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  1. mfkne

    what NEW feature of Leopard is the trigger?

    The new Finder made me order it.
  2. mfkne

    Off Site, Online Digital Backup & Storage

    Regarding the software to use, here's what I have: - Server with Linux - OpenVPN on the server side, Tunnelblick on the client side - NFS server Works perfectly, data transfer is encrypted and fast.
  3. It could be the Firewire port on your iMac is defect. If you insert the installation CD/DVD for the iMac into its drive and boot up with the 'c' key pressed, you should be able to select an option to perform a Hardware Test.
  4. In this case the email has no "From" set, explaining why you don't see any sender. That still doesn't explain why Mail.app has a problem with that.
  5. mfkne

    Mac Virus

    Sober only affects Windows platforms. It may be that your Windows PC is infected but your Macs definitely not.
  6. mfkne

    Accessing a Mac from a PC

    Hm, I'm a bit at a loss now...I googled for it and found that I was wrong. Windows 98 does indeed send encrypted passwords by default just as Samba expects them to be. Can you try connecting from your PC to your mac again and cut and paste the output found in Console (/Applications/Utilities/Console) here?
  7. mfkne

    Favorite food/drink

    As for food, I'd go for a Southern German dish called "Schaeuferla" (pronunciation would be something like /shoiferler/) which is pork served with dumplings and a great sauce. Here's what it looks like: As for drinks, I'd say Spezi (that's Coke + Lemonade) as it's called here in Germany or Dr Pepper.[/url]
  8. mfkne

    The Simpsons at Macworld

    It would certainly be huge if Apple landed a deal with Fox bringing The Simpsons to iTunes. However, I suppose it's only going to affect the US store (at least for the time being) since there are so many different licences and licencees in the world that would prohibit marketing "the product" in other ways than usually arranged for. It's a shame at any rate.
  9. mfkne

    AppZapper does'nt get everything.

    That's true, I noticed that on Garageband - it left the 3 Gig of files in /Library totally untouched.
  10. mfkne

    Accessing a Mac from a PC

    IIRC Windows 98 transmits passwords for shares in plain text while Samba (as installed on OS X) expects them to be encrypted.
  11. mfkne

    broken feed?

    This is due to libsyn.com having technical problems.
  12. Hey Mac geeks, I'm a recent convert, now using Safari (instead of Firefox) and I'm experiencing a kinda annoying thing: Safari doesn't seem to store cookies longer than 24 hours even though the cookies have much longer lifetimes set. I've been going through the configuration options but to no avail. Can anyone point me in the right direction? -Christian
  13. mfkne

    Accessing a Mac from a PC

    You have to make sure that you are using the same username on Windows that you are using on your Mac.
  14. mfkne

    Ergonomic mouse & keyboard

    As for the mouse, I can recommend Logitech's Cordless Click Plus Optical which is also available as a rechargeable kit with a desktop charger. Comes at around $30 US, I think.
  15. mfkne

    protected file

    The safest way would be to enable FileVault but I have heard of people having problems after enabling it.