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  1. fireant202

    How do I control a 3rd party wireless modem?

    Why thank you so much Spork. That's really helpful of you. I'm sure I'll find something in all that. The laptop was a relatives so I don't need to worry about it for now. But in the future when I eventually get one, we'll see what happens.
  2. I have a Westell Model 327W wireless base station that came with my Verizon DSL subscription. It's not a great modem but it gets the job done. Anyways, I was wondering how can I control this modem from my mac? I can't seem to find any software which will allow me to access it. In other words I have no way of changing its name or putting any security in place for my internet connection, both of which I would like to do. Secondly, I tried connecting a macbook pro through this network but even though it connected, safari, mail, etc. wouldn't actually work/connect when attempted. Even though internet connect showed a connected network, nothing worked. I can find no settings in system preferences on either my desktop or the laptop mac to try and fix this....help?
  3. fireant202

    iPod Won't Update

    I have tried Drive Genius, defragmenting and repairing the iPod volume but still, it doesn't work! arg.
  4. fireant202

    iPod Won't Update

    I have a black iPod video (early gen) that is 60GB. Normally it works fine. But recently, when I updated it, none of the files showed up in any of the lists (neither music nor movies) but under "About this iPod" all that space was used. After an update didn't help, I reset the iPod to update it from scrtach, hoping that would solve the problem. However, now when I try to update the iPod, it freezes iTunes and sometimes even the Finder until I unplug the iPod, after which the data is corrupted and I have to start over again. Everytime I try to put music on the device, iTunes freezes and the iPod makes three short whirring/humming noises and then some quick clicks. This loops over and over until I either unplug the iPod or force quit iTunes. I've tried repairing it in Disk Utility but everything checks out. I tried to zero-out the data which then caused Disk Utility to freeze. I feel like this is a hardware problem, probably something with the armature, but it could easlily be a software one because I never dropped or damaged my iPod. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  5. fireant202

    External HD Section Removal

    I just don't like backups, especially offline ones. They're so static that within a few months I feel that their pretty much useless. Then again the most important things i have to backup are my music and some word docs but my musics backedup on my ipod. I can't wait for Timemachine to come out! That's useful to me! I'll do this whole thing eventually but it'll take awhile cuz of my old USB 1.0 ports. DAMN 5 YEAR OLD TECHNOLOGY!
  6. fireant202

    External HD Section Removal

    I've used about 100GB of the external drive. That's mostly my music library and videos. I do have some DVDs but that'd be alot of DVDs. Good suggestion though. I have around 40 GB on my internal free and a 60GB iPod and an old 30GB but I'm afraid I'd lose some of my data or sumthing. Could I format the two iPods and then transfer any data, including movies, onto their HD and then transfer it back? That would work right? As long as the old iPod doesn't crash or something. It would mean reupdating my iPod which could take a long long time.
  7. fireant202

    External HD Section Removal

    I, stupidly, after formatting my new LaCie 400GB external HD seperated it into four sections for different types of data. I though that this would just make folders within the HD or at least permeable barriers. Little did I realize, this being my first external HD, that this effectively seperated the drive into four seperate drives. DAMN! So now I want to remove these barriers but I have too much data to put back in my internal HD and then transfer back to a reformatted HD. Is there a way, prefferably free, to remove these barriers with losing the data? I could borrow a friends HD I guess but that would be a pain. Please help! I love my data!
  8. fireant202

    How do I get my iTunes library on to an External HD?

    Thanks for all your help. Even though I kept everything in my trash it was too gargatuan a task for my old iMac to complete, opening the trash with all those files in it. Finder just kept "not responding" so I emptied the trash. Now I'm just trying Senuti (iPod to computer software) to restore everything back to normal though it will take awhile cuase of the old USB 1.0 ports on my iMac. Thanks again everyone.
  9. I've had this lovely LaCie external drive for awhile because my built in HD got too small for all my music. But for some reason, even though I've switched the "iTunes Library Location" option to the proper folder on the external HD, it keeps switching back to the defaul in the home folder under music. This is really frustrating because then any new music/podcasts are put in that folder instead of on the LaCie. Recently I tried deleting the music folder all together, but now I've lost my playlists, podcasts, etc. So if someone could tell me how to make my library location STAY on the LaCie and not switch back every time I turn the computer off and on that would be great. If you could also tell me how to recover my playlists and podcasts that would be even greater! (I do have an iPod so I know I can use those transfer apps, only I don't want to duplicate everything that's already there). Thank you.
  10. fireant202

    iDVD 2 Crashing and Updating

    I just started using iDVD for the first time now that I have a digital camera and I wanted to make a slideshow DVD. It was all going great (I still have old iDVD 2.1) until I realized that whenever I pressed delete or tried to "clear" something, the app would automatically crash. But being a trooper I finished anyways...although then when I tried to burn the CD, the app would crash anyways during the encoding phase. WHAT CAN I DO? I want my nice new DVD slideshow but the app just doesn't work. I tried updating it, but none of the 3-6 updates work and there are no more for 2. Do I have to buy a new version of iLife? I mean, I've been able to update iTunes through the ages and stayed up to date for free! Thing is I never used iDVD (or iMovie and iPhoto) before because I didn't have a digital camera or camcorder though now I do! Someone please help. I want to show my whole family my splendid vacation pics!
  11. I've been having this problem with some of my MPEGs I've downloaded off the internet. When played in QT or iTunes as MPEGs the audios there but when I convert them with QT or iTunes the audio isn't there. In QT it says there is no audio track but I can hear it when I play it! Is this something wrong with the vids and is there something else I can do to convert them with the sound?
  12. fireant202

    Menu Bar Icons Have Dissapeared

    gots it. combo did it. im not gonna download that security update again now. damnit i stayed up so late to fix this shit. i coulda gone to bed at 10 or 11. now im goin to bed at like midnight, later! ARGH!
  13. fireant202

    Menu Bar Icons Have Dissapeared

    As reccomended by Adam on a recent maccast I removed admin privliges from my account and made a new admin account for quarantine reasons like he said. But now, I think due to this, all my icons in the menu bar have dissapeared and won't reappear after restarting. When I try to get the clock up there, nothing happens and the box becomes unchecked on its own. I thought it was permissions problems but I've unlocked everything in system prefs on both my and the new admin account. What the hell happaned? plus my ipod won't show up in itunes to update, only on the desktop. i cant update my podcasts! help!
  14. I've been having this problem with a few videos, all music videos so far, on my computer. I have quick time pro and use that to convert my mpegs and avis into MPEG 4 for my iPod video but a few don't have any sound when I play thme in iTunes. Somethings happening in the conversion itself. I do convert in fairly large bundles on my old iMac G4 so maybe its not converting them properly? Also I've had some strange video stutters that only appear in iTunes and not in the orginal video even though the original is MPEG 4 as well! Part of the problem may be that I'm manually updating my iPod but this is also happening in iTunes...why? Do I need a better video card? Please help. this is really bumming out my family guy ep watching.
  15. When investing so heavily in one small device which spends most of its life in rather small cramped areas, aka my pocket, its worthwhile to invest in the proper protection, right? So I've been looking around and I think I've found just the right combination for the three basic alien iPod environments; your car, outside, and solo. After thorough research I've decided that as Adam suggests the FlexPed from www.thoughtout.biz is the best option for the car and it can optionally come with the great IMP cables. Then for on the go I'm kind of torn because of price. iSkin.com makes some nice flash cases that are cheap and maybe a bit too cheeky, for the well to do vaja.com makes beautiful and chic leather iPod cases in a variety of forms though they might be a bit too expensive for most of us after the iPod buy. After a little shopping around I found a leather case similar to the vaja but much cheaper called the PodFolio. Many more options exist at thinkdifferentstore.com. And finally for going solo there are two plastic films I've found: Invisible shield (http://thinkdifferentstore.com/product_info.php/cPath/140_141/products_id/1431) and the Crystal film cover set (http://www.powersupportusa.com/products/ipod/ip_5Gfilmset.php). Now while I haven't tried either myself it sounds like while the invisible shield provides a great complete defense its a bit difficult to apply. So for most of us the better, and cheaper, option is the latter as its easy to apply and remove while still providing protection front and back but not the sides. This, in short (jk), is what I've found at least so far for iPod protection. If you have any recommendations or testemonials they're gladly welcomed. I haven't tried any of these products just yet you see.