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  1. markrob7000

    Leopard Upgrade Report

    I bought my Leopard family pack from my local Apple store tonight and installed it on my 20" Aluminum iMac. I don't have a lot of time to reinstall applications right now and my machine is fairly new, so I went the regular upgrade route. I had no problems with the actual installation process. Observations on software compatibility: Dashboard Kickstart - Not compatible, author aware, unknown if he plans to update DYNDNS Updater - Seems like issues with the daemon, The beta 2.x version may be compatible, need to do some more research GrowlMail bundle - Not compatible, Growl support aware QuickVerse Blackbox 2005 edition - Not compatible, application loads but then goes into a beach ball of death until force-quit, support ticket submitted Observations on Leopard so far: Don't like the transparent menu bar. Hopefully some good hacks will come along to make it non-transparent soon. Don't like the new dock. It's distracting when trying to use and it's harder to see the blue dot for active apps vs the old black triangle
  2. markrob7000

    Backpack for 15" MacBook Pro

    I have recently purchased a 15" MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo and I'm looking for a good backpack style carrying case for the computer. I've looked at several bags at my local CompUSA, but the sleeves for the computer are too big for the slim MacBook Pro. Has anyone found a good backpack style case for the MacBook Pros? Thanks, Mark
  3. markrob7000

    Ram for the Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro

    I have bought RAM a couple of times from Other World Computing at macsales.com. I've been very happy with the product, service and cost. I bought a 1GB module to bring my new MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo up to 2GB from the standard 1GB and it's working great.
  4. markrob7000

    OS X Reinstall Tips

    During the 07.14.06 MacCast, Adam mentioned making sure that you deauthorize your Mac from iTunes when doing a clean install. I've only been a Mac user for a little over a year and have not had to do a clean install yet. I was wondering if anyone has any other tips on things to consider before doing a clean install that may not be that obvious to a newer Mac user. Thanks in advance, Mark
  5. markrob7000

    Is .mac worth it?

    I'm a geek and have my own hosting account, but I still renewed my .Mac account recently. To me it's part of the overall Macintosh, iPod, iLife, .Mac experience. I really like using the group feature to share my iCal with my Wife who is still on Windows XP. I've also been using the IMAP mail account more recently. I have my Treo 650 setup to sync with my .Mac mail, which is nice when I'm mobile. If you decide to purchase or renew, save $20 and get it from Amazon.com for $79.
  6. markrob7000

    Visio equivalent?

    I'm also looking for a Visio replacement and can't decide if I'm ready to spend money on Omnigraffle. I've been able to use the draw portion of the free Openoffice.org solution for some simple diagrams. There are several packs of items that you can load into the gallery for use with draw if you do a google search. Good luck, Mark
  7. markrob7000

    Linux w/ Parallels

    I know that most people are focusing on using Parallels Workstation for running Windows, but I'm considering a switch to an Intel based Mac Mini to run Linux under Parallels. I love my Mac for all my home use, but I need to learn more about Linux for work. Has anyone played with running Linux on Parallels? Did you have any issues? What distributions have you tried? Thanks, Mark
  8. markrob7000

    Non DRM AAC Playback

    I was able to find an answer and figured I would post it incase anyone else would like to listen to non DRM AAC iTunes content on their Tivo. http://www.vastheman.com/download/macos10/...3.96.1_lite.dmg This disk image includes a package installer that will install the required binaries in the correct location for Tivo desktop to use them.
  9. markrob7000

    Intel Mac Mini & Elgato EyeTV?

    I'm using my home network for my connection back to Tivo. The last time I did a full setup, I had to use the phone line. My understanding is that one of the recent software updates did away with that requirement and will allow you to do the entire setup via your home network. I guess it would depend on the version of software on the unit that you get. Mark
  10. markrob7000

    Intel Mac Mini & Elgato EyeTV?

    I have considered moving from Tivo to an Eye TV solution, but I think I'm going to wait for Tivo Desktop 2 for Mac and the Series 3 hardware before making my final decision.
  11. markrob7000

    mac mini or imac

    I personally when the Mini route with I switched from the PC last spring. I originally used my 19" LCD that I had with my PC, but recenly switched to an Apple 20" Cinema Display (which is the best LCD I've used at home or work). I don't like the all in one concept or the large white space at the bottom of the iMac. This will also allow me to grow into either the new Intel Mini or PowerMac. At the end of the day it's probably mainly persoanl preference on the all in one design vs component design. Both are excellent Macs.
  12. markrob7000

    Non DRM AAC Playback

    Has anyone figured out a way to play back AAC files from iTunes (ripped from CD, not purchased from the music store) via Tivo Desktop for Mac? I've spent an hour on Google and it seems like it may be a possibility using LAME, but I couldn't find any instructions on how to do it. Thanks, Mark
  13. markrob7000

    Mac Remote Control

    I had an ATI Remote wonder laying around from my PC days. I checked and there was a driver available from the ATI website: https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...dge&folderID=27 I installed the driver under 10.4.5 without any problems. I was able to control the MediaÇentral application with the remote.
  14. markrob7000

    Shared Bookmarks

    Hey Mac Geeks, I use Safari at home and synch my bookmarks to my .Mac account, but I have to use Firefox on a Windows PC at work. I'm thinking about using on of the "social" bookmarking sites to keep some of my bookmarks available cross platform and device. Can anyone give a quick review of the options out there and make a recommendation? Thanks, Mark
  15. markrob7000

    Think twice before buying PocketMac.

    I recently had an oppurtunity to contact MarkSpace about an upgrade question and received a fast, friendly and customer centric response. I have also been very happy with their Missing Sync for Palm OS program, which has made using my Treo 650 with my Mac Mini significantly better that the Palm/iSync combination. I would definately recommend the company and products.