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    Firefox CSS Glitch?

    Hey folks... I am primarily a Safari user but I have Firefox and er... umm... I.E. as "backup" browsers to do my surfing and website production work in. There is only ONE thing keeping me from moving over to Firefox most of the time: TEXT & CSS RENDERING. It seems that Firefox displays certain fonts and styles smaller or improperly spaced/kerned than Safari does. This is obviously annoying and distracting. If anyone has experienced this "glitch" and knows how to remedy it, let me know. Thanks in advance. Greg
  2. gregsgraphics

    OS 10.4.3 Update - What's fixed. What's broken?

    I also had the problem with Firewire after the 10.4.3 update. My external FW drive would no longer mount. I did the update through Software Update. I usually don't do this, and instead grab the file from Apple's site for archiving. I read on MacIntouch/MacFixit where one person fixed the issue by installing the "Combo Updater" of 10.4.3 even though 10.4.3 was now on his system. I tried it and it worked. So there ya go...