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  1. Ahhh! Well, I don't care about Sharing, so I'll just shut that off! Thanks!
  2. @RailRider - Hmm, I'll try that. @Graham - I used to have it but never reinstalled after Leopard.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! iTunes is in the "allowed" list already, however. I also just quit iTunes to check if it went away in the Firewall settings, but it's still there and still asked me to allow when I restarted iTunes.
  4. iTunes asks me this question every time it starts and I have to authorize with Admin name/password. Why is it doing that and how can I stop it? (BTW, other apps "downloaded from the internet" also ask if I want to open them every time.) Thanks in advance!
  5. Robin

    Convert .mov to .gif?

    Groovy! I'll give that a try!
  6. Robin

    Convert .mov to .gif?

    Thanks! I made an animated gif with GIFfun, but, can I make the resulting file smaller? I need to get it down to 8KB, it's now 176KB. Any tips there? Thanks again!
  7. Robin

    Convert .mov to .gif?

    Hi all you little macgeeks out there in internet land! I've got a little movie I want to make into an avatar. How the heck do I do it?! It's currently 80x60 pixels, that's fine. It's in H.264 format and 7.26K. The website I want to upload to limits avatar formats to gif, jpeg or png and 80x80 pixels, and max file size of 8K. I have QT 7.0.1 I'm using OSX10.3.9 Any suggestions? Cheers!