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  1. jorellh

    Cleaning my Macbook Pro

    A simple trick to clean inbetween the keys without using canned air is to get a post-it note and stick the glue side inbetween the keys and whatever is in there will stick to the paper.
  2. jorellh

    Apple's Secretive Touch Screen Project

    I expect to see many interesting and innovative evolutions of the iPod platform in the coming year.
  3. jorellh

    Leopard Theory

    Leopard will not launch at Macworld.
  4. jorellh

    Things We Don't Hate In Windows

    Windows Media Center is a bit better than FrontRow. The ablity to drop to a command prompt and shell out some DOS commands and acutally know what I'm doing. Without using google. Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 MS Access 2003 2003 and exchange server management tools Having the in depth expert knowledge of why things arent working vs having only superficial knowledge of how everything works perfectly.
  5. jorellh

    Question for those in IT/Tech support

    I would get a tech support job and study for a CCNA. PIck up and MCSE if you like but you'll learn most of it on the job. If you feel our skills are lacking for CCNA then go the A+ N+ route, then MCSA.
  6. jorellh

    Mac OS X 10.4.8

    I feel my menus and dock are more responsive, but I may just be imagining that. Under system profiler _ video card it shows Quartz Extreme supported. I never really noticed this before. Maybe they rennabled quartz extreme and that is why I see an improvement. I have a n ATI Radeon X800 and a 30" @ 2560x1600x32
  7. jorellh

    apple 2 E clockspeed

    6502B or 65c02 @ 1.02273 Mhz
  8. jorellh

    iMac G5 to HDMI input.

    I've connected my powerbook to my tv via HDMI. I used the DVI out of the powerbook to a DVI-HDMI cable from monoprice.com (cheap) and was able to used it as a 61" monitor. DVI + Audio = HDMI
  9. jorellh

    iTunes 7 problem

    Maybe your Mac has to support Core Image to veiw by album? I can say it is very resource intensive and would not be fun on a G3.
  10. jorellh

    Steve Balmer: Are you HIGH??

    Because you will noeed something as powerful as a PS3 to run the thing.
  11. This is like the 65536th iteration of this hoax. Microsoft doesn't classify viruses. There is no 0 sector on a hard disk.
  12. jorellh


    My wife's car is a 99 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition. This is the old boxy A3 body, not the newer 16" rim versions. It has 160,000 miles and is on its last legs.
  13. jorellh

    iPhoto Library

    Make sure all the files your are importing are image files and they are not write protected and not 0kb in length.
  14. jorellh


    Am I the only one who hates the new forum look?
  15. jorellh

    Print to PDF shortcut???

    Command - P