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  1. Eye_Doc

    New Macbook processors?

    I suspect they are Penryns. If they were using Nehalem, they would (hopefully) have offered a four-core MBP. Now that would have been interesting!
  2. Eye_Doc

    802.11n network help!

    Thanks for your help! So, in my case, i would have... Cable modem <--> Old g router <--> Airport Expreess <--> Time Capsule <--> iMac I am effectively using the Airport express as a bridge between the old network and the new network! Currently hunting down an additional Network Cable!
  3. Eye_Doc

    Wireless USB adapter to work with Leopard

    Can you not use an airport express as a wireless bridge?
  4. Eye_Doc

    blu-ray on appletv

    I am still holding off on Blu-Ray. It is not just the price of the players, the discs are ridiculously expensive in the UK! On the other hand, I am loving my Apple TV at the moment. I use it to play ripped DVD content rather than anything else, but the convenience of having a huge chunk of content in one place means a lot more to me than having hi-def content. Plus when you factor in your music and photos being freed from the computer, I can't help but recommend it. I recommended it to my Father recently and he has ended up buying two for him and one for my younger brother!
  5. Very generously, I have been given a Time Capsule which I hope to replace my UFO style Airport base station with. Everything I need to connect to (Apple TV, MBP) has 802.11n adapters except my iMac which is right on the top floor of the house. So I was going to connect the Time Capsule straight to the iMac via Ethernet so that it doesn't have to use 802.11g and so I can have n throughout. HOWEVER (and here is where I need the help!), my Cable provider's cable does not stretch upstairs and even if it did, I suspect I would have a devil of a time getting it up to the top floor. SO, can I use a airport extreme as a bridge from the cable provider's ethernet cable to the wireless network and then wireless up to the Time Capsule which can sit by my iMac? Or if anyone else has any other suggestions then I will be really grateful for them! Thanks guys! PS Has all the problems with XBox 360's and Apple Routers been sorted otherwise I guess I am keeping the old router!
  6. Eye_Doc

    connect to www.me.com from iphone?

    I am not sure why we are not given the option of using the old webapps, if only for the email. I HATE IE6 with a passion, it is slow and crappy. BUT there are times when you have no other choice than to use it. Since the mobileme transition, I cannot access my email at work and I can't install another browser on any of the computers!
  7. Eye_Doc

    buggy 2.0

    Some people are suggesting that a hard reset will clear out most of the problems. But I bought an iPhone to get away from that while Windows Mobile experience. It seems that apps aren't cleared out when you stop them. They remain in a dormant state so that when you open them up again they are ready in the state you left them.
  8. Eye_Doc


    Do you think we may have stumbled on a business idea? There are loads of 'consumers' out there with Blackberry's, iPhones and Windows Mobile devices that just don't have access to an Exchange server and just aren't using their devices to the full. Offering Exchange Accounts (rather than servers) to the public might be a good idea.
  9. Eye_Doc

    buggy 2.0

    I have found it to be far more temperamental than the previous version. People seem to be blaming the apps. However, I had thought that the apps were running in their own space within the OS and were unable to affect the phone generally. Also apps seem to crash on startup, before they have had a chance to do very much. It seems to be any app that can crash on startup with no obvious culprits. But it this way, before v2.0, I didn't even know the power + menu button hard reset trick! Here's looking to 2.01!
  10. Eye_Doc

    Time Capsule Dissection Photos

    This isn't really server grade is it?! Fair enough for a home/consumer backup drive to be a standard desktop drive. The load shouldn't be too great on it. The only question is why did they try and market it as something it quite obviously isn't!
  11. Eye_Doc

    Aperture's Demise?

    Feel the need to stick up for Aperture! I love this program. I admit I have very simple needs. All I need a program to collect and tag pictures and do minor alterations (nothing too fancy!) and this program makes it really easy for me to do that. The interface is well designed and provides plenty more room for the image and on dual monitors it is really awesome, with your image on one side and the thumbnails on the other. I tried the trial of LR and didn't like it all, but hey horses for courses and we are lucky to have two products available to duke it out! It works fine on my CD1 iMac. Granted it could be a lot speedier, but the new version is a great improvement, especially the quick preview mode which displays your images immediately albeit in a JPEG preview. The best thing is that they are both available to try out as free downloads!
  12. I held back from the airport extreme N base station, but the Time Capsule looks really cool and would bring a really useful chunk of backup storage from our house. The only question is whether my XBox 360 will play nice with the new router. I cannot connect the XBox via a cable as the two things are in completely different place. I know that there were problems with the Airport Extreme (802.11n) base station, does anyone know if they have been fixed? Thanks
  13. Eye_Doc

    Regents Street!

    Sitting on the floor of the Bullring outside the Apple Store. There are about 30 of us at 1533. At least we are in a dry warm shopping centre!
  14. Eye_Doc

    Regents Street!

    You two are starting to spread through the blogosphere! You have been immortalised on macworld.co.uk
  15. Eye_Doc

    Regents Street!

    Good luck Graham. Hope the weather is good for you! Will start queuing myself tomorrow in Brum! Keep us updated!