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  1. kimgh

    Audio files from Mac to iPhone

    I know it's silly to answer my own question, but I think dropbox is my best bet for moving the files to the iPhone. So all I need is is recommendation for an audio capture app. BTW: I'm working on improving my morse code speed for amateur radio. I want to capture audio practice files generated on my Mac with Morse Mania and have them on the phone for practice out and about. Thanks, Kim
  2. kimgh

    Audio files from Mac to iPhone

    I really have 2 questions: 1. What is a good Mac program for capturing audio from the Mac audio stream? 2. Is there a way to wirelessly (through the cloud or otherwise) transfer any such audio files from the Mac to my iPhone? I know I can transfer files from iTunes to the phone through a USB connection, but since most of my stuff is transferred from the cloud, it's confusing to me and to the phone to connect to the computer. Thanks, Kim
  3. kimgh

    Passcode required randomly

    I'm wondering why my iPhone 6s requires my passcode every few days, even when TouchID is enabled and it hasn't been over 48 hours since I last used it. This was also true of my last phone, an iPhone 6. Is this normal/expected behavior? I have never heard anyone else mention this, so I'm thinking it shouldn't happen. It's clearly not a hardware problem, so is there some setting that makes the phone require occasional passcode entry? This has been driving me nuts for over a year now! Kim Helliwell
  4. Is is just me? Or has Safari on the iPad become more and more unusable for nearly any kind of web browsing? What happens is that a page will load, and I'll start to read. Then I get a message that there was an error loading the page, so it reloads. This continues sometimes 3 or 4 times, after which Safari gives up trying to reload the page. My suspicion is that some of the ad content is causing problems for Safari, but I have no way to prove that. But if that's the case, the advent of ad blocking capability in IOS 9 will be very welcome. Meanwhile, is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have a solution?
  5. Adam pointed me to the fact that even if iPhotos is not available, it should still be in your purchased list in the Applications app. I moved the old iPhoto to the trash and then clicked the update button for iPhotos, and it downloaded and installed, and it works. The version number is 9.6.1. So all is not lost if you failed to update.
  6. I might be able to get it from my wife's laptop, now I think of it. I agree: loss of location tagging is an issue, and I hope it won't take long for that to be restored. I'm doing the same thing you are: adding slides and prints, though I am mostly done now. I think once the pix are in Photos, though, you are out of luck tagging locations in iPhoto, as changes won't transfer over ( from what I understand). So I think we have to wait for tagging to be added to Photos.
  7. I think I'm out of luck. I have 9.6 on both my macs and evidently it's too late to upgrade. Really wish apple would not be so quick to pull the plug without a warning. I was misled by more than one review of Photos. I missed some fine print somewhere!
  8. For me, iPhoto is just not working anymore. Yes there is still the application in the applications folder, but it's xed out and when I try to launch it says that it is not compatible with Yosemite. Which I think is strange because it was working before I did the update to 10.10.3 . I'm given an opportunity to search the applications app for a new version that works, but then the app says there is no such animal anymore. So I conclude that iPhoto is gone baby gone. I'm not too sad about all of this. The new photos app works beautifully. But I thought I was going to be able to use iPhoto in parallel for some time and I'm a little bit miffed find out that's not the case.
  9. Hi, John: In this case, it's too late. I've been eagerly awaiting the new Photos app since it was first announced, and there was little chance I would not upgrade immediately. What I've noticed is: contrary to the reviews I read based on the beta version by David Pogue and others who said that Photos and iPhoto would both work once Photos was installed, the fact is that iPhoto is Gone Baby, Gone! Also, in partial answer to my own question, the Preferences screen for iCloud photos is hinting that Photo Stream will continue to work with devices that don't have iCloud Photos turned on. So I'm guessing that Apple is going to one day deprecate Photo Stream and it will eventually disappear. So unless someone else has different/better information, I suppose I am answered.
  10. Now that the new Photos app is out and we can use iCloud Photos, is there any reason to continue using Photo Stream? Really the question is: will photos I take on my iPhone automatically upload when only iCloud Photo is on? Or is photo stream needed as well?
  11. kimgh

    Mounting an iPhone in the car

    Does anyone have a favorite car mount for an iPhone 5? I am looking for one that will work in my Prius. I know there are a lot of these made, and I would like to narrow the field by getting a few recommendations. Thanks, Kim
  12. Boy, do I miss MacDraw! I have a need for a vector drawing program that: a) Provides scaling of the drawing elements doesn't cost too much (OmniGraffle at $100 is too much for me). I need this to draw a floor plan of a house I own. I don't need a lot of fancy features, just the ability to draw rectangles that are scaled properly. Any suggestions?
  13. kimgh

    How can I read old MacWrite files?

    Cool! Getting the files into the old Mac is going to be a bit of a problem, I think. But if that machine has an internet connection, it may be possible to ftp them over from files I email to you. If you don't have an email address you're willing to share on here, do you have a LinkedIn page? If so, send me (at Kim Helliwell) a LinkedIn invite. I can send you one of the files to see if you can get it onto the old Mac. If that works, I can send the rest. Thanks, Kim
  14. kimgh

    How can I read old MacWrite files?

    I might take you up on that; I'm having little luck with the emulators I've been trying...
  15. kimgh

    How can I read old MacWrite files?

    @johnfoster: thanks. I tried OpenOffice before posting this question, but could not find the MacWrite format in OpenOffice, even though the link you provided suggests it should be there. I think the emulation approach looks promising. I actually got it working, but I guess I need a way to create disk images onto which I can copy my files; seems to be no way to just get them from my Mac's file system! Any ideas? Thanks, Kim