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  1. A few times Adam has mentioned a hardware device he uses that encodes video to be used on an iPod/iPhone. Anyone remember what this device is? Thanks.
  2. AnteL0pe


    On the same topic of "things Adam doesnt like" how about convergence devices. I have the Palm Treo 650 so its a convergence device and a PDA, Adam must really hate these. I couldnt live without this thing. Constant internet access anywhere, and with a little work my iBook can use the Treo's internet connection via bluetooth as well. I get all my email, can browse the web, and have some really killer internet enabled apps for getting weather updates, traffic updates, looking up phone numbers and addresses, getting driving directions, looking up current flight times etc etc. Let alone the fact that when i slap it into the GPS cradle in my car it is also my TomTom navigation system!!! Whats to hate about these things again?
  3. Making your browser show up as IE 6 is only going to get you around sites that will only allow IE 6 browsers, it wont make Safari act like IE 6 (thank gawd). The issue isnt really that Apple, or ayone else, has failed to make a browser that works with all sites, its that web developers arent sticking to the standards that have been set forth. If they did then Firefox, Safari, Camino and all the others would work just fine. It's when site developers decide its a good idea to use "IE only" code in their sites that everyone runs into problems. A) They arent developing for one platform, theyre developing for one browser who has an evershrinking share of the market. The numbers that put Windows at 95% are incredibly skewed. They refer to number of OS copies shipped. Windows OS runs a ton of devices which arent personal computers like ATMs, medical devices, internal computers in cars, etc. The "95% of desktop computers" claim is way off.
  4. AnteL0pe

    Ultra-portable Mac? Let's hope so!

    Youre thinking of a UMPC which is kinda new. Ultra protables have been around for quite some time, at least 5 years or more.
  5. AnteL0pe

    Why not an old G4 to do network storage?

    I'll soon be turning my DP 1GHz G4 into a media center/storage center. I'll let you know how it goes, it isnt a loud machine.
  6. AnteL0pe

    Which version of Mac OS???

    I still have a ColorClassic running System 6 and a 7100/80 running OS 9
  7. AnteL0pe


    Listen to the most recent MacCast. Its an app for making video podcasts out of powerpoint or keynote presentations.
  8. AnteL0pe

    MacCast 06.12.2006

    To support the small developers who come up with some of the best software for the Mac. If other developers see this as a trend they will be less likely to develop great Mac software.
  9. AnteL0pe

    MacCast 06.12.2006

    Ya, hadn't read that in a while. It's really an interesting story, and at least they can admit they got beat. I used Audion through version 1.5 and loved it. It was a close race between Audion and SoundJam, too ban Panic didn't respond to Apple and dump the AOL deal. If they had Audion would have been iTunes. There probably still is a market for an "iTunes Pro" app, I know I'd buy it, but how big a market?
  10. AnteL0pe

    MacCast 06.12.2006

    What about them? Thats competition, totally different story.
  11. AnteL0pe

    MacCast 06.12.2006

    Back in the pre-OS X days Apple licensed/purchased great 3rd party software for inclusion in the OS all the time, the Extension Manager and iTunes (was SoundJam) come to mind. After that Apple started "taking" ideas from Mac developers for inclusion in the OS. That isn't the best way to build a loyal developer community.
  12. AnteL0pe

    Ultra-portable Mac? Let's hope so!

    Ahhhhh i see, very good point. I think we disagree on the usefulness of one of these things, but i had about the same opinion as you do before i used one. You're right, its not a workhorse, its great for browsing, email, word processing, etc. Now these are all things I can do on my Treo 650 currently, but it isnt exactly an enjoyable user experience. On an ultra-portable it would be. We'll see, it's totally outside of apple's current product matrix, but you never know.
  13. AnteL0pe

    Ultra-portable Mac? Let's hope so!

    To me "shuffling" is a comprimise, and didnt the iPod Mini come before the shuffle? Also, the Nano is a perfect example, it is clearly a comprimise on the size of the screen and usability of the wheel, yet its a great gadget. An ultra-portable macbook is exactly the same thing. I'm not saying it's going to happen, just that I think Adam's criticizm was a little misguided and I think this product would totally rock. Most come with 30+gb HDs. This isn't something to be your only computer, or even your only laptop. These machines are perfect for the traveler, or someone who does a lot of work on the road, or someone who simply wants the sexiest laptop around. $1,200 for a great laptop is not all that overpriced IMHO and if Apple didn't price them through the roof they could easily sell them for between $1,200-$1,600. These aren't supposed to be the most powerful laptops on the block, they're under powered, have killer battery life and can be taken anywhere. By your line of thinking the MacBook is underpowered compared to the MacBook Pro, it's kinda comparing apples and oranges. Right, but what if it had less, was smaller, weighed less and totally rocked?
  14. I think Adam may be a bit confused about what an “ultra-portable” is. Adam seems to think that “ultra-portable” means “tablet” or “hand held” when it doesn’t. Also, saying that a Newton is an ultra-portable Mac is way off, they don’t even run the same OS, let alone operate similarly. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my MP 2100, had it tricked out with a new backlight, tons of storage and WiFi, but it was no Mac. These are ultra-portables, they are full blown laptops, but they’re much smaller. http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/laptops/ave...ptop-181411.php http://www.engadget.com/2006/03/02/lgs-xno...aptop-with-dmb/ http://reviews.cnet.com/4323-6527_7-6509056.html They usually have a 10”-12” screen, WiFi, USB, Ethernet, etc. Some have external optical drives, few have them internal, but they all have keyboards there is no handwriting recognition. These are super thin, crazy light laptops that are smaller than your standard laptop. Much smaller than the 12” iBook or the 12” PowerBook ever were. At first I thought this was a bit silly because the smaller you make them they harder they must be to use right? Wrong, a buddy had his on a road trip recently and with the added UMTS card from Cingular this was really a fantastic little thing to have. I can only hope we see one from Apple soon!!!!
  15. AnteL0pe

    Apple Lawyers Make little girl cry

    I'm no lawyer, you're prolly right. I do know that many companies use a similar method to what Apple did.