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  1. wyndhamdaniels

    iTunes Video is jerky

    my work around was to just play the file in qtime. that what i use to use to play screencasts onlines hd show cause my itunes could't provide smooth play back on my g4 mac mini w
  2. wyndhamdaniels

    Remote Speaker without Airport Express

    Have a look a application called net tunes at Shirtpocket i used it to hook up a mac mini to my hifi for a party and then used my macbookpro locked safely away to control the music via, so i wireless acessed itunes on the mac mini from my macbokpro, to wireless stream music from macbookpro to my mini. its actually quite simple in pratice. w
  3. wyndhamdaniels

    UK broadband?

    I use bulldog, i get a 8meg/sec unlimited service and is costing me 20 pounds including my phone line rental this will go up to 40 after my first 6 months, however yesterday they invited me to do a ASDL2+ plus trial for my current rate and this should give me anything up to 20meg/sec. which i cant wait for. In the last five month my service has only been down for around two hours.
  4. wyndhamdaniels


    Orange UK, I've had good service for years
  5. wyndhamdaniels

    monitorless macs

    I use a belkin one that connect to my mac mini and my PC it work well but i do find i have to make sure my mac is set to display while it boots or the mac wont detect the display resolution correctly.
  6. wyndhamdaniels

    Video editing on a macmini

    It was combination of imovie and some final cut express, i actual felt that working in express felt more reponsive than imovie, although it obviously a more complicated program. Having said this i wouldnt like to have to do large projects, as the importing and exporting processes take forever. Too add into the mix at university they used a mixture of machines for final cut pro work, the slowest machines they use are dual 1ghz G4 with a gig of ram and they function quite well, they are decated to final cut work only and run very few other applications.
  7. wyndhamdaniels

    Video editing on a macmini

    i have to 1.4ghz mac mini i got it with 512mg of ram, i found editing slow on it at best so i took it to 1gb and it does seam much more snappy when editing video, i say stick as much in as you can afford, i had to waste a stick of ram by not. the other thing that you need to think about is the realtively slow and small hdd in the mini it much better to edit using a external firewire drive for you project
  8. wyndhamdaniels

    Performance of new iMac vs. old?

    The point i'd like to add is that if apple went AMD they would have to also find a chipset and motherboard manufacture. Where as apple got a total package from Intel. Thus making life far simpler in terms of supply.
  9. wyndhamdaniels

    the DIY PC...

    what did you get in the end?
  10. wyndhamdaniels

    the DIY PC...

    i have to say buying a 754 is a mistake as AMD have already released early details of the M2 socket so that make the 754 already quite old technology, 939 is worth the cost for future proofing
  11. wyndhamdaniels

    British ship conditions

    as a brit i have to agree with adam on this one
  12. wyndhamdaniels

    What Phone Should I Get?

    I’ve had my V3 Razr on a UK contract since September and I still love its looks it just a shame as soon as I touch a button it all goes horribly wrong, a problem seeing as I cant upgrade it for another 9 months, its short on features and it has bad software, notably the SMS application, I would describe it as a Intel imac running XP!!!
  13. wyndhamdaniels

    Wet iBook AC adapter

    Not completely related, I had a phone fall in to the bath, an old nokia 3210. It vibrated of the edge and got a complete dunking. I fished it out and rip the battery apart as fast as I could and left it in on top of our boiler for a few day and it worked fine and still does to this day, so it needn’t be trash yet. However I would suggest great caution with main voltage.
  14. wyndhamdaniels

    WMA & itunes

    Easy wma is good converter for wma, took 4 day to convert my old windows library!!!!!
  15. wyndhamdaniels

    Your choice for image management.

    I use a combination, iPhoto is my catalogue and Photoshop as my editor, the adjustments in iPhoto just are not enough, having used aperture I have to say everything just seams to take so long, I used it on top end system and I seamed to spend more time with the spin beach ball that actually my editing my images, not great for the quantity of image i work with. I have to say i won’t be changing my work flow for now.