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  1. gribouille

    powerpc imacs still for sale?

    Here in France the Power Macs are the only machines available on the French Apple Site. Larger stores such as FNAC still have Power Macs on display with no indication to the casual purchaser that they are now "old stock" or have been replaced by the new versions. Let the buyer beware?
  2. gribouille

    10.4.4 Warning

    Downloaded updates to my Mac Mini today, ran the install and was back up and running in a very short time. To date no issues.
  3. gribouille


    At the start of this, the guy (Adam) just wanted to be nice, pleasant and non political/religious.(he said so). Let's keep it that way at least in our interest forums, I am a great supporter of free speech and religious tolerance but there are places to discuss them, I come here to learn about Macs not individual's hang ups on trying to include everybody (or should that be not to exclude anybody?) in a simple salutation such as a well intended "Merry Christmas". Oh, and by the way Merry Christmas Adam and many of them.
  4. gribouille

    Odd keyboard issue...

    My Apple set up is Mac Mini so the trackpad question doesn't apply. I think your assumption is right, the first keystroke is "used" to wake the machine and only when it's "fully awake" can you begin typing. Is it that simple?
  5. gribouille

    Odd keyboard issue...

    I am new to Apple with a Mac Mini being my first personally owned "Mac" so my experience is limited and these comments may not be totally relevant to this problem. When I log in again from sleep, there is a slight delay before the cursor begins to blink, if I begin typing too soon I too "lose" the first letter and then have the same symptons described in this post. Don't know if it will help but it maybe worth checking out.