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  1. I recently bought a bluetooth mighty mouse. Shortly after installing it, I tried syncing my bluetooth phone and found it didn't work. I didn't have time to mess with it, so I left it until today, when I tried again. I had a little brainwave, and turned off the BT mouse (and reverted to the wired mouse), and the phone then sync'ed correctly. So: looks like the BT mouse and the BT phone cannot maintain connections at the same time. Is there a workaround, or is this the way it is? I have a G4 966MHz Mac with 10.4.current, and a Sony Ericsson Z520a phone. The second problem occurs when I turn the Mighty Mouse back on. It takes forever to reconnect, and there seems to be no way to force the issue. Eventually, it does reconnect, but I think it can't really need that long (it seems to take several minutes, 5 or more). Is THAT normal? Any help for either problem appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thanks, Jesse. The Airfoil solution looks like the best bet here. I'll have to give that a try.
  3. Does anyone know whether it's possible (and if so, how) to select a particular Airtunes speaker using Applescript? Looks like you can control the volume and whether the speakers are muted, according to the Applescript dictionary, but how to select which speakers will be used did not jump out at me during my perusal of the dictionary for iTunes. Any help appreciated... Thanks, Kim
  4. kimgh

    iPod trouble....

    I think what you press to get to disk mode depends on what model of iPod you have.
  5. kimgh

    iPod trouble....

    I had this same thing happen to my 3G iPod. I thought for sure it would mean a replacement disk (or better: an excuse to get one of the newer iPods with video) I took it to the genius bar at the local Apple store, and the genius there said that about 90% of the time the problem is software: a corrupted OS on the iPod. He put it into disk mode and mounted it on the Mac there and ran the iPod installer. Everything's been peachy since. So: if you can, take it to the genius bar and let them try this same trick. If you are not close to an Apple store, you might try the disk mode thing yourself. You have to press and hold the two outer keys (which I think are "skip to last" and "skip to next) for several seconds to enter this mode. From there, I don't know what happens; the guy did this so quickly that I didn't keep up. You might be able to look up online what to do, or perhaps someone here knows the procedure. I'm betting your iPod is just fine, though. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine, including not being able to be updated in the "normal" mode.
  6. Just to follow up: I think I've solved the problem. I ran repair permissions, disk repair, and (finally, when DR didn't fix everything) Disk Warrior. There was some cruft on the disk. Fixing that seems to have solved the problem with downloads. I suppose it might be coincidental, but I doubt it.
  7. I've been having a problem for a couple of months, where the download of podcasts appears to halt in the process and never completes. I often had to manually halt and then re-start the download to get it to complete, and often many times before finally succeeding. Last night, I had the same problem with a download from Safari, and noticed that the file actually did completely download, but the indicator bar halted. Subsequent investigation appears to prove that the same thing is happening with iTunes downloads. But because iTunes doesn't update the library until it knows the file is completely downloaded, the file is unavailable for playing. So: anyone else having this problem? any ideas for why? I have the latest version (but this problem started before I got it, and the fact that it happened with a Safari download too is indicating a wider problem). Software problem? Hardware problem? I'm stumped... Thanks for any suggestions.
  8. Thanks, huskermn, for the reply. Yes, I wondered about that one myself (I heard Leo mention that problem in Sunday's Twit). If so, it's affecting Catholic Insider, Podcacher Podcast, MacCast, and Wizards of Technology as well. Pretty widespread. BTW: I was wrong about the file downloading but the indicator not updating to show it. The file is not downloading in entirety when this happens, lending some credence to your theory.
  9. kimgh

    Seeing my whole network

    Thanks, car1son. I tried changing the Airport to a bridge as you suggest, but maybe didn't have everything right, because, while I did have the laptop get an address in the 192... subnet, and I could talk to the base station OK, I couldn't access the internet, and I couldn't even ping, the gateway (on the Linksys). Seems I missed a piece of it there, but darned if I can figure it out... I'm not sure I want to try the other alternative, since that involves some network surgery! BTW, the "route" command suggestion didn't help, but I thank the person who suggested it. Seemed a reasonable thing to try, and I bet it might even work if I were to figure out the right incantation.
  10. I have a problem with seeing my desktop machines from my laptop when I click on the network icon in a Finder window. And vice versa, I might add. Desktops can see desktops, and laptops can see laptops. The problem is this: I use a Linksys router connected to my DSL line. One of the ports of that router is connected to an Airport (non-extreme, unfortunately) base station. The laptops run wirelessly on subnet 10.0.1; the Linksys runs subnet 192.168.1 for the wired connections. Apparently, the finder network list only lists machines available in the local subnet. I can connect to any machine by typing in its IP address into the "connect to server" dialog, but it would really be nice to see all the machines listed in the Finder window so I can connect that way. Is there any way to persuade the subnets to join or talk to each other? Or to get the finder to look at both subnets? It looks like I could get the Airport Base Station to serve out a range of addresses in the 192.. subnet, but I'm not sure that's the case, and the documentation is not clear on this point, so I'm reluctant to try this, since if it doesn't work, fixing the Airport configuration would be painful, I think. The extreme solution is to abandon the Linksys and use the ABS to run the whole network, with a hub hanging off the local port of the ABS to support the wired machines (only two of them, plus a networked printer.) And I might try that, but I'm hestitant to muck with the physical stuff if I can solve this in software. Note that if I did that, I would want manually assigned addresses for the wired machines and DHCP addresses for the wireless ones. The Linksys supports that, but I'm not sure the Airport does... Any help appreciated, thanks.