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  1. australianrozza

    Who should be the new "Mac" in Apple's ads?

    i like john hodgman hes so funny
  2. australianrozza

    Flaming, Mac style

    And I quote apple's website http://developer.apple.com/students/mail.html is where you can find this!
  3. australianrozza

    anybody hear like The Office?

    the english one is better
  4. australianrozza

    DV Camcorder... what should I buy

    3CCD is great, its what i have.If you can afford it, go for it. If not. meh. OR you could save up for HD WHATEVER YOU DO: do not get a DVD camera and make sure your camera has firewire!
  5. australianrozza


    here is a movie that i made with single framer. you can get it of versiontracker for free! hope you all enjoy. (NSWF) High Quality Low Quality
  6. australianrozza

    Best freeware apps

    seamonkey fire fox google earth wire hang redux adium microsoft messenger skype conversation x chat aqua handbreak cosmic painter phex morphx sketchup (google) isquint singleframer virtuedesktops niceplayer sixtyforce rockey the monkey Vdrift (awsome freeware game. SO GOOOD!) flickr uploader. Thats all that are in my dock thats frrware. I have more in my folders, but these are the best. search for them on version tracker!
  7. australianrozza


    yep, Im there as Rory. What a great site. I love the sidebar on itunes i have already got some good music of it wooo hoooo!
  8. australianrozza

    iMac, Your not a helicopter...

    no linux for me. I might try a clean install, need to back up!
  9. australianrozza

    Ohh Original!

    Hey all do you think nintendo came up with this all by them selves? Its like a mac ad, but insted of havinging good looking computers, well arh, ... Just check it out Mac /wii VS PC PS3 sory for the crappy file, but hey!
  10. australianrozza

    iMac, Your not a helicopter...

    hey guys, wow, long time no post! about 3 days ago after i had turned my non isight imac G5 to sleep at night, after about 5 minutes the fans went on full blast just puping out air. I paniced so i flicked the power switch off at the wall. The next day i did all the regular tips, repaird permissions, reset p ram, backed u, got the latest software from apple.com. All seems to work fine now but im just worried tis might happen again, and i might not be there to turn the power off. Any ideas? Thanks -Rozza XD
  11. australianrozza

    eMacCast 07.26.2006

    Yeah, I think its cause its the 150th show, yeah i saw it too.
  12. australianrozza

    Tiger on a G3 - can it be done?

    the guy from macworld podcasts did it. he removed the HD from his G3 iMac and made uh i dont know.
  13. australianrozza

    Wolf Mother 60's iPod ad

    I just saw the new iPod ad, its OK but i like others better. Its ood to see an Aussie band in a iPod and but, i dont like it that much. What do you think
  14. australianrozza

    Boot Camp Ad mixup

    Hey, Just letting you guys know thatin my local paper, the sydney mornig herald, there was an ad for the new iMac through a store called domayne in the TV guide. There is a new TV show in Oz called Nerds FC (there is a podcast availadble, google it) The headline for the front page: BootCamp. Just a little apple geek joke i thought id share with you.
  15. australianrozza

    Game Of Choice

    You can chosse the XBOX 360 CAUSE I LOVVVE MICROSOFT, YOU COMMUNIST!!!!! Sorry.