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  1. Just export the contacts from Outlook in .csv format and then import them into Address Book. Do a help search in Address book on "importing Contacts from other applications" for steps.
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    Menu Bar

    Thanks. I followed the link and read about this but it seems kludgy. Unless you have a 4 button mouse you have to set a key command to launch it every time you want to use it. I'll keep looking and if I can't find a program that provides an actual menu bar then I may give it a go. I do appreciate your help though.
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    Menu Bar

    Well, I must be completely lame but what is worth a try?
  4. skipfoo

    Menu Bar

    I have dual monitors and something that bugs me is that if I am using an application on the secondary monitor the menu bar remains on the primary monitor. Is it possible to have the menu bar follow an application or some third party app that provides this functionality? Mac Pro OS X 10.5.7
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    joshr did you ever get this set up and working?
  6. skipfoo

    Repartition drive

    Thanks to everyone for their help on this all worked as advertised. I thought I'd do a recap in case someone else is looking for the same info. My internal disk had 2 partitions. Partition 1 was where Tiger was installed and partition 2 is where Leopard was installed. I removed partition 1 assuming I could use Disk Utility and easily extend partition to use the free space - this does not work. Following the advice in received in this forum, I downloaded SuperDuper and installed it. I used a external USB drive formatted it Mac OS Extended. I did a SuperDuper Backup-All of my internal drive. When that completed I rebooted from the external drive "clone". The OS loaded exactly the same as the internal drive. I then launched Disk Utility and re-partitioned the internal drive as 1 partition using the full capacity of the disk fomatted Mac Os Extended. While still running from the clone, I then lauched SuperDuper and did a Backup-All again. This time from the clone to the newly partitioned interanal drive. When it completed, I restarted and booted from the internal drive. Very cool, it was as if I hadn't done any of this except I now have the full capcity of th drive. Thanks again to all for your help.
  7. skipfoo

    Repartition drive

    Ok, I did a superduper backup. Any reason not to just boot from the superduper bootable clone and then run disk utility from there instead of the Leopard install disk then restore to the new partition?
  8. skipfoo

    Repartition drive

    Cool and Thanks. Does superduper require that the external drive be formatted Mac OS or can it be FAT, NTFS?
  9. skipfoo

    Repartition drive

    Ok, I have a macbook and it came with tiger and a few weeks later Leopard came out. So I installed Leopard and resized the original partition 70 GB for Leopard and 30 for Tiger so I could fall back if Leopard wasn't ready for prime time. I have since abandoned Tiger and blew out that partition thinking I could just resize the Leopard partition to use the whole disk - not so. Sorry for the long explanation. What is my most efficient way to have Leopard use the entire disk. Thanks for the help.