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    Where to buy an iMac?

    It's a law that Gov. Paterson put in place where if an online retailer has an affiliate in NY, then they have to charge NY state tax. Also, itunes purchases are also getting taxed in NY, too. It's not fair that other states don't get these weird taxes. So does anyone else have any thoughts on smalldog and powermax?
  2. Can anyone tell me a good place to buy an iMac? I don't want to get one from the Apple Store because of tax. I'm looking for a good, reliable store that's not in NY. Here's a couple that I found: http://www.powermax.com/ http://www.smalldog.com/ Any thoughts on these stores and others?
  3. edm203

    Configure Mighty Mouse?

    Thank you. I was wondering if anyone knows of a "free" solution. $20 is a bit much for something that apple should have had the good sense to include.
  4. edm203

    Configure Mighty Mouse?

    Here is where I got that icon. http://www.cybermoonstudios.com/avatars.html Isn't there some third party software that will allow me to rebind my mouse buttons?
  5. edm203

    Configure Mighty Mouse?

    Greetings, I am having some problems configuring the mighty mouse I just bought. Basically, I want to be able to assign the side "buttons" to tripple click. Anyone know how to do this?