please PM me your name and email if you are interested. Feel free to repost. Thx!
  8. I did a while back ago, but he didn't reply.
  9. Because I need to hear from first hand experience from .Net programmers. What kind of question is this?
  10. siuyee

    MacZot! Pomo partners with the MacCast

    I thought the first hint was to search for maczot widget on flickr. The image shows an image of the maczot widget (pointless), so I downloaded the widget. Then the next hint was to pay attention to digg. Now people are saying the first app is appzapper. I find this a little confusing. I guess that's the point.
  11. siuyee

    Where do mac developers hang out?

    It's a pretty silly question and it's not coding related. I am looking into writing my first mac app and plan on releasing it. I notice all the os x applications have really nice icons, even the freeware. Do the freeware developers create their own icons, or do they pay someone to do it (if so, kudos to them!)? I am a recent switcher. :oops:
  12. Are there any communities or forums for mac developers? I want to ask some very trivial questions...
  13. On Toast, If I want to burn a data DVD that would work on PC, should I choose Mac & PC or DVD-ROM (UDF)? What is the difference? What does the OSX built-in burning software use by default?
  14. siuyee


    You can bypass that by editing the xml file as well. http://dsiska.wz.cz/blog/?postid=36