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    Problems with playlist

    This has been bugging me a while, and I've seen no mention elsewhere of this problem. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this? The problem: I start every morning with a "podcast" playlist of whatever of my favorite podcasts are available for the day. Many times, there is a partially listened-to podcast that I place lower in the list than some new ones. When I finish the podcasts ahead of the partially finished one, the iPhone plays about a half second from where I left off, then suddenly skips back to the beginnning. If I'm driving, of course I cannot scrub back to the point I was at (assuming I know where that was), so this is very frustrating. But it's worse yet, because frequently, I start a brand new podcast that is second or third place in the list (after finishing the ones ahead of it) and it skips to somewhere in the middle of the podcast. I brought my iPod today so I could be sure of getting through a playlist without such defugleties, but this is less than ideal. I just want the iPod portion of the phone to work as billed. I occurs to me that this problem started when I last update the 3.x software. So either that is the problem or (if I'm the only one experiencing this) it's a corrupted update. I will try to reset and restore the phone this weekend and see whether that fixes this, but I'm looking for any other advice anyone might have. Thanks, Kim
  2. kimgh

    Problems with playlist

    Well, it's a smart playlist, so it changes every day. It accumulates all podcasts that have a play count less than 1. I tend to reorder things every morning before I sync, even if I haven't finished everything from the day before, because I have certain things I want to listen to, like Mac OS Ken, first thing every morning. This was not a problem on my iPod last week, but is a problem on the iPhone. The phone is a newly acquired 3GS. My old 2G model never showed this problem. Only the new one has misbehaved, and as I said: I think only after the last update of iPhone OS 3.x. Since no one else is owning up to having this problem, I guess it's a very obscure bug triggered by my use case or (as I thought) a corrupted update. Probably I'll have to go see a Genius, I guess.
  3. kimgh

    Problems with playlist

    I understand that. That's not my complaint, though: There are two things (probably related, probably software) that are going on: 1. My iPhone (but NOT my iPod; I tested this last week) starts at where I left off (for a half second), then jumps back to the beginning. This occurs specifically for partially-listened to podcasts that have been re-ordered in my playlist in favor of newer arrivals. 2. Sometimes, podcasts NEVER listened to start somewhere in the middle of the track. This will occur for tracks that are "downlist" in the playlist (that is, NEVER for the first one in the list, that I've been able to detect). All this occurs after my morning sync and away from the computer, so it has NOTHING to do with syncing or listening to tracks on the computer and then starting up from the phone later after syncing. And please note: my iPod behaves correctly, just the iPhone is messed up like this. And (as I said): it seems to have started after a recent update to the iPhone software, though I can't be completely certain of that, my memory being what it is. BTW: I thought to do a complete reset and restore of the phone, but following Apple's instructions for doing so don't seem to work with a 3GS with 3.x software. Either they haven't updated the page or my phone has more problems than I think! Anyone know how to reset/restore a 3GS iPhone? Maybe time to go see a Genius... Kim
  4. kimgh

    Problems with playlist

    Nope! I always sync when I plug in the phone.
  5. kimgh

    Can an iPhone be an iPod Touch?

    When I upgraded to a 3GS, my iPhone 2G would still work in every way as an iPod touch without my removing the SIMM card. Then I made the mistake of resetting the device. Now it's a brick waiting to be activated. I'd love to know how to restore it to where it was before resetting it. I looked on the iPhone Dev team website(s) for some clues, but that gets into the realm of some serious hocus-pocus, and (frankly) the process of jailbreaking the device is not very well explained there. I thought it was supposed to be as simple as downloading an app. but seems not. If removing the SIMM card would fix this, I'm all for trying that. I didn't think of that!
  6. kimgh

    Podcasts listed as audiobooks...

    Thanks. It's more important to me that they NOT be flagged as audiobooks than than they be treated as podcasts.
  7. I noticed that several podcasts end up in the "audiobooks" category on iTunes. The info says they are podcasts, but iTunes insists on lumping them with the audio books anyway. I'd like to correct this, but don't see a way to do so. Is there some metadata that the "info" command doesn't show, and could that be set wrong? And how would I edit that stuff? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Kim
  8. kimgh

    Can an iPhone be an iPod Touch?

    You don't have to take out the SIMM. My original iPhone (4 gig model) works fine as an iPod Touch after I upgraded to a 3G S. Without removing the SIMM.
  9. kimgh

    Numbers: Time Difference in Minutes?

    By my recollection, Excel isn't much better at this. Just sayin'!
  10. kimgh

    Problems shutting down/restarting?

    I pretty much always quit apps before shutting down or restarting, which avoids the originals poster's problem MOST of the time. However, non-app processes can also cause a shutdown failure. The most frequent instance of this for me has been the iDisk mirror process, which runs in the background. The only way to shut that down is to launch the activity monitor and find the offending process and kill it from there. Sometimes even that doesn't work, and then the only thing to do is hard-reboot the machine. But of course that's a last resort.
  11. kimgh

    what NEW feature of Leopard is the trigger?

    I think the "back to my Mac" feature is going to be pretty awesome. Andy Ihnatko says that feature is easily worth $89 by itself. Time machine is a biggy for me, as is spaces. Really, a lot of the new stuff looks pretty good to me: movable Safari tabs, tabbed terminal windows, the PDF manipulation in Preview, etc. Lots of "wow" factor there for me.
  12. kimgh

    I haven't bought an iPhone yet because...

    1. Yeah, price is an issue, but it's currently priced for early adopters (like me, in this case). I expect that will taper off over the next year or two. 2. I don't see why this is an issue. In my case, I already have an 80 gig iPod, but only listened to podcasts on it, so the 4Gig model I got is more than adequate for my current use model. But in any case, I expect larger capacity iPhones to debut eventually, so I think this objection will vanish over time. 3. When the iPhone was first introduced at MacWorld (I was there!), I thought it would be a killer product with GPS integrate with the Google Maps functions. In fact, I have a separate GPS receiver and I'm actually amazed at how little I need to have that functionality in the phone. My understanding is adding that function would severely limit battery endurance, so it's a tradeoff and I think Apple made the right call there. That said: I wish there was access to the location feature that must be built into every cell phone, even if it's only triangulation from the cell towers; it would be nice for there to be a "current position" button in the Maps app! I bet that would only require a software update; the data certainly is in the phone somewhere to support emergency calls. Another possibility would be an add-on GPS receiver that would plug into the dock connector and provide location info. I think this has possibilities if Apple ever opens up to 3rd party developers. Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance: are you listening? 4. I hear that's coming. I haven't really missed it, frankly. It would suck on the Edge network in any case. NOT a deal breaker for me. 5. In spite of what I said in #4, Edge is not nearly as bad as I expected. I'm currently on a road trip, and the Maps app has been invaluable for finding places to eat en route, and quick enough even on Edge. Speed varies all over the map; sometimes, you can't get anything to load in Safari, and other times it's OK. WiFi is like a glass of cold water on a hot day, of course. As one other poster said, it's better than I had before the iPhone (which was nothing comparable). So I prefer to extol what it does rather than lament what it doesn't do.
  13. kimgh

    I wish my new iPhone could....

    I, too, wish it had copy/paste. And while I really hope for some improvements in the first firmware release, I am not so sure that copy/paste will be one of them. The reason is that it just doesn't appear to be obvious/easy to implement with a finger-based touch screen. Other things I really wish for: 1. Notes that sync (coming, I'm told, with Leopard. I hope that's right!) 2. Bluetooth syncing of address book data with automobile phone system (this is not a must, since I think I have a workaround. It's just a disappointment it isn't there). 3. finer gradations on the volume control. 4. more freedom for ringtones (ability to download them, for one...) 5. SPAM filtering... (well, if you set up carefully, you can have your email client do filtering for you, so maybe this isn't a huge deal. Still...) I'm sure there are others; just can't think of them at this time... BTW, #2 implies bluetooth syncing with a Mac, also. Not a bad idea: I sometimes just want to do a quick sync without charging the phone. However, Apple is clearly moving away from iSync (it's been getting less and less to do with each release of the OS) and toward iTunes as the hub for everything, so I doubt that BT syncing with a Mac is forthcoming.
  14. kimgh

    Standard headphones

    Ummmm, wrong. The "button on the cord" is also a mic.
  15. kimgh

    Cool features

    Wahlah? Wahlah? Wot mean this wahlah?
  16. kimgh

    My week (as of this Sunday actually) with the iPhone

    This does not seem normal to me. I charge mine every night, but usually only use 1/2 the charge during the day, and I do a reasonable amount of surfing, etc. I don't make or get many phone calls, though. But it's on all the time and connected to Edge and seeking WiFi hotspots constantly. So I'm pretty happy with the battery life. I've had Mail, Safari, and Maps "crash" a few times. This is basically a non-event, you just get dumped to the home screen and lose whatever you were doing last. And today, I had the Maps freeze (the "Home" key wouldn't work). So I had to "reboot" by holding the sleep/power key for a few seconds to turn it off, then pushing it again a few seconds to restart it. No biggie, really. I've not tried the reset thing (and hope I never have to, it sounds traumatic). I hope you get your issues worked out. I think that once Apple releases the first software update, we'll know a lot more about how well they will fix things. BTW: you DEFINITELY don't want to let your computer go to sleep during a restore. A lot of the activation problems were apparently due to that happening (it's been reported somewhere). I think this has always been true for the iPod as well. In fact, even leaving an iPod on the cable/dock when the computer went to sleep or rebooted has caused me some problems.
  17. kimgh

    iPod Sound Level

    One of the coolest bits of attention to detail on the iPhone is this: The phone remembers volume settings. Say I'm playing sound through the speakers, adjusted to a level I like. Later, I plug in the headphones and adjust the sound. If I then remove the headphone plug, the sound level goes back to the setting I had when playing through speakers (if it's different). Plug the headset in again, and voila! The level goes back to the previous setting adjusted when the headphones were last plugged in. But wait, it's even cooler than that! I use an audio jack in my car to play the phone through the audio system. The iPhone maintains a distinct THIRD setting for when it's plugged into the car's audio. I conjecture that it's programmed to remember settings based on whether what's plugged in has 2 rings (car audio) or 3 rings (stock headset), or, of course, playing through the speakers. Anyway, this is not only neat, but very convenient, as I don't have to think about fixing the volume every time I change how I'm listening.
  18. kimgh

    Cool features

  19. kimgh

    iPhone nano?

    I'm skeptical of this report (not least because the firm that reported this has been all over the map on whether this would happen). This is NOT the way Apple works. My guess: there will be new iPods (including new Nanos) announced this fall, which may have a multitouch interface. There are lots of indications this is coming (including what Steve is reported to have told Apple employees about it). Apple will NOT announce a new cheaper phone while they are still selling the existing one like hotcakes. What will happen this Fall is the introduction in Europe of the iPhone. I think the analyst got the intro of the iPhone in EU and the intro of new iPods conflated into one release.
  20. My mother needs some remote support for her PC. Can I access her machine using Chicken of the VNC? I assume there needs to be some server software running on her machine; what software? Which port do I need to open? Thanks for any help...
  21. kimgh

    Apple TV questions

    Well, I'm hoping you're wrong about this, because I have too many Macs on my network that are too old to upgrade to 'N'. I've been assuming that I could link in an "ad-hoc" fashion similarly to the way I could stream audio to an Airport Express. I'm betting I can. If not, guess I've wasted $299...
  22. I have an old G4 desktop machine, vintage about 2003, 966MHz clock. I recently upgraded to a new MacPro, and would like to "recycle" the old machine as a backup server. To do that, I would like to put it in a back room and have it wirelessly connect to the home network. At the same time, I want to upgrade my wireless network to 802.11g so I can take advantage of WPA encryption. These goals conflict because the old Mac will not take an Airport Extreme card. So: is there a third party wireless card that I can use in this machine? A brief web search shows third party cards for laptops, but I'm not sure I'm going to find ones for desktop machines. BTW: I do have a couple of wireless modules that connect thru USB and are being used with PCs at the moment (don't ask...). But I don't think that any drivers for the Mac are available for them; otherwise, that would be an ideal solution. Thanks for any help... Kim
  23. kimgh

    Third Party 802.11g card for "OLD" Mac?

    No problem. Reading back, I see that I did not make it clear that I already have an old style Airport card, so it's my bad.
  24. kimgh

    Third Party 802.11g card for "OLD" Mac?

    The machine HAS an original card. That's not the problem. The problem is that I want to have WPA working on the network. The higher speed is nice, but not essential. But WPA is very desirable...
  25. kimgh

    Give my shuffle back, APPLE

    If you are close to an Apple store, I bet that the iPod bar genius will be able to reset the thing and get it to work. I had a 3G iPod that I was SURE needed a new disk drive, because it wouldn't sync with iTunes and (evenuatlly) wouldn't respond to any of the keys at all. Not even attempting a re-install of the software from the iPod updater fixed this. The Apple guy reset the machine and reloaded the SW, and it's been working ever since (that is, for at least several months). Actually, I was bummed a bit, as I was hoping for an excuse to get a new 60GIG iPod to replace the "broken" one! Now I can get an 80Gig... If you are close to an Apple store, I bet that the iPod bar genius will be able to reset the thing and get it to work. I had a 3G iPod that I was SURE needed a new disk drive, because it wouldn't sync with iTunes and (evenuatlly) wouldn't respond to any of the keys at all. Not even attempting a re-install of the software from the iPod updater fixed this. The Apple guy reset the machine and reloaded the SW, and it's been working ever since (that is, for at least several months). Actually, I was bummed a bit, as I was hoping for an excuse to get a new 60GIG iPod to replace the "broken" one! Now I can get an 80Gig...