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  1. hetoreyn

    Choosing a domain name!

    Fair Comment. I only saw it as anothe option for hosting my website. In Rapid Weaver I decided to look at the "Export" functions and noticed that I could run it all off my G5. Guess I didn't really think about it in any real depth. And I was intrigued to know just how you name your www thing. Rapid Weaver is great. It even has a secton to upload and managed podscasts. I'm thinking of starting up my own podcast for the "Vienna Symphonic library", this is a sample library of orchestral sounds (The one I'm using to compose my new album) and I thought that it'd be great to have a podcast similar to the maccast, but for users of Logic Pro, the VSL, and music in general. So I'm glad to see RW supports Podcasting. Cos I have no idea what all that xml stuff is about. Frankly I don't really want to do a show, but I do want to hear one. So I guess if no one else will do it, I'll have to. And I had thought if I run out of bandwidth that I could use my G5 as the host server. Thus the idea to use it as my web server. So, thanks for the knowledge. It certainly helped
  2. Hi, A question if I may. I have a site hosted on yahoo (www.elvenmusic.com). But I've been thinking recently of hosting off my own computer. But at the moment the web address for my own computer site is something dorky like http: //192.100.100 and so on. How do I actually get my own name on my own domain. IS it as simple as naming something in a setting, or is this something far more complicated. Can anyone enlighten me as to how this all works.
  3. hetoreyn

    OS X on a PC BOX!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Well .. would that be such a bad thing. I wouldn't mind running OSX on my PC too. It sits next to my G5 and frnakly I'd rather have OSX on both. I've got no problem with this at all. Bring it on I say. Maybe my PC would be actually useful for once.
  4. hetoreyn

    i need some macgeek help please!

    Could be that one of your RAM sticks .. or even the RAM slot itself isn't working right. Maybe you should run the hardware diagnostic disc.
  5. hetoreyn

    Optical Out

    I'd suggest that you look at your software. If you have any sound apps that are set to use the spdif line that might make it change. Seems unlikely I know but I can't imagine Mac OS arbitrarily using the spdif line unless you had an actual coaxial/optical cable plugged into it. Maybe you have some app that's set to start up at login that is using the port. And if you have any 3rd party sound plugs they may account for this too. My poor old power book doesn't even have a line in. (G4 400mhz). Oh yeah .. also check the Audio/midi setup in your utilities folder. I use this to manage my audio options for Logic Pro 7. And this may very well affect your default settings. Make sure that the default output is set to built-in audio.
  6. hetoreyn

    No EFI for Viata because of VirtualPC?

    Well I've heard that the system requirements for using Vista are so ridiculous that running it on an Intel Mac .. even at near native speeds would be slow as hell. But that's just what I've heard, not first hand info. Friend of mine who's used Vista told me that it requires a minimum of 256 MB Ram just to run idle. and a minimum of a 512 MB graphics card. And the less said about the processor spec the better. Maybe he had an early version .. or maybe his was bust .. frankly I'm inclined to think that windows vista will be a huge pile of crap! And it'd be faster and easier for me to Run Windows 98 in VPC, than Vista on a new PC. hehe But whatever .. it's only talks in the trenches until we actaully see the thing. Maybe we'll all be suprised.
  7. hetoreyn

    wma and drm ... ways around

    Hi. Thought I'd throw this out there. I'm sure that you guys all have your own ways of doing this .. and perhaps I'm telling you nothing new. Recently I've been following the new PC game 'Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion'. It's a terrific game (Sequel to Morrowind) and I'm lookin forward to getting it. I hope even more that Macplay or Aspyr do a Mac version, I have sent in a request so lets hope they have more and do it. Anyways, the point is .. the soundtrack. You can buy the Morrowind and Oblivion Soundtracks as special editions from Direct Song.com However ... they are in wma format only and you have to use Windows in order to actually download it, cos the download file is an .exe with a link to the actual songs location. Oh sure you can get this part on your mac, but you can't use it any further than that. VPC maybe able to download it I suppose but I don't have that. So I used my friends Laptop to download it. I paid a mere $15 for both soundtracks .. not a whole lot. Obviously I'd have prefered a CD, but if you can't get that what can you do. Anyways, before playing you have to get the license .. which you paid for .. which I did .. and then I found that it can't actually be brought over to the mac. At least as wma. You can try but Windows media in Mac tells you to sod off (As it always does). So I tried Filp4mac. Still no joy. Protected content and all that crap. Now .. I want to play this stuff on my iPod. It's ridiculous to think that the guys at direct song didn't think that anyone would use an iPod! So, I burned the songs onto a CD, from the Windows machine, having first converted them to the Lossless format. And then hey presto .. it appears on my iTunes list (Strangle as AIFF) and I can import it straight in. Where's the DRM .. dunno it hasn't affected the songs and I seem to be able to copy these files to my hearts content. I have no intention to let this music go anywhere further than my iPod. Being a composer myself I support the composers right to be paid for what he does. (And Jeremy Soule did an amazing job on these albums). But it's really quite stupid making these things a PC only download. And even more stupid for me to simply burn it to a disc which seems to remove the DRM problem. Why bother with it in the first place. I don't know .. very strange but I'm glad I found this way to get this awesome music onto my Mac.
  8. hetoreyn

    Issues with MacRoundtable Podcast

    Audio was jumpy and low sampled in a lot of places .. I assumed that was just screw up in how it was resampled later on, since you guys obviously had some good mics and recording gear. Played back okay, but it would be nice to not have all the glitches in there for the next one.
  9. hetoreyn

    World of Warcraft

    Well I play WOW on my Quad mac and I don't really know what is transmitted back to blizzard other than game info. But in the 10 months that I have been playing I have never seen any spam, or anything from Blizzard. I'd say it's safe. Blizzard are good people I trust 'em. And if you think about it, only stuff that is to do with the game is transmitted. You user password protects anything else. But of course I'm not a wizz with this stuff. I would say don't let it get you all paranoid ... join in the fun
  10. hetoreyn

    Making Thunderbird a default e-mail app

    Thanks for your reply. But ... there is no 'General' heading in the tools menu. And I'm fairly sure that I said yes to making my app the default one when I installed. But if you look at your tools menu in Thunderbird .. you will not see anywhere, as tab for general. And in the prefferences there is no place anywhere where I have found a 'make default' check box.
  11. Everytime I click on an e-mail icon on the net .. or in MSN to send e-mail, Mac OS always tries to open up the Mac Mail program .. which is not set up yet cos I ise Thunderbird to e-mail with. Does anyone know how I can set Thunderbird to open as the default app for e-mail. I've looked all through the settings in Thunderbird but there are none to say say for it to open as default. Cheers
  12. I found with my powerbook G4 (400) and my Mirrordoor that to update from 10.3 to 10.4 didn't quite work. something got corrupted in my user folder and really screwed things up. So I ended up installing a fresh copy of 10.4 after zero-ing the HD. Extreme I know .. but if you upgraded rather than did a complete new install .. you might wanna consider doing that.
  13. hetoreyn

    G5 Fan noise.....what?!?!?!?

    Well .. I don't know about the imac G5's .. but my Quad G5 is totally quiet. First time I switched it on I wondered if it was broken ... until I looked at the screen. The fan noise of the Dual 2.7 and the Quad G5's is so low it amazing to think that the thing is on at all. I guess that is the liquid cooling thing at work. Personally I love the liquid cooling system, cos it make my home music studio a good place to work in. Whereas my old G4 Miirrordoor. Hah .. that thing was sooooo damned noisey. Quad G5's Rock!!!!!
  14. hetoreyn

    Mirrored Door Drive Processor upgrade

    I looked into this a while back for my Dual Processor Mirrordoor. A compnay called Sonnet produces a line of compatible chips .. single and dual. But the cost of getting an upgrade wasn't worth the money. Search for Mac Sonnet chips and you should get somewhere. Sorry I don't have the link anymore.
  15. hetoreyn

    Mac Desktops

    In the last MacCast. Adam spoke about the idea of your enitre screen being able to see you .. and be used as a camera amongst other things... This is my desktop, which eerily was like this before I had heard adams announcment. Could this be a look at your future desktop. Creepy! .. But funny. [/url]