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  1. jay

    Mac Game Controller

    Any recommendations for a good game controller that is compatible with new MacMini Intel and Lion OS 16/32/64 bit etc? thanks in advance
  2. Thanks all. I may be a bit dense, Graham, what do you mean by "same place?" is therea VLC to handbrake procedure?
  3. What software is best and easiest to rip a DVD to be put into iTunes in the format for a iPad? As easy and simple process is appreciated.
  4. I will. Have not found anything so far.
  5. Are there any internet web browser security camera systems that work well with iMac Intel, leopard, and apple router?
  6. When I import a photo as a file or directly from camera into Photo it reduces light to a darker setting. Changing exposure and brightness in iphoto does not reproduce same as pre-import. Is there a way to import into iPhoto a photo as is? thanks
  7. Do G4 iBooks handle international power ok? Just a plug adapter for Eastern Europe/German power. Is WiFi any different? thanks in advance
  8. jay

    imap vs iphone

    Thanks for suggestions, Jay
  9. jay

    imap vs iphone

    I have a imac use mail with an earthlink and gmail accts plus I got a iphone. Which is better? imap or pop, why? with the above, do I want to direct to earthlink or gmail? What is best to set up iphone wise? Just wanting to get educated. Jay
  10. I and my son on a separate macs have found that if we bookmark in a certain category that it is ignored repeatedly. Are there bookmarking limits or protocol?? thanks in advance Jay
  11. Samsung ML1430 Laser Printer. I did not know there was list of acceptable printers for Airport Express. Is it available?
  12. I have a second laser printer in a room that I connect my iBook to. I have a WPA network that an iMac and the iBook and 2 Tivos get on fine. I want this second printer to get on the network by self. I have a Airport Express and did the USB printer connect routine with it(the printer) and express but the iMAc can't connect to it to produce a print out. Maybe it is interference what should I do??