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  1. Morn

    OSX 10.5 coming at the WWDC???

    Apple did spring x86 on them earlier than they expected. Macworld 06.
  2. Morn

    10.4.10 on the horizon

    Which is the same for the System 1 to system 6 releases really, they were minor changes.
  3. Morn

    Leopard Beta

    Note, almighty_spork, that the beta of 10.0 was released to the public. But that was a much larger and more risky project than 0.X releases.
  4. Morn

    Leopard Beta

    Apple has released a public beta before. beta of 10.0 Cheetah. It had a public release, although apple charged about $20 for postage and handling. They argued it was for free. The advantage of a public beta is to great buzz and enthusiasm for an OS as well as crush bugs. I'm not sure apple needs to do that so much though, they get good uptake by mac users of new OS versions, and OS X only needed a public beta as it was such a departure from os 9. And downloading would be the best way. Microsoft was able to handle it with Vista's beta. Infact you can buy vista online as a download without any CD, this is something apple should do.
  5. Morn

    Macbook display lawsuit

    The problem with this lawsuit, is that there are to my knowledge no 8 bit laptop LCD's in the industry. Laptop screens are all 6bit TN LCD's that use dithering to achieve millions of the colors. Infact just about every display below 20" or so is 6bit. The Cinema HD's are high quality SIPS panels, which is the best LCD technology in terms of viewing angles and colors. For more information on LCD technology. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TFT_LCD#Types This lawsuit is idiotic. Note that there are only 5 companies that produce all the world's LCD's, due to the high cost of factories that produce them. There is limited choice. The smaller LCD sizes, below 20" mostly, use TN 6bit displays as it's assumed by the industry in general that people with smaller displays don't have as great a need of perfect color reproduction. The idiotic part is that, Apple couldn't provide higher quality displays if they wanted to for laptops because they really don't exist. They'd be better off suing the whole computer industry.
  6. Morn

    10.4.10 on the horizon

    They have already. Difference between say system 5 and system 6 is probably less than the difference between tiger and panther.
  7. Morn

    Macbook Powering off around 40% battery

    No that's a common problem that happened on some powerpc laptops too. Some fault with the battery, apple will replace the battery under warranty if you ask.
  8. Morn

    Learn Mac Programming

    Which do you advice is the best if you don't program but what to learn how on os x. And C, I have a similar view. Why would I want to learn programming by using say perl, when I won't really use that language because what I want to know is C and cocoa. So, is there a book that assumes you know nothing at all about programming, and teaches you cocoa and C, not just C for unix programs, from the start.
  9. Morn

    10.4.10 on the horizon

    No need for it either. OS X could go on to 10.50.0 or 10.100.0 if necessary.
  10. Morn

    OS X Reinstallation Tips?

    Yeah, but those cobwebs will mostly not come from your personal user account I'd say though.
  11. Morn

    10.4.10 on the horizon

    It's not weird for version numbers.
  12. Morn

    OS X Reinstallation Tips?

    I think the need to do an erase install is very very rare. Do an archive install or an erase install using migration assistant to restore your user account from a backup. I think there is no real reason to start with a fresh user account on OS X. You can reinstall the whole OS without losing any settings or apps, it's great, it resets all the operating system settings, and your per user settings usually don't cause major problems with the OS. But the best way to rule out a software problem, install OS X onto an external drive, you could even install and boot OS X from an ipod. That way you won't need to muck about with your OS installation just to test if it's a software problem.
  13. Morn

    10.4.10 on the horizon

    Great, that number reads the same forwards or backwards!
  14. Morn

    Joost Unlimited Invites?

    There's Lexx!
  15. Morn

    Wake on LAN

    There is no reason to turn your computer off anyway though, sleep mode uses very little power.