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    I HATE iTUNES! rant

    Yes, but that doesn't always work. Depends on how well the software is made. Sometimes an inactive window will pop up in your face for a really inane reason. And sometimes an important window that requires user input (like an installation) will stay behind your other windows.
  2. SirJimithy


    MagicISO is a great little app. Very simple, especially by windoze standards.
  3. SirJimithy


    another good one. iPodRip seems to stumble on overly large transfers.
  4. SirJimithy

    Automator Plug in help

    Go into Safari preferences, general tab. Change the option at the bottom to "in a new tab in the curent window" Firefox has a similar option in the Tabs section of preferences
  5. Sounds like the old iBook logic board problem. I'd give AppleCare a call or take it to a retail store.
  6. SirJimithy

    iPods with radio on them

    Knowing Apple. they could do it without making the device any larger, but I agree with Joshua. When do you want to listen to FM when you aren't near another device like your car sterero or a house stereo? Excersizing is the only real example I can think of. And personally, while excersizing, I like to have more control over what I'm listening to.
  7. SirJimithy


    Use a program like iPodRip to get your music off the iPod first if you still want to restore it.
  8. SirJimithy

    iPods with radio on them

    Probably not difficult, it could be done, but if that's what you want to do, there's a zillion tiny little FM radios. I think Oakley even has a pair of sunglasses with one built in :wink:
  9. SirJimithy

    new iPod battery: Apple, or 3rd party?

    The only real argument for getting the battery replaced straight from Apple is that it will be covered for 60 (or maybe 90) days from the repair in the event that the battery doesn't work to your liking. The turnaround time is fast though. Expect to have your iPod back within 4-5 business days.
  10. SirJimithy

    1 iPod, 1 Mac, and 2 PC's

    Well Joe, unfortunately, in order ot keep your podcasts in sync, you must have uutomatic updating on, and the only way to prevent this from erasing music is to have the same music and podcasts subscriptions on all your computers. Looks like you're gonna have to use Juice or another third-party method of doing this.
  11. SirJimithy

    iPods with radio on them

    No, the iTrip is an FM transmitter for playing your iPod through your stereo using an FM signal. I doubt we'll ever see radio on the iPod. That market's already oversaturated.
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    yeah, they usually never update previous generations of software when a new iPod comes out
  13. SirJimithy

    I HATE iTUNES! rant

    A very valid point. Apple's known for steering away from anything that will detract from the user's experience, but I see no harm in having an option such as this in the advanced tab. It is a very niche request, but one that can be useful in the right situation.
  14. SirJimithy

    I HATE iTUNES! rant

    Oh, that's classic, haha. Whatever will Microsoft Bill think of next? Oh wait, that's right. R&D = Rob & Duplicate
  15. SirJimithy

    I HATE iTUNES! rant

    I think it's all in an effort to keep the software simple. Average Joe would be confused by too many options. They have a little OS called Windows for that :wink:
  16. SirJimithy

    horizontal screen lines and pixel flicker

    Mac II? Not likely, I think it's only since the New World ROM (post blue & white G3 I believe.)
  17. SirJimithy

    completely dead ibook G3

    I believe an out of warranty logic board repair is about $900. You might want to look into getting a new system unless anyone else has some suggestions. Maybe bring it to th egenius bar and see what they tell you. It might be something relatively easy to repair.
  18. SirJimithy


    It's the same for iPod. The main difference is that AppleCare for iPods is only good for 2 years from date of purchase instead of 3 years.
  19. SirJimithy

    horizontal screen lines and pixel flicker

    Try resetting your PRAM. Turn your Mac completely off. When turning it back on, hold down Command+Option+P+R. Continue to hold these 4 keys until you hear the startup chime three times, then release them. See if that solves your issue. If not, then try resetting your firmware. When starting up your machine, hold down Command+Option+O+F. This will boot you to a white screen with black text. type "reset-all" (without the quotes) and press return. Your machine should reboot. Hope this helps! (Note, neither of these methods should be done multiple times, as they can both do more harm if used improperly.)
  20. SirJimithy

    completely dead ibook G3

    I didn't see anything in your post about resetting the PMU. Was that tried? Instructions can be found here: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?ar...tnum=14449#faq6
  21. SirJimithy

    iSub external speakers

    Do you have the iSub, or the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks? The subwoofer that comes with the Soundsticks looks just like the iSub, but it's actually very different.
  22. SirJimithy

    energy saver : multiple profiles

    With the exception of using multiple user accounts on your Mac, all you can really do is change these settings to fit your liking when the mood strikes you
  23. SirJimithy

    OSX & OS9

    Probably because of people fooling around with settings. It's not an unusual thing to happen when multiple people use the same machine. Your network administrator is probably going to have to set the OS 9 printers back up on the machines that aren't working.
  24. SirJimithy


    Yes, AppleCare must be purchased within the first year. Keep in mind that your tech support period for the iBook is only 90 days, so if you call outside your first 90 days, but within the first year, you'll either have to buy the applecare right on the spot to get phone support, or purchase a $50 per-incident agreement. I would suggest the AppleCare, as it usually pays for itself within the life of your machine.
  25. SirJimithy

    hp psc 750 printer

    The PSC all-in-one printers can be tricky, as HP's mac software is less than par. I would suggest installing Gimp-Print. You can get it here: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/gimp-pr...pc.dmg?download Once you install gimp print, go to your print center (/Applications/Utilities/Print Center) and delete your printer out of there. Then add a new printer. Select your PSC 750, but in the drop-down box below the printer list where it asks you to choose a driver, choose an HP DeskJet 900 series. Now try printing again. Hope this helps!