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  1. iRMac

    Desktop Icons

    ahhh that's so lame they don't let you!!!
  2. iRMac

    Desktop Icons

    Hi all, I know you can do the show view options and then resize all the icons on the desktop, but this is not what I want. I really want to resize icons individually. How can I do it? ex. Hard drive icon big, folder icons small. Thanks in advance, irMac
  3. In my room I have a Macbook using wireless connection from a 2wire. I also have a pc next to it, but can't connect the pc to the internet because there are no ethernet plugs in my room. If I get an Apple Airport Express to place in my room, configure it to extend my wireless signal from the 2wire, will I be able to plug in the pc to the airport express via ethernet cable? And will it have internet and work?
  4. So, I built a pc and have no internet on it via wifi or ethernet so what I did was turn on Internet Sharing from my macbook and plugged them together via ethernet cable. It worked for a while but after doing a system update (I think,) the pc is internetless once again. Are there maybe some other settings I need? What could have happened? TIA, iRM
  5. iRMac

    Apple Script

    I can't figure out why this script I wrote won't work, can you please explain what I need to do to get it to work... set response_action to display dialog ¬ "How would you like to respond?" buttons {"No Reply", "Default", "Custom"} default button "Default" if response_action is "Custom" then open application "TextEdit" else if response_action is "Default" then display dialog "Ok, fair enough." end if
  6. iRMac

    Dock Spaces

    I some how deleted my regular dock when creating a new dock in Dock Spaces. How do I get it back! Please help! My dock is just empty now and I don't want to have to replace everything again.
  7. iRMac

    MyBook External Hard Drive

    I don't see FAT32 just MS-DOS FAT, so I used that, thanks DolphBucs!
  8. iRMac

    MyBook External Hard Drive

    No prob Husker, So yes they were used on a Mac first, how can I partition it do half can be used on Windows?
  9. I hooked up this Mybook 1Tb External Hard Drive to a few macbooks of my family and was able to back them up fine. Now I want to connect the MyBook to my family pc but when I do, it beeps but doesn't show it in My Computer. Did it get formatted to Mac and will now not work for PC? How can I get it to work on both and just back up each computer about once a month? Thank You.
  10. iRMac

    Update 10.5.7

    Same problem for me.
  11. iRMac

    Can my iMac take more RAM?

    Well, the iMac he is using came out in early 2006 and these macs are supposed to have a lifespan of a little more than three years, so that's why I was thinking it would be fine to replace, but since he just got it, he might as well use it. Did you notice I said the iMac RAM kit was cheap...
  12. iRMac

    Can my iMac take more RAM?

    It will take another GB, here are the test results, yours is the bottom of each chart: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/Memory_Benchmark/Apple_iMac/ and here's what you should buy: http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/apple/memor...ntel_Core_2_Duo get the 2GB package and make sure everything matches up with you machine, (ex. Mhz, pin, etc.) From my opinion, your mac is getting old and I don't recomend spending even the cheap money for another Gb. Chances are the computer will break soon enough and you'll be buying another soon anyway. Upgrade one of the new iMacs to 4 GBs
  13. I have an 80 GB Silver iPod Classic, and was wondering what are some good mods/hacks for it. I'm just getting bored of everything and want to make it a bit more exciting. Maybe a re-theme? Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, IRM
  14. iRMac

    Lyrics On iPod

    I ask again, I'm looking for an application or dashboard widget that syncs the album art of the current playing song to itunes without having to click apply. I want to run Needle Drop and an application/widget, come back in a few hours and have all my music with album art.